Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari all have fewer desktop users, but Chrome gained some

The desktop versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari all saw their user base dip last month. Google Chrome, on the other hand, gained in popularity.
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Mozilla is not secretly working on a Chromecast of its own, but someone else is

Is the Chromecast a little too Google-y for your liking? You might soon be able to pick up a Firefox OS-powered alternative, but it won't be made by Mozilla.

Firefox feeling sluggish? AdBlock Plus may be slowing it, and your computer, to a crawl

You may think AdBlock Plus is speeding up your Firefox Web browsing experience while blocking annoying ads, but it may actually be doing the exact opposite.

Firefox exec: Browser won’t be a ‘mess of logos,’ but firm will ‘experiment’

It appears as if Mozilla will tweak Directory Tiles, and make something more user friendly. Sponsorships could still be on the horizon though. You can learn more about Mozilla's plans here.

Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich resigns amid controversy surrounding his anti-gay past

Mozilla announced on its official blog that CEO Brendan Eich has resigned from his post, after his appointment spurred an uproar due to his past anti-gay leanings.

Report: Half of Mozilla’s board resign over new CEO choice

Causing quite a stir on the Web this week, the appointment of Mozilla co-founder Brendan Eich to the role of CEO has both internal employees and third party developers publicly calling for him to step down.

Mozilla is testing out a revamped look, syncing, and more with the Firefox 29 beta

Mozilla is toying with a new look, feature set and layout with its newly released beta of Firefox 29. Check out our initial impressions of the changes here.

Mozilla wants to know why Dell is charging customers for Firefox

Did you know that Dell charges U.K. customers a £16.25 fee (27.10 USD) to pre-install Firefox on new computers? Mozilla didn't, but they do now and they're not happy about it. Learn more here.

Hands on: The latest version of Firefox OS is lukewarm, but still heating up

The first version of Firefox OS didn’t do much to impress us after an extended test, so can the latest version of the software make amends? We give it a try on two new smartphones, but the specs of each may be responsible for many of the…

Firefox to start displaying ads on ‘new tab’ page, Mozilla announces

Mozilla said Tuesday that ads are on their way to Firefox. For new users of the browser, the empty tiles that appear when a new tab is opened will start to show with a range of content, including some from advertisers.

Goodbye, Internet Explorer! Firefox for Windows 8 Touch Beta has arrived

Finally, the Metro/Modern interface gets an alternative Web browsing option. Mozilla has announced that it has released the beta of the Firefox Windows 8 app. Read on to learn more here.

Mozilla’s Firefox Launcher wants to show you the apps you want, when you want them

Mozilla has announced the forthcoming availability of Firefox Launcher, a replacement homescreen app for Android, which uses contextual search technology to predict the apps you want, when you want them.