Sorry Trump, Apple won’t be donating money or tech to this year’s GOP convention

Not everyone loves Donald Trump. Despite his purported mutually adoring relationship with American corporations, a number of key corporate sponsors have decided not to sponsor the 2016 Republican convention in Cleveland, including Apple…

Here are the 5 features that will make you upgrade to MacOS Sierra

Apple's forthcoming operating system, MacOS Sierra, promises an array of new tools and features. Here are five of our favorites, from Siri and Auto Unlock to the shared, Universal Keyboard.

Apple and Microsoft put the kibosh on a proposed rifle emoji

A joint opposition by Apple and Microsoft to a proposed rifle emoji means your phone won't be getting one anytime soon. The effort was spearheaded by Apple at a recent Unicode Consortium meeting.

Apple is mandating HTTPS connections for iOS apps by 2017

Apple has announced that by January 1, 2017 it will be mandatory for iOS apps to use Apple's ATS encryption, ensuring that users remain as secure as possible no matter which app they're using.

Does this phone look like the iPhone 6? Chinese authorities say yes

In a twist to the usual tale, here's a company accusing Apple of copying one of its phones to come up with the design for the iPhone 6. The claim has taking an unexpected turn in China.

The next Apple Watch may have a built-in camera

If the documentation of a recent patent is to be believed, Apple's second-generation smartwatch could very well have one or more cameras inside of it.

Apple explains why iMessage is unlikely to ever land on Android

There was talk last week that iMessage was about to land for Android users, but it wasn't to be. And now an Apple executive has explained why its messaging software is unlikely to ever land on Google's mobile operating system.

WatchOS 3 breathes new life into the Apple Watch, quite literally

The Apple Watch has come a long way since it was introduced, and Watch OS 3 brings some great improvements to the device. To name a few: New watch faces like Minnie Mouse, handwritten replies, reminders to Breathe, and faster apps. We go…

Apple's future smartphone might have a display on the front and back

Apple has filed for a new patent that could signal the company one day building an iPhone with a display that wraps the whole way around the device. Of course, we probably won't see the device in the near future.

Anybody can learn to code, but Apple’s Swift Playgrounds make them want to

Apple made an educational app called Swift Playgrounds, which will teach students how to code in its Swift language, but there's no way we should let them have all the fun. Here's why Apple got a coding presentation right.

Apple enlists the help of home builders to preinstall its HomeKit in new homes

Employing the help of three nationwide home builders, Apple announced at this year's WWDC that its HomeKit system will be built-in to newly constructed homes and will make use of its brand new HomeKit application, Home.

Developers discover dark mode hidden in the code for iOS 10 beta 1

Developers who have their hands on the first beta of iOS 10 have discovered a new feature hidden deep within the code. That's right, it looks like we'll finally be getting dark mode in iOS 10.