Even more free content coming to Nintendo’s inky shooter Splatoon on August 6

Yet another update is on the way for Nintendo's inky shooter Splatoon that will add new weapons, clothes, and maps to battle on. In addition, two new game modes will be added: Tag Match and Private Match.


Say goodbye: Nintendo TVii on the Wii U shutting down next month

Nintendo TVii was always an oddity in the world of the Wii U, as Nintendo is known for focusing on its consoles as dedicated gaming machines. Now the company has decided to pull the plug on the second screen app.


China lifts its 15-year ban on video game consoles

China is lifting its ban on the manufacturing and sale of video game consoles in its country, which opens a large door of opportunity for the likes of Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo.


Nintendo working on a sleep-monitoring gadget that sits by your bed

Nintendo has said it wants to get beyond the video game market, but what will that look like? A bedside sleep-tracking device, according to new patent applications that have come to light.

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Warcraft, Nintendo attractions star in rumored Universal video game theme park

Industry rumors suggest that a new park at Universal Orlando Resort will feature rides and attractions based on World of Warcraft and Nintendo properties.


Nintendo invites Facebook employees to try their hand at Super Mario Maker levels

Facebook hackathons are an integral part of the company's culture, but while they aren't all about business, they aren't usually about playing games. That will all change later this month when Nintendo shows up with copies of Super Mario Maker.


The Wii U can’t handle Project CARS

Wii U owners that have been eagerly awaiting a promised version of Slightly Mad Studios' Project CARS have some bad news: that port has been officially cancelled because the console couldn't handle it.


Nintendo confirms Devil’s Third publishing plans, free-to-play version headed to PC

Nintendo has confirmed its North American publishing plans for hack-and-slash action title Devil's Third, squashing rumors suggesting that it had abandoned its scheduled release.


Artist-rendered Smart Boy device predicts Nintendo’s mobile future

Artist Pierre Cerveau has outlined a forward-thinking concept for a Nintendo-produced smartphone, melding Nintendo's design aesthetic with a mobile operating system.


Weekly Rewind: Reddit, Uber, and Neil Young get dramatic

It can be challenging to keep track of everything that happens in the tech world. That's why, we have compiled a list of the top 10 tech stories from this week — just for you.


5 extraordinary reasons Nintendo fans will never forget Satoru Iwata

You may recognize Satoru Iwata, the late CEO of Nintendo, as that lovable goof from Iwata Asks and Nintendo Direct videos. Did you know, however, that he was also a famously talented programmer?


How should you preserve your digital life? DT Daily

Today on DT Daily: Nintendo's CEO passes away. Plus: preserving your digital life - after your death.

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Nintendo president Satoru Iwata dies at 55

Nintendo president and CEO Satoru Iwata died from cancer over the weekend, the company has just announced. He was 55.


Splatoon grows with another level and a second Splatfest

The ever-expanding world of Nintendo's team-based ink-'em-up Splatoon will grow even larger in the coming weeks, as the publisher announced that a new level and a new Splatfest event will premiere soon in North America.


DeNA’s first Nintendo-licensed mobile game will launch this year

Nintendo's first officially licensed mobile game will premiere by the end of this year, with four additional titles expected to launch by April of 2017. All five will draw from different, extant Nintendo franchises.