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Pornhub now provides a free virtual private network to hide your online habits

Pornhub launched a virtual private network service called VPNhub. The free model creates an encrypted "tunnel" across the internet that hides your IP address and allows you to surf the dark ends of the internet anonymously.
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Anne Rice's The Vampire Chronicles comes back to life as a TV series

Anne Rice's best-selling book series The Vampire Chronicles will be adapted for TV, with Paramount and Anonymous Content optioning the rights, and Rice's son Christopher set to write the series.
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Anonymous is behind those massive cyberattacks in Turkey

It isn't just ISIS that Anonymous has declared war against -- it's all its friends as well. The hacktivist group has claimed responsibility for the series of cyberattacks that have taken some 400,000 websites offline in Turkey.

Hacker group Anonymous sets its sights on North Korea, vandalizes Twitter and Flickr accounts

Hacker group Anonymous appears to have targeted North Korea this week, plastering offensive images at various North Korean websites and overtaking others. The group also indicates its next attack would be coming later this month.
hacker group anonymous sets its sights on north korea vandalizes twitter and flickr accounts aindf hack