Google parent Alphabet posts record-crushing fourth-quarter 2015 earnings

The final quarter of 2015 saw record revenue for Alphabet, the parent company of Google. And based on market capitalization, Alphabet has now surpassed Apple as the most valuable company on the planet.

Google could finally pit Nexus phones against the iPhone

The Nexus phone isn't a household name, but it could be moving forward. A new report says that Google now wants full control of the development and manufacturing process of its Nexus phones.
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The Apple TV doesn’t have picture-in-picture (yet) but here’s what it could look like

The Apple TV doesn't have picture-in-picture functionality, but according to a demo from a developer, it's a relatively easy feature to add, so it could be on the way in a future tvOS update.

A former AMD and Apple engineer was hired by Tesla to work on its Autopilot system

Tesla hired a former AMD and Apple engineer to work on its Autopilot system. Jim Keller played a large role in the development of microprocessors that went into millions of electronic devices.

MacBook 2016 Rumors: What does Apple have up its sleeve this time?

Apple's illustrious MacBook line is overdue for an upgrade, but with typical Cupertino secrecy surrounding plans, all we can do is speculate, and wonder, about what might be coming down the pipeline.

Apple would’ve been the 42nd richest country last year

When compared to the worldwide GDP figures of last year, Apple's $231 billion revenue would make the company the equivalent of the 42nd richest country on the planet, tied with Finland.

Avoid that surprise big bill! Here’s how to turn off in-app purchases on your iOS device

No one wants to see a surplus of surprise charges on their bill, especially when they're a result of in-app purchases. To make sure that doesn't happen to you, here's how to turn off in-app purchases in iOS.
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Apple poaches VR and AR experts to build a massive virtual reality team, report claims

With the likes of Sony, Microsoft, and HTC all well on their way to releasing virtual reality hardware, Apple is reportedly playing catch-up with an aggressive strategy of acquisitions and outside hires.
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Apple is working on a wireless charging solution for iPhone | DT Daily 2:31

Apple is reportedly working on a wireless charging solution that wouldn't require a special mat, but would charge its phones over a "long distance." The new feature won't be seen in the iPhone 7, but could arrive in 2017.
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iNetwork? Apple could join Netflix, Amazon in offering original streaming TV

Apple is reportedly talking to Hollywood creatives about licensing deals that would allow it to offer its own original TV content on its own streaming platforms, which could be unveiled as soon as September alongside the iPhone 7.

OS X Snow Leopard was just updated for the first time in two years

Are you running an older version of OS X? If it's Snow Leopard, you may have had your digital certificate refreshed in order to maintain your access to the app store, otherwise you could have lost access to everything.

True wireless charging, without the annoying mat, may come to the 2017 iPhone

Apple may be working on a wireless charging system that doesn't require the device to be placed on a charging mat, and it could be included on the 2017 edition of the phone, if Apple can solve the technical problems.