You can finally make group calls with Facebook Messenger

Voice calling on Facebook is quick and easy to use, but to date it's been missing one major feature: group calls. Well, folks, that feature is finally here, and will be rolling out to both iOS and Android users over the next 24 hours.
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Buckingham Palace seeks Twitter royalist to tweet for Queen and country

The Queen of England is seeking someone for a job fit for a king. The official website of the British Monarchy is in search of a social media manager for the Royals' Twitter and Facebook accounts. The right candidate could pocket over…

Instagram is set to turn a huge profit for Facebook this year

Instagram is set to have a huge year, according to analysts at Credit Suisse. The popular photo-sharing app is projected to generate a massive profit for its parent company Facebook, thanks to its advertising strategy.
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Facebook considering a number of ways to let users earn money from posts

Facebook is considering a number of monetization options for posts on its platform, according to a new survey circulated on the site. The financial incentives would bring it closer to YouTube in terms of its revenue-sharing strategy.
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Before the billions: Video shows young, beer-swilling Zuckerberg

An interview from 2005 provides a glimpse into the early, free-wheeling days of social media giant Facebook. Believe it or not, Zuck didn't always want to rule the world, or know everything about you.

Zuckerberg gets the best of cybersquatter looking to cash in on daughter's name

An Indian college student attempting to make a quick buck off a Web domain containing Mark Zuckerberg's baby's name ended up unknowingly selling it to Zuckerberg himself, and for only $700.
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Facebook employees ask if they should act to stop Trump, and Zuck says no

As it turns out, employees within social media giant Facebook have been toying with the notion of preventing a Trump presidency, or at the very least, toying with asking CEO Mark Zuckerberg if such a course of action is acceptable.
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Facebook wants to make the News Feed your go-to source for news

Facebook is testing some pretty major changes to the News Feed that could see it becoming much more news focused. The changes include tabs at the bottom of the app that will allow you to select different news topics to view.
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Hoax or breakthrough? Flyboard Air videos stun the Internet 3:08

The Flyboard Air is the real hoverboard of our dreams, with a 90 mile an hour top speed, what appears to be no real altitude restrictions, long flight times, and damn, it looks plain easy to fly.

Facebook nabs Google’s advanced technology head for new hardware lab

Facebook has picked Regina Dugan, former head of DARPA and Google's Advanced Technology team, to lead its new multimillion-dollar hardware lab, Building 8. Dugan previously helped Google develop modular smartphones and 3D mapping tech.
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Meet Donald Drumpfbot, the Trump parody chatbot designed for Messenger LOLs

Donald Drumpfbot is about to crash the chatbot party on Facebook Messenger. The Donald Trump AI parody promises major LOLs on the popular chat service, and is already available on Twitter and Telegram.
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Game of Thrones’ opening title sequence looks absolutely amazing in 360 degrees

HBO, in collaboration with Facebook and VFX studio Elastic, has created a 360-degree Web version of Game of Thrones' Emmy-winning opening credit sequence. Quite simply, it's amazing.