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Cortana will now help manage appointments and keep promises 2:45

Cortana will now scan your emails for strings of words indicating a time-based commitment and ask you if you would like to set a reminder. The Windows digital assistant will also help manage your schedule when last-minute…

Prank website causes Safari to crash and forces iPhones and iPads to reboot

Think twice before you click on links. A new prank has been identified that is causing a headache for many iPhone and iPad users as it forces their devices to overheat and eventually reboot.

Find my iPhone keeps sending concerned owners to the same wrong house in Atlanta

For some (annoying) reason, the generally well-regarded and useful Find My iPhone app has been sending the owners of missing smartphones straight to the Atlanta home of Christina Lee and Michael Saba since February 2015.

Aging iPhone? Speed it up with these 10 tricks

Is your aging iPhone slowing to a crawl? Are you looking for some easy ways to bring your iPhone back up to speed? Step inside for some handy tips and tricks that will likely boost performance.

Google paid $1 billion to be the default search engine on the iPhone

Google paid Apple $1 billion to be the default search engine for the iPhone, as part of a revenue split agreement. Oracle's attorney revealed the undisclosed information in a copyright lawsuit case against Google.

Who needs a charging cable when you have the Boomerang case for the iPhone?

The Boomerang case offers something very few, if any, cases offer: a built-in charging cable. The case is currently available for purchase through Indiegogo for the iPhone 6 and 6S.

California anti-encryption bill proposal might force Apple to stop sales on its home turf

California has pushed a new law into the state assembly, looking to weaken smartphone encryption and give law enforcement a permanent backdoor. The legislation is a carbon copy of an anti-encryption law published in New York state last…

Foxconn outguns the competition, reportedly doubles other bids for display maker Sharp

Foxconn has made a $5.3 billion bid for failing display manufacturer Sharp, and has also offered to pay off all the company's debts to Japanese creditors. It follows several bailouts from Japanese banks and a continued operating loss.

This phone case lights up in time to music, ready to annoy everyone behind you at concerts

Smartphones are now so common at concerts and festivals, we may as well make them standout as much as possible. That's the idea behind the Candel, a case with a light up rear panel that flashes in time with music.

A glittery iPhone 5C case leaked and chemically burned a 9-year-old girl

Not all that glitters is gold ... nor is it safe. In a true 21st-century nightmare, a 9-year-old girl has been left with a what may be a permanent scar in the shape of an iPhone 5c as a result of a chemical burn from her glittery phone…

Kuke’s slim case offers extra storage and can keep your iPhone charged

Another iPhone case? Kuke offering extra storage and a higher battery capacity aren't new features of these types of cases, but it certainly is more stylish and slimmer than other options.

Microsoft may launch its mobile keyboard on multiple platforms, starting with the iPhone

Microsoft is apparently bringing its popular Word Flow keyboard to other third-party platforms in the next few months, starting with the iPhone. The keyboard will compete with other third-party options, including SwiftKey, Fleksy, and iOS…