No, you don't need to provide Body Sensor info to send an email from Gmail

A bizarre bug in some Android users' Gmail apps demanded that they give the application access to "Body Sensors" in order to send an email. And now, Gmail is issuing a fix, because it's as creepy as it is weird.

New phishing scam has high success rate against tech-savvy Gmail users

A new phishing scheme, targeting Gmail users, aims to use your contact list against you by pilfering your inbox in an effort to compromise the accounts of your friends, family, and co-workers.
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Oculus CEO Luckey set to testify in lawsuit over Rift’s VR tech 3:12

Also today: Sophisticated phishing scam hits Gmail users, driver learns the hard way to always bring the keys when he drives his Tesla.

Gmail to get handy new features that should be familiar to Google Inbox users

Google is currently rolling out an update to the Android version of Gmail, bringing some handy new features from Inbox, such as the ability to snooze emails, as well as create reminders for emails.

Inbox full of spam? Here’s how to block messages on Gmail

Everybody gets unwanted emails from time to time, whether talking spam or some other form of unwanted message. Luckily, if you're a Gmail user who wants to block someone from messaging you, the process is simple.

Alphabet signs pact with Cuban telecom firm to improve access to Google properties

Today, Google's parent company Alphabet announced that it's doing just that, by entering into an agreement with Cuba's state telecommunications monopoly, ETECSA, that will make it easier for Cuban citizens to access Google properties.

Google's Material Design standard, Undo Send, arrive on Gmail for iOS

Gmail on iOS just got its biggest update in four years. It now actually looks like an app, rather than a mobile website, and it's faster than ever before. There are a few minor updates for Google Calendar as well.

Suffering from sender’s remorse? Here’s how to unsend Gmail messages 1:20

Everyone has sent a message they wish they could take back. How great would it be if you could undo that impulsive email? If you're a Gmail user, you can. Here's how to enable the "unsend" feature in Gmail and use it to your…

Gmail’s upcoming responsive features will resize emails to fit to any screen

Gmail's next major update, due out by the end of September, will add formatting intelligence to messages. Text and images will automatically resize on mobile phones, laptops, and any other devices on which you consume emails.

Keep ahead of hacks by changing your Gmail password — here’s how

Changing your Gmail password may be necessary at one point or another. However, doing so isn't exactly straightforward. Here's how to pull it off.

Google is making Gmail safer with new security warnings for malicious links

Google has updated Gmail, both on Android and the web, with a number of new security features. For example, you'll now get a warning when you click on a link to a malicious website.

Inbox by Gmail gets Google Drive integration and at-a-glance bundled emails

The Inbox team has worked with Trello and GitHub to offer bundled emails with more information at a glance. Google Alerts will also show up in the new format, and you'll also now find Google Drive integration.