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Attempted coup in Turkey results in social media clampdown

Turkey saw a social media blackout on Friday during an attempted coup by the country’s military, with reports that Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube were all down. Live-streaming platforms are still being used to broadcast scenes on the…
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GE is launching a Facebook Messenger Bot to challenges your science and emoji skills

For those of you who are truly bilingual (in English and emoji), you'll be able to show off your skills as GE launches the first #EmojiScience Decoding Challenge on Facebook Messenger.
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AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, and Google have waived fees to France

Following the horrific terrorist attack in Nice, France, mobile carriers including AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, and Google have waived fees temporarily.
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Attack in Nice sees Facebook activate Safety Check for fourth time in five weeks

Following Thursday night's devastating attack on a crowd of Bastille Day revelers in Nice, France, Facebook activated its Safety Check tool to enable users in the area to quickly show friends and family they were safe.
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Facebook still shows little signs of progress when it comes to diversity

Facebook's latest diversity report includes stats concerning its LGBTQ employees, a first for the social network. The results are disappointing, but show signs of the company's commitment to repairing the skills gap in U.S. education.

Facebook Messenger reduces load times, now supports Instant Articles

Facebook's Instant Articles have proven a hit in the standard Facebook app, but those articles will now show up in Facebook Messenger too. This should help significantly cut down on load times while using bots from publishers.
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Dallas gunman used Facebook to buy AK-47 from private seller in 2014

The shooter responsible for killing five Dallas police officers last week bought an AK-47 assault rifle from a private seller on Facebook in 2014. Federal investigators recovered the gun from the shooter's home, and contacted the seller.
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‘Pokémon Go’ surges past Twitter and Facebook, dominating Android downloads, daily use

We all know Pokémon GO is huge, but just how big is it? We're beginning to learn, as the hot new mobile game just surged past Twitter and Facebook in a couple of key areas.

Facebook tests its apps in a data center that houses 2,000 smartphones

Facebook's latest data center isn't like the others -- instead it's designed specifically for app testing, housing a hefty 2,000 smartphones, many of which are actually somewhat outdated.
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Pizza Hut is making ordering easy thanks to its new Messenger chatbot

Pizza Hut wants to make it as easy as possible for you to order a pizza, and has announced the launch of a new pizza-ordering bot for Facebook Messenger. The bot will be available in August.
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New lawsuit accusing Facebook of enabling terrorism in Israel seeks $1B in damages

Facebook is being sued to the sum of $1 billion by a group of Israeli and U.S. citizens for allegedly enabling militant attacks on their relatives in Israel. The lawsuit has been filed in a U.S. District Court in New York.
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The generation most likely to share content on Facebook? Baby boomers

And now, thanks to a study conducted by Fractl, we have a slightly better understanding as to the sharing habits and motivations for sharing on Facebook. In a recent survey, the content marketing agency surveyed 2,000 Facebook users.