What expensive camera filmed this 4K video of London? The iPhone 6S

Thanks to the creative minds at AmnesiArt, the true selling point of the iPhone 6S is being put on stunning display in a 4K video of England's capital city in a video aptly named "Portrait of London."

Man who shot police officer was tracked using the ‘Find My iPhone’ app

The Find My iPhone app is perfect when you have misplaced your phone, but it can also be used to track armed robbers. That's exactly what happened in the Gold Coast of Australia after two men stole $40,000 from a local tavern.

Apple snaps up a startup with facial recognition that doesn’t invade user privacy

Apple acquired Palo Alto-based startup Perceptio for an undisclosed amount. The mobile AI firm created the app Smoothie, and its creators were looking into facial recognition tech that wouldn't send private information into the cloud.

This 3D Touch-style tech could mean Android phones will get pressure-sensitive screens

Android fans looking enviously at the iPhone 6S's pressure sensitive screen may not have long to wait before they can buy a phone with similar features, thanks to Synaptics new ClearForce technology.

New iOS malware in China hijacks apps and forces full-page ads in Safari

A new crop of malware has been spotted making the rounds in China and Taiwan, slyly getting onto devices by offering a way to circumvent Web censorship in the country. It is the latest in Apple's battle to lower malware rates in China.

Study: iOS 9 ad blockers save iPhone users time, data, and money

A recent study conducted by The New York Times delves deeper into the implications of ad blockers, specifically putting numbers to ad blockers’ impact on page load time, data usage, and data cost per page.

Everything you need to know about the new features, updates, and apps inside Apple’s iOS 9

Apple will release iOS 9, the next version of its mobile operating system, on September 16. It has revealed the all the details about the new features it will contain, including how it will work with 3D Touch. Here's what you need to know.

Are Apple’s new iPhones secretly waterproof?

One intrepid YouTube has submerged an iPhone 6S and an iPhone 6S Plus for an hour — and both the handsets were found to be working fine afterward. Watch the video of the test in action.

Robot joins line for new iPhone launch

Rather than line up in person to get score a new iPhone, Sydney resident Lucy Kelly sent a robot instead. The telepresence device, which was able to interact with others in the line, picked up Apple's latest handset Friday morning.

Apple reveals 25 studios responsible for malware scare

Apple has released a list of 25 apps that were infected with malware in its FAQ on XcodeGhost. The new malicious attack hit China a few days ago, with some of the most popular developers caught using faulty developer software.

FreedomPop launches free monthly iPhone-only plan, for those who don’t use much data

FreedomPop wants to make the iPhone a better proposition for people who don't use a great deal of data each month. It has launched two iPhone-only plans, one of which is entirely free, but still provides 500MB of data to use.

Apple’s iOS 9 update surpassed iOS 8 adoption in five days

iOS 9's adoption rate has increased from iOS 8, according to new data. After five days, the new OS surpassed the growth rate of its predecessor.