China’s Baidu, Changan enter the autonomous vehicle fray

The race towards driverless technology is now seriously burning up the pavement. The international competition is on like never before as China pursues the development of its very own autonomous vehicles.

Baidu can use map data to give early warnings about dangerous crowds

Baidu, China’s version of Google, is making the case that it can use queries made on its maps service to predict areas where overcrowding may put people at risk for fatal accidents.

Self-driving buses are next on the docket for Baidu

Self-driving cars are so 2015. According to a Reuters report, Baidu plans to have self-driving buses on the road in the next three years, and hopes to be mass producing them within five years.

Move over Google, Baidu just introduced its own driverless car

Baidu informed the Wall Street Journal that its autonomous car "has successfully completed rigorous, fully autonomous tests on one route with mixed roads under a variety of environmental conditions."

Amazon partners with Baidu to launch Fire Tablet in China

Amazon has announced that it will launch its inexpensive Fire Tablet in China, partnering with Baidu to import local apps onto the device. It is one of Amazon's first hardware moves in the country, as it tries to compete with local…
Android Army

Google Play app store returns to China

After leaving altogether in 2010 following a highly publicized censorship battle, Google may be returning to China with the Google Play app store, pitting itself once again in a head-to-head battle with Apple for market dominance.
Cool Tech

‘Smart chopsticks’ from Baidu let you check the safety and quality of your meal

Although smart eating utensils aren't likely to take off in the same way as smartphones did, this hasn't stopped Baidu from developing a set of 'smart chopsticks' capable of checking the safety and quality of the food on your plate.

Google is easily the most popular search engine, but have you heard who’s in second?

Here's a hint -- it's a Chinese company. Still stumped? Read on to learn more.
Social Media

It’s the tale of internet domination, told through an old timey map

In case you still had doubts about the lordship of Google and Facebook over the Web, this 'Age of Empires'-themed map will set you straight.

Chinese search engine Baidu developing Google Glass-like high-tech eyewear

Google's Chinese competition, Baidu, is working on a smart eyepiece technology similar to Google Glass called "Baidu Eye," but the company is undecided whether to release the device commercially.

China’s Baidu removed from U.S. “notorious markets” list

Torrent sites and China's Taobao are still on the U.S. "notorious markets" list, but China's Baidu has been removed thanks to a major music licensing deal.

Alibaba to release English version of Aliyun mobile OS

Alibaba is preparing to launch an English language version of its cloud-reliant Aliyun mobile OS this month.