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The NFL is changing its social media policy again

After an October social media policy update, NFL teams were looking at a $100,000 fine if they posted an in-game GIF to social media. After the backlash, the NFL has changed course.
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Facebook steps up efforts to support its Menlo Park community with $20M housing donation

Facebook has announced it is partnering with a coalition of local community groups to support affordable housing in the San Francisco Bay Area. The company will donate $20 million to a series of development projects as part of the alliance.
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Why did Facebook briefly ban a fake news detection plugin?

Facebook may be busy trying to fix its fake news problem, but it isn’t in favor of someone else teaching it how to do its job. On Friday afternoon, the social network began blocking links to the website of a fake news detection plugin.
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Report: Facebook building its own take on Snapchat Discover

Facebook simply can’t get enough of Snapchat. A new report claims the social network is planning its own curated media content feature, tentatively titled "Collections," in the vein of Snapchat Discover.
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How to download Facebook photos

Ready to kick the Facebook habit or merely looking to download a local backup of your most precious moments? Here's how to do so using the social network's built-in features and a web-based app known as Pick & Zip.

Facebook thwarts Prisma’s live-streaming video effects, denies app API access

Prisma's Facebook live-streaming feature was short-lived -- the social media giant has denied the app from using the API required for streaming. The artistic photo and video effects app says another platform may be possible for live…
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Facebook Messenger ups its game, lets users play ‘Pac-Man,’ more with friends

Facebook has launched a new feature inside Facebook Messenger -- Instant Games. Now you can compete against your friends in a variety of mobile games including Pac-Man and Space Invaders.

Beware of new image files you didn't download: They may launch 'Locky' ransomware

Moving on from malicious macros in Microsoft Office Word documents, the Locky ransomware program now uses self-downloading image files from social media. If you spot an image file on your computer that you don't remember downloading, don't…

Facebook loses German lawsuit surrounding removal of metadata from photos

A photographer has won a lawsuit filed against Facebook in Germany. The suit claimed that Facebook’s practice of removing EXIF metadata from photos uploaded to the service violated German copyright law.
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Is Facebook willing to trade censorship for access to China? 2:23

Also today: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey gets his Twitter account suspended, and the chaos of Black Friday approacheth so check out our tech buyer's guide.
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Facebook is sending out checks to users as part of lawsuit settlement

A number of Facebook users have taken to social media to share images of a $15 check they just received in the post from the social network. The money is part of the settlement of a $20 million class action lawsuit against Facebook.
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Report: Facebook planning censorship tool that could pave the way for China entry

How far is Facebook willing to go to convince China’s communist government to lift the ban on its social network? According to a new report, the company is prepping a censorship tool in order to gain a foothold in the mainland.