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‘1 in 7 people on Earth’ used Facebook on Monday, Zuckerberg proclaims 1:39

A billion people used Facebook on a single day this week, a massive number whatever way you look at it. In a post announcing Monday's extraordinary stat, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made clear he isn't stopping there, though we…
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Mark Zuckerberg’s life in photos, from diapers to Facebook

Facebook is, no doubt, a social media giant, but who's the man behind this billion dollar idea? We take a look at the life of Mark Zuckerberg.
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Facebook’s future is telepathy, Mark Zuckerberg says

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg say he expects technology to one day give us the ability to send emotions and feelings to one another. His claim came during a Web-based Q&A session that also included questions from Arnold Schwarzenegger and…

Critics accuse of violating net neutrality

Despite its attempts to masquerade as a benevolent all-access pass to the Internet, the controversial is drawing criticism once again for flying in the face of net neutrality.
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Those living in low-income nations will get a chance to develop apps and websites, which could open up new opportunities

Developing nations are still struggling to get online and participate in the Internet, but the platform could open up the Web to those who might not otherwise get the opportunity.

Zuckerberg is spreading the Internet across the globe, but is it only for Facebook’s gain?

Mark Zuckerberg, through Facebook, has started an initiative called that aims to bring the web to places lacking access. Just one problem; it seems the plan is meant to benefit Facebook more than anyone else.

MWC day one roundup: All the news from the biggest mobile tech show in the world 2:26

If you haven't been glued to your computer for the last two days, we've got a good recap of some of the hottest new tech and mobile devices out of the world's largest mobile trade show, MWC 2015.

Zuckerberg wants to get people from Zambia to Ghana online (and on Facebook)

How do we get the rest of the world to start using the Internet? Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg touches on helping promote access among new users within Africa, Indonesia and other new markets.
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Facebook won’t add a ‘Dislike’ button, but it might add an ‘LOL’ button to your News Feed

Facebook isn’t going to build you a “Dislike” button, though they’ve considered it. This was one of the many interesting things founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg shared at a recent public Q&A session.

Zuckerberg says Apple’s approach to ads is ‘ridiculous’

Back in September, Apple CEO Tim Cook said advertising-funded services used their customers as the product; Facebook CEO Mark Zuckberg disagrees, and thinks Apple should drop its prices.
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Zuckerberg defends messaging app and explains why Facebook isn’t cool in public Q&A

In his first public Q&A with the Facebook community, Mark Zuckerberg said he understood that having to load up a separate app for messaging was "painful" for some users, but that the move was essential to offer the best service possible.
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Mark Zuckerberg wants YOUR questions for Facebook’s first public Q&A

If there's something you'd love to ask Mark Zuckerberg, now's your chance. The founder and boss of the world's largest social networking site is set to host Facebook's first public Q&A session on November 6, with the entire event…