How to make ringtones for iPhone (any generation) 2:38

No one likes to pay for ringtones -- or anything else for that matter. So keep your precious money and check out our comprehensive guide to creating free, custom ringtones on your PC or Mac using iTunes.

Several Reddit users report an iPhone 7 Plus camera hardware glitch

Several iPhone 7 Plus users have reported that the dual-lens camera is discolored, or even shuts the iPhone down entirely with an overheating warning, without actually becoming hot to the touch.

Parental Advisory: How to limit your kids’ iPhone usage

Spending to much time with any electronic device can be detrimental to children. Thankfully, we've put together a few tips on to limit your child's iPhone usage, whether you want to restrict access to certain apps or lock them out entirely.

A new Pencil patent from Apple hints at a Galaxy Note 8 rival

A recently published patent from Apple suggests the company could be planning a rival to Samsung's Note series. The filing shows how a stylus could be used with a handset, as well as with a wider range of apps for both Apple's iPhone and…

An iPhone that charges wirelessly? Apple supplier’s deal could pave way

Wireless charging company Energous has partnered with an Apple supplier known as Dialog. Could this mean we'll soon get an iPhone with wireless charging capabilities? Only time will tell.

Florida court lets police compel criminal suspect to unlock his iPhone

Apple may have held fast against the FBI's demands that it help unlock an iPhone, but a Florida court has now made it possible for police to compel a man suspected of voyeurism to hand over the passcode to unlock his iPhone.

Apple Support app makes it much easier to solve your iPhone problems

Apple's new Support app puts hundreds of troubleshooting tools at your fingertips. It also connects you with Apple customers support representatives via phone, email, and live chat.

Camera+ 9 adds RAW shooting and editing, dual lens support, and wide color

A major update for the popular Camera+ app adds support for imaging features introduced with the iPhone 7 and iOS 10, including RAW shooting, the P3 wide color gamut, and full control over the dual lenses on the iPhone 7 Plus.

Broadcast better: DxO One update adds multicamera Facebook Live support

DxO announced today that it will soon bring Facebook Live streaming capabilities to the DxO One camera for iOS, along with updates to the app that allow users to play the role of director during live broadcasts.

Apple launches iOS 10.2, featuring new TV app and Music app UI tweaks

Apple has launched iOS 10.2, bringing a number of new features to users, including the addition of the new TV app, a few design tweaks to the Music app, and some other bug fixes and tweaks.

How digital photography reinvented itself to become better than ever

First digital photography killed film. Then it killed itself, and came back better than ever. This is tale of how it happened, and why photography is healthier today than ever.

The 18 most stylish iPhone stands and charging docks

The right iPhone dock does more than just hold your phone. If you’re looking for the perfect dock for your bedroom, or one to sit discretely on your office desk, there’s a good chance you’ll find it here.