Pony Express is Google’s plan for bill pay within Gmail

A new Google project currently under development will reportedly allow users to pay bills from within Gmail. Pony Express could centralize all of your bills in a single location: your email inbox

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Kill the clutter with our guide to using Gmail tabs and labels

Chances are, you likely get more emails than you know what to do with. Check out our guide on how to add and remove tabs in Gmail — as well as implement labels — so you can better organize and sort messages with ease.


Google Inbox is an Advil for your pounding email headache

Google has a new kind of email app called Inbox. Previously only for certain phones and the Chrome browser, it's now available for iOS and Android tablets, plus other web browsers. The app makes organizing your email a breeze, but has a few quirks.


Truly relax by setting a vacation reminder in Gmail

Everyone needs a vacation, but unfortunately, it's harder to unplug now than ever before. Check out our guide on how to turn on Gmail's auto-replying vacation reminder, so you can spend less time rummaging through your inbox and more time enjoying yourself.


Spruce it up: How to change your Gmail Inbox theme

Want to jazz up your favorite online email client? Check out our guide on how change your Gmail inbox theme, endowing your messages with rolling shots of the country or one of many user-submitted photos.


Mess with your Gmail profile mugshot in just a few simple steps with this guide

Switching up your Gmail account pic may be necessary, especially if you just got a brand new makeover. Pulling it off isn't the simplest thing to do, however. We show you what to do with this guide.


Hey you kids, shut off that racket: How to turn off IM notification sounds in Google Hangouts

You might not know it, but that sound you hear every time you get a message in Google Hangouts can be turned off. Here's how.


How to change your Gmail account password

Changing your Gmail password may be necessary at one point or another. However, doing so isn't exactly straightforward. Here's how to pull it off.


How to send email using another address from your Gmail account

Check out this brief guide where we show you how to send email from different accounts using Gmail.


Is Google+ being slowly sunsetted? Mandatory Gmail integration gets removed

Definitely a shift away from promoting Google+ usage, the search company has removed the mandatory requirement of setting up a new Google+ account when signing up for a Gmail account.

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Five million Gmail addresses, passwords leak out

The data was posted on a Bitcoin security forum, but a significant amount of them are out of date. Learn more here.


Security researchers expose Gmail smartphone hack

You're still taking care over which apps you install, right? Researchers in the U.S. have demonstrated how a mobile's shared memory can be used to gain access to other apps, including Gmail.


Gmail acts to sort out new scam using non-Latin characters

Google last week introduced non-Latin support for Gmail. However, soon after the feature was introduced, scammers found a way to use it to their advantage. The Web giant said Tuesday it's now improved its spam filters to deal with the issue.


Google adds an unsubscribe button to spam mail in Gmail

Google is making it much easier to un-subscribe from annoying, unwanted email lists. Learn more here.


Google spots child porn in man’s Gmail account, tips off police

If you have unsavory and/or illegal stuff in your Gmail account, Google just might give the cops a heads up. Recently, the tech giant alerted police to a case of child pornography in a Gmail account.