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Google Play app store returns to China

After leaving altogether in 2010 following a highly publicized censorship battle, Google may be returning to China with the Google Play app store, pitting itself once again in a head-to-head battle with Apple for market dominance.
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‘Smart chopsticks’ from Baidu let you check the safety and quality of your meal

Although smart eating utensils aren't likely to take off in the same way as smartphones did, this hasn't stopped Baidu from developing a set of 'smart chopsticks' capable of checking the safety and quality of the food on your plate.

Google is easily the most popular search engine, but have you heard who’s in second?

Here's a hint -- it's a Chinese company. Still stumped? Read on to learn more.
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It’s the tale of internet domination, told through an old timey map

In case you still had doubts about the lordship of Google and Facebook over the Web, this 'Age of Empires'-themed map will set you straight.

Chinese search engine Baidu developing Google Glass-like high-tech eyewear

Google's Chinese competition, Baidu, is working on a smart eyepiece technology similar to Google Glass called "Baidu Eye," but the company is undecided whether to release the device commercially.

China’s Baidu removed from U.S. “notorious markets” list

Torrent sites and China's Taobao are still on the U.S. "notorious markets" list, but China's Baidu has been removed thanks to a major music licensing deal.

Alibaba to release English version of Aliyun mobile OS

Alibaba is preparing to launch an English language version of its cloud-reliant Aliyun mobile OS this month.
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Dell to make smartphones, tablets for Baidu Yi

Computer maker Dell is partnering with China's Baidu to make smartphones and tablets based on Baidu's Android-based Yi operating system.
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China’s Baidu to launch Android-based mobile OS

Chinese search leader Baidu is launching its own Android-based mobile OS-dubbed "Yi"-to serve as a platform for its own collection of services.

China’s Baidu browser beta looks a lot like Chrome

China's Baidu has launched its own browser...and it looks a lot like Google Chrome, with a unified search/address bar and built-in apps.

China’s Baidu inks deal with three major music labels

Sony, Warner, and Universal have all signed with China's Baidu to launch a new Chinese online music service they hope will combat widespread music piracy.

China buying piece of Facebook: To worry or not to worry

New rumors say that Facebook may sell stock to China, prompting concerned parties to worry what that means for the site.