Instagram now has more than half a billion active users

Instagram, the Facebook-owned photo sharing network, has crossed the 500 million active-user threshold. More than 300 people use the service "every day."
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Instagram hits 500 million users, sees 95 million posts per day 2:24

Instagram hits the 500 million user mark, Vine expands video time limits, Apple can find a lot of stuff in your Photos collection.

Facebook’s leadership talks China, Zuck’s future at shareholder meeting

Facebook addressed its courtship of China, where it is still banned, along with a number of other business issues as its annual shareholder meeting. Both CEO Mark Zuckerberg, and COO Sheryl Sandberg spoke at the event, attended by over 100…
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Your camera’s digital ‘fingerprint’ could prevent image theft and fight crime

Slight imperfections in the image sensor manufacturing process give every camera a unique "fingerprint" that is hidden in the photos it takes. A new technology is making it easier to process these fingerprints from any camera.
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Super chatty today? Check out Chatible to chat with a stranger on Messenger

Adventurous and interested in meeting new people? Capable of talking to anyone? A new bot called Chatible may just become your new best friend, or at the very least, help you find him or her.
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Facebook is developing a revolutionary method to teach chatbots common sense

Facebook wants to improve chatbots, and its digital assistant, "M," by teaching them common sense. The social network's first director of AI, Yann LeCun, revealed its predictive learning plans at a recent conference.

Report: Facebook working to bring its videos to T-Mobile’s Binge On program

Facebook is planning to bring data-free videos to T-Mobile customers by introducing them to the carrier's Binge On program, according to a new report. The move is thought to be part of Facebook's live-streaming push.

Facebook Live aims to beat Twitch at its own game with help of pro gamer Stephen Ellis

Facebook has hired pro-gamer Stephen “Snoopeh” Ellis to bring more game developers, e-sports competitors, and gaming talent to its live-streaming network. Quietly recruited in May, Ellis has since been working behind the scenes to…
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Chicago man fatally shot during Facebook Live broadcast

A Chicago man who was fatally shot appears to have captured the incident on Facebook Live. Police are investigating the live-stream as part of their investigation into the shooting of the man, identified as Antonio Perkins.
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Man known as Facebook ‘spam king’ sent to jail

A man who earned the notorious title of the "spam king" of Facebook has been sentenced to 30 months in jail. Wallace Sanford confessed to sending 27 million junk messages to hundreds of thousands of Facebook users over the course of several…
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Facebook VP says the social network will be ‘all video’ in five years

A Facebook VP has proclaimed that the platform will be dominated by video in the near future, as text posts witness a year-on-year decline. The statement was made by Facebook's Nicola Mendelsohn at a summit in London.
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Facebook, Google, and Twitter hit with lawsuit from father of Paris attack victim

Facebook, Google, and Twitter are facing a lawsuit from the father of a woman killed in last November's Paris terror attacks. It claims the firms "knowingly permitted" IS to use its tools to attract members, raise funds, and spread…