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Chinese Tesla Model S owners go without navigation due to Google incompatibility

The Tesla Model S is currently sold in China without a working navigation system, because Google Maps isn't supported there. Neither is the over-the-air system Tesla would normally use to deploy a China-specific version.

Walk this way: These ‘smart shoes’ vibrate to point you in the right direction

An Indian startup has created a pair of Bluetooth-enabled smart shoes and smart insoles called Lechal that can track your position, give you directions via vibrations, and track your activity levels.
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Google enhances Explore feature for Maps

Never one to rest on its laurels, Google is continuing to roll out updates for Maps in an effort to stave off competition from alternative offerings. The latest, announced Wednesday, includes an enhanced Explore feature for Android and iOS…

Mansion Map shows you where the other half lives — and how they got there

The Mansion Maps website lets users take a virtual tour of the world's richest neighborhoods. The site helps you find out who owns the mansions, how they got rich, and how much they've earned.

Google Maps rolls out handy distance calculation tool

Whether you're planning a cross-country road trip, a Sunday morning bicycle ride or a leg-punishing marathon route, Google Maps now lets you easily measure the distance between points with a new feature rolled out Wednesday.

PayPal, Google Maps and Pinterest among the first Android Wear-ready apps

With the Android Wear SDK now available, app developers are busy updating their software to support the new smartwatches, and new versions of PayPal, Pinterest and Google Maps have already arrived.

Redesigning Maps: Google details the app’s evolution

Google Maps has come a long way since its original iteration and is continuously changing. Google designers detailed the transformation of the product at Google I/O 2014.

Needs directions: Apple Maps app is still a mess due to internal politics

Apple's Maps app is still less than perfect. Improvements to the app were widely anticipated at WWDC 2014, but Apple said nothing of Maps during the keynote. New reports hint that internal arguments may be to blame.

Google Maps’ new Elevation feature lets bikers decide how much to punish their thighs

While some cyclists enjoy nothing more than hammering their thighs into oblivion on a two-wheeled outing, others prefer to return home without jelly-like legs. A new 'Elevation' feature for Google Maps now lets bikers decide how much to…

Google Maps for iOS and Android adds Uber integration, lane guidance, and more

Today's mega update to Google Maps for iOS and Android brings with it Uber integration, lane guidance, and improved offline support, among several other features.

Google rewards April Fools Pokémon Masters

Google will send a physical prize to Pokémon Masters that managed to catch 'em all in the company's April Fools Google Maps prank.