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Tell us something we didn’t know: Social media is America’s favorite news source

Most U.S. adults now find news via social media, according to the latest study from Pew Research Center. Facebook came out as the prominent social network, along with Reddit and Twitter.
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New EU ‘hate speech’ rules: badly needed or bad policy? 2:39

Is the new European Union hate speech pact a step towards civil discourse, or online speech suppression? Plus, ASUS rolls out the Zenbo household robot, and a new Intel super-fast CPU.
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Facebook Messenger could emulate Google’s Allo by introducing an ‘encryption mode’

Ever since the Apple vs. FBI showdown, companies are jumping on the encryption train. The latest could be Facebook's Messenger. Unlike WhatsApp, end-to-end encrypted messaging would only kick in when you're in a special "encrypted mode."

New EU hate speech rules agreed to by Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Microsoft

In a moment of unity among tech giants and the European Union, Facebook, Twitter, Google-owned YouTube, and Microsoft agreed on Tuesday to a new code of conduct that seeks to address hate speech within 24 hours in Europe.
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Want to know when people are typing? Facebook may let you do that with comments

According to new reports, Facebook is considering allowing users to see when others are commenting on a post -- sort of like that typing bubble that pops up when you're in iMessage (or that typing bubble that pops up when you're in…

Lights, smartphone, action! How to master Facebook Live streaming 3:42

Facebook's Live Video feature is handier than you might think. Here's what it does, and how to use the landmark feature on your iOS or Android device.
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You can run but you can’t hide: Facebook ads are coming for you

Facebook has announced it will now display ads to non-users across it's network, which will greatly expand the social network's reach beyond it's current 1.65 billion monthly users.
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Facebook Live goes beyond smartphones with Windows 10 app update

The latest version of the Facebook app for Windows 10 allows users to exclusively broadcast from compatible desktops and tablets. For everyone else, the livestreaming service is still only available on smartphones.
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Is Billionaire Peter Thiel’s Gawker feud bad news for Facebook?

Facebook board member Peter Thiel is attracting unwanted attention for the social network after confirming that he financed Hulk Hogan's successful lawsuit against Gawker Media. Will CEO Mark Zuckerberg be forced to comment on the…

Facebook and Microsoft dive underwater to lay a new internet cable to Europe

In an effort to keep up with growing demand for high-speed online services, Facebook and Microsoft have joined to forces to lay a transatlantic data cable that'll mark "an important new step in building the next generation infrastructure of…
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Facebook provides a whopping 2 billion daily text translations

Facebook is translating 2 billion pieces of text per day using its automated translation system. The social network's head of language technology has revealed that it is now planning to use AI to make more accurate translations.
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Facebook: No evidence of Trending Topics bias, but it’ll still make changes

Hoping to put the matter to rest, Facebook said Monday its internal investigation into allegations of political bias within its Trending Topics feature has turned up no evidence of systematic wrongdoing. However, the issue has forced it to…