Apple Car breakdown: BMW and Daimler walk away from development talks

A new report suggests that Daimler and BMW have walked away from automotive development negotiations with Apple. The companies have been rumored to be in talks to help manufacture the so-called Apple Car for some time.

The Apple Watch 2 could be more independent with a new 'S2' chip and LTE radio

Rumors about the Apple Watch 2 are starting to heat up. Reports say it will be more independent, have better fitness support, and come in more styles. The company could introduce the Apple Watch S as a light refresh.

Microsoft's curvy Word Flow keyboard makes it easier to type

Microsoft has finally launched its popular Windows Phone keyboard, Word Flow, on iOS. The keyboard features a one-handed "Arc Mode" that makes it easier to type with just your thumb.

2016 MacBook just as impossible to repair as last year’s, iFixIt teardown shows

What's different inside the 2016 MacBook? Not much, iFixIt's latest teardown suggests. If you've seen the inside of last year's, everything is familiar. It's also largely impossible to repair, thanks to soldered and glued parts.

Looking to buy a new laptop? The answer is Dell's XPS 13

The latest generation of mobile hardware provides excellent battery life, brilliant display quality and outstanding performance, often at the same time. But you only need one laptop — and we know which you should buy.

Kickstart your sluggish Mac with these 11 tips and tricks

Time wears on nearly everything — and Apple's flagship products are no exception. Check out our guide on how to speed up your beloved machine using 11 tips and tricks for clearing the unnecessary clutter and optimizing the applications at…

The feds got into yet another iPhone without Apple

For the second time, federal officials have told the Cupertino-based tech giant "never mind" when it comes to unlocking an iPhone. The passcode was provided to them by an unnamed source.

10 best iPad Pro games to make the most of your big screen tablet

Have you just bought a new 9.7-inch iPad Pro, or are enjoying the larger 12.9-inch version? Then don't make it all about work with our line-up of cool games that make the most of that big, beautiful display. Here's 10 to get you started.

iPhone running low on memory? SanDisk's iXpand Flash Drive is here to help

SanDisk's new and improved iXpand Flash Drive expands the storage capacity of your iOS devices via a Lightning connection. It packs a USB 3.0 connection for file transfers to a PC, too.

Apple suffers China setback as authorities block iTunes movie and book sales

Apple's iTunes store for movies and books has reportedly been blocked in China. The online store only launched in the country six months ago, and so Apple executives will be keen to find out precisely why the action has been taken.

No, your Apple ID is not expiring! Watch out for any texts that claim otherwise

A new phishing scam has been making the rounds in the U.K. It asks iPhone users to follow a link and hand over their Apple ID username and password. If you get a text claiming to be from Apple and asking for login info, it could be fake!

Apple argues internally over the future of iCloud, report claims

Apple can't agree on what to do with iCloud, a report claims. However, changes are on the horizon that could vastly improve the iCloud system for both users and developers. It might just take a while for Apple to implement them.