Anne Rice's The Vampire Chronicles comes back to life as a TV series

Anne Rice's best-selling book series The Vampire Chronicles will be adapted for TV, with Paramount and Anonymous Content optioning the rights, and Rice's son Christopher set to write the series.
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Thailand’s controversial new cybercrime law is drawing a response from hackers

Hackers have carried out DDOS attacks on several Thai government websites in a bid to draw awareness to a new cybercrime law that gives authorities massive overreach into citizens’ communications and privacy.

Japan won’t stop whaling, so Anonymous hacked the Japanese Prime Minister

The attack occurred after Japan sent two whalers forth on a supposedly scientific mission to the Antarctic last week. Japan agreed to an international moratorium on commercial whaling thirty years ago, but continues to hunt whales under the auspices of research.

How to get Siri to automatically read your incoming messages aloud

Learn how with the release of iOS 13, Siri can now automatically read your incoming messages aloud to you.
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AMD vs. Intel

AMD Ryzen 9 3900x