How bulletproof is an iPhone? You’ll need this many to save you from an AK-47

"How many iPhones does it take to stop an AK-47 bullet?" The answer is "five, sometimes six," because not everything can be an exact science. But suffice it to say that a single iPhone in your breast pocket won't protect you from much.


Use your PC from the couch – or anywhere – with these smartphone apps

Need to control your computer without a mouse or keyboard, from across the room or across the country? These five apps are up to the task.


198 Awesome iPhone Apps for 2015

Our comprehensive, category-by-category, list of the best iPhone apps available, from time-saving productivity tools to fun apps you won’t be able to put down. We've got more than a hundred fresh new apps to try.


Could this be the worst iPhone case ever invented?

Recently, spokesman for the Ocean County Prosecutor's Office in New Jersey, Della Fave, posted a photo of herself carrying an iPhone gun case in her back pocket, proving that the accessory could be mistaken as a dangerous weapon.


Siri gets sassy when you ask, ‘What’s zero divided by zero?’

In what is likely the first of many instances of snark to be expected from continued advancements in the realm of artificial intelligence, Siri gives us a rare glimpse of her sassy personality when asked, "What's zero divided by zero?"


AppleCare+ will replace batteries retaining less than 80% of their original capacity

Apple is taking a step toward alleviating the sadness that comes with aging batteries by updating its AppleCare+ support for the iPhone, iPad, iPod, and all Apple Watch models to cover batteries that hold less than 80 percent of their original capacity.


A ‘blue screen of death’ bug is plaguing iPhone users on T-Mobile

Many Apple iPhone owners on the T-Mobile network woke up to an unpleasant surprise this morning: rebooting and crashing devices. The cause is still unclear, but users have come up with a few fixes in the meantime.


Apple Watch Edition to go on sale in Taiwan on Friday at a price projected to be $1,000 less than U.S. retail

If you're willing to wait until Friday and make the trek over to Taiwan, you can own the most luxurious version of the Apple Watch for just $16,163, or NT $500,000, saving you nearly a cool thousand on a device you probably don't need.


BitTorrent’s new photo app is the quick and easy way to share between iOS and Android

BitTorrent has a new photo app, Shoot, that uses its Sync peer-to-peer technology for transferring photos and videos easily, quickly, and privately between iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices. We take it for a test drive.


Apple patents a way to get rid of those ugly white plastic strips on your iPhone

Apple is working on a solution to having to build those plastic strips into the body of an iPhone, just to let radio signals pass through the metal body. A new patent shows how it may solve the problem in the future.


Apple hit with $647,000 fine in Taiwan for forcing carriers to accept its iPhone prices

The Taiwan FTC levied Apple with a $647,000 fine for forcing carriers to adhere to its iPhone pricing. Apple can appeal the decision, but the case could set a precedent for other countries to follow.


Back up your iPhone to your computer with these 6 iTunes alternatives

Living in fear of losing all of the contacts, photos, messages, and notes on your iPhone? Fear no more! We show you how to save your device from mayhem and data destruction with these easy backup tools.


Your iPhone will now track how often you have sex

Health tracking is all the rage these days, with the wearables market practically exploding. Now, you can also track your sexual activity with your iPhone. Because no health report is complete without your sexual history.


Ex-BlackBerry CEO admits company didn’t have a chance against the iPhone

Ex-BlackBerry co-CEO Jim Balsillie admitted his company didn't stand too much of a chance against the iPhone, thanks to a number of contributing factors that include the Verizon-exclusive BlackBerry Storm.


Apple launches iOS 9 and watch OS beta programs

Apple is launching a beta program for the newest versions of its iOS and Apple Watch software. Looking to get one or both? We've got instructions on how to do just that.