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Hey Facebook users, you know you’re on the Internet, right?

As Facebook continues its impressive mobile expansion, it may want to take a moment to remind its users that when you're checking out your profile on your phone, you are indeed using the Internet.

Facebook will soon let you replace your boring old profile picture with a video

Facebook's redesigning profile pages for the first time in a long time. The most noteworthy new features? Animated profile pictures, a spot for bios, and a "featured photo" section.
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Facebook and NBA Digital to team for simulcast of Cavs practice on Thursday

Sandwiched between pictures of your Aunt Martha's casserole and your preteen cousin complaining about how stupid boys are, you can catch some NBA action, as the Cleveland Cavaliers practice will be simulcast on Facebook on Oct. 1.
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It may be having outages, but Facebook isn’t charging to keep your profile private

In the rumor mill that is the Internet, you really can't believe everything you hear. While Facebook has had its fair share of problems this week, charging to keep your profile private isn't one of them (yet).
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Bank robbery suspects arrested after flaunting cash in Facebook selfies

Two bank robbery suspects were picked up by cops in Ohio recently after they linked a recent raid to Facebook photos of the pair flaunting cash. No, it's not the first time alleged criminals have been tracked down via their social media…

Facebook wants to work with the UN to bring Internet access to refugee camps

In a speech delivered at a lunch hosted by the United Nations Private Sector Forum at the U.N.’s headquarters on Saturday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said his company wants to work with the U.N. to bring Internet access to people in…
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Facebook’s Medium-style Notes upgrade is now rolling out

Before social networks there was blogging, and now Facebook has brought everything full circle with its revamped Notes tool, encouraging users to start writing longer posts with pictures.
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Chinese President Xi Jingping owns China’s only legal Facebook page

Call it executive privilege, call it hypocrisy, call it whatever you will, but just know that despite the ban on Facebook that exists in China, Chinese President Xi Jinping has a Facebook page.
DT Daily

Leaf box and app make growing legal pot easy: DT Daily

Facebook launches 360-degree videos into your news feed, Leaf takes the hassle and complexity out of growing your now-legal pot.
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Facebook intros 360-degree videos with Star Wars experience and more

Facebook has launched 360-degree videos for News Feed, giving users a more immersive experience by allowing them to explore a scene in every direction. Initial publishers include Star Wars, Discovery, and Saturday Night Live.
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Will Facebook succeed in luring journalists away from Twitter?

Facebook's new Signal feature is an attempt to lure journalists away from Twitter, but is it going to work? Twitter as a quick-fire platform for breaking news is currently a favorite among journalists.
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Facebook reverses course, will soon introduce a ‘dislike’ button

Facebook has long maintained that a "dislike" button is unnecessary, but it's changing course. The social network will soon roll out a dislike button to a limited subset of users.