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Having a bad day? New study says Facebook can cheer you up

A new study claims your Facebook interactions with your online friends can make you feel as happy and satisfied as getting married or having a baby. The only problem is that a Facebook researcher co-authored the report.
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The Facebook feature that revolutionized social media: News Feed marks 10 years

Facebook is marking the 10th anniversary of its "most advanced" invention: the Facebook News Feed. The celebrations were led by the company's CEO Mark Zuckerberg, and included a live-stream with the team that created the defining feature.

New Beatles documentary wouldn't look the same without footage from social media

An upcoming documentary on The Beatles' last five years of touring, The Beatles: Eight Days A Week -- The Touring Years, is directed by legendary filmmaker Ron Howard and consists of rare footage crowdsourced from fans on social media.
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Zuckerberg ‘deeply disappointed’ that SpaceX destroyed Facebook’s satellite

Mark Zuckerberg, who is currently in Africa, is deeply troubled by the loss of his firm's Amos-6 satellite as a result of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket explosion. He shared his thoughts in the form of a public post on the social network.

You can now text and video chat at the same time on Facebook Messenger

Facebook now lets you add instant live video to your Messenger conversations as part of the messaging app's latest update for iOS and Android. It may sound an awful lot like Snapchat, but you'll probably love it anyway.
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Facebook’s new image stabilization tech makes shaky 360-degree videos smoother

Facebook is testing a newly built image stabilization technology specifically designed to make 360 videos uploaded to the social network smoother. The company also plans to bring the system to its Oculus VR platform.
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Facebook’s Trending blunders illustrate the need for human fact-checkers

Facebook may have to fix its newly automated Trending topics section after its algorithm suffered two consecutive blunders regarding fake, and obscene, news stories. The errors could force the platform to embrace human editors once again.
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Mark Zuckerberg presents the Pope with a drone model during Vatican meeting

Mark Zuckerberg is the latest tech CEO to meet with Pope Francis at the Vatican. The Facebook founder and CEO turned up to the meeting with a unique gift for the Pontiff. The two also discussed a range of global issues.
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Alert! You may soon be able to activate Facebook's 'Safety Check' feature yourself

Facebook is looking to broaden the scope of its 'Safety Check' feature. How? By allowing users to activate it themselves. Safety Check has been used in a range of emergency situations, but Facebook has been criticized for favoring Western…
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Seeing your grandparents on Facebook might make you sigh, but it might be good for them

You might be annoyed or bewildered by your grandparents using Facebook and Skype, but if a recent study is any indication, they are much smarter about their use of social technology than you might realize.
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Sound and vision: Facebook now displays vertical videos on mobile News Feed

Facebook is finally displaying vertical videos as they were meant to be seen on mobile instead of cropping them into squares. The changes are now supported on the mobile News Feed on iOS and Android devices.
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Facebook promises independent Trending algorithm, but still relies on human editors

Facebook is updating its Trending topics feed in a bid to deliver the autonomous news algorithm it has always promised. However, it still can't avoid the elephant in the room: the need for human editors.