Microsoft will soon be rolling out Focused Inbox to all Outlook users

For all you Outlook users with hopelessly cluttered inboxes, Microsoft is rolling out its Focused Inbox feature, which is already available on iOS and Android. Office users on Mac, the web, and Windows will see the update later…

Microsoft teams up with GoDaddy for Outlook.com Premium

U.S. customers can now sign up to test out the new service, provided you cough up for a yearly subscription. There’s a catch though. Microsoft’s partnership with GoDaddy could create some payment confusion a year down the line.

Microsoft's new Outlook inherits a few of Sunrise's most popular features

A major new version of Microsoft's Outlook client on Android and iOS borrows a few of the most popular features from Sunrise, the calendar app the company acquired in February of last year.

Want to schedule a meeting at Starbucks? Use Outlook’s new feature

Perhaps ideal for caffeine addicts in the office, Microsoft and Starbucks have launched a new feature for Outlook that gives users that ability to schedule meetings at specific Starbucks locations.

Check your email in augmented reality with the new Outlook Hololens app

Untethering humans from the displays on smartphones, tablets and computers could well be the biggest impact of augmented reality technology like Hololens, and access to Outlook Mail and Calendar apps is one of the first steps in that…

Sunrise features come to Outlook with Evernote, Facebook, and Wunderlist integration

The Outlook Calendar on Android and IOS just got much more powerful. With today's update, you can now see event information, notes, and to-dos from Evernote, Facebook, and Wunderlist.

Microsoft asks Outlook early adopters to join waiting list and cross their fingers

Roll up, roll up, put your name down for Outlook v2.0. That's right, if you want to be one of the first to try out the new version of Microsoft's Outlook email client, be it online or off, you'll need to put your name down on the waiting…

Outdated versions of WordPress and Drupal led to the Panama Papers leak

Mossack Fonseca, the Panamanian law firm that had 11.5 million documents leaked, was using old client portal, email access, and website software. While politicians scurry and countries are shaken, the lesson is to keep your software…

Microsoft begins trialing Outlook Premium subscriptions

Microsoft is aiming to carve away at Google's successful email services for small businesses with an aggressively priced subscription model offered as part of its Outlook platform. Outlook Premium offers five customized email addresses for…

Send a Starbucks gift card in Outlook with add-ins on Office 2016 for Mac

Microsoft has done a lot for itself these past couple of days, but now it's finally devoting some of its time to Office 365 for Mac with the integration of browser-like extensions.

Envy Gmail users no more: Gmailify brings best Gmail features to your current email account

Are you still using a non-Gmail address, but want the features of Gmail? Gmailify is just that. Introduced today by Google, Gmailify will make your "other" email address look and act just like Gmail.

Outlook for iOS and Android update lets you schedule Skype calls

Microsoft launched a major new update to its Outlook email app for iOS and Android that includes the ability to schedule Skype calls. Other new features include 3D Touch support for the iPhone 6S and new calendar views.