Jam Kotenko

Jam Kotenko

Former Digital Trends Contributor
When she's not busy watching movies and TV shows or traveling to new places, Jam is probably on Facebook. Or Twitter. Or Instagram. Her other interests include board games, good food, and Jason Mraz. You can get to know her more through Twitter (@MrazGal), Instagram (@thatgaljam), or jamkotenko.com, which she's trying to update more.

Yahoo Mail’s makeover has spawned thousands of complaints

Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but for Yahoo Mail users who prefer the old version of their email over Gmail, it's unacceptable.

Is Spotify’s vast music library overwhelming you?

Spotify just celebrated a major milestone - but these songs definitely didn't. A lot of Spotify music has never been listened to ... and these might be some of those tracks.
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Here’s yet another app that’ll keep you from sending NSFW Snapchats

As if there weren't enough things disproving the idea of disappearing content, here's one more. SnapHack is an app that will make you regret ever sending that NSFW pic or video on Snapchat.
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6 ways to tell Congress how you really feel using the Internet

If the effects of the government shutdown are starting to mess with your head, here are five simple ways to contact your representative. The Internet won't let you go unheard, friend.
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Facebook is axing an old feature, meaning you once again need to review your privacy settings

Those of you who already have your Facebook security and privacy settings locked down need not worry about this old security setting about to be removed. Everyone else, it's time to update.
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Satiregram mocks all the worst Instagram cliches so you don’t have to

Who needs to follow Instagram accounts when all the popular photos are posted in one account? Seriously, delete your most obnoxious Instagram friends and replace them with this - because it's funnier and dead on.
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6 Instagram-inspired gift ideas for bringing your images to life

Do you and your friends love Instagram? Here are a few things you may want that will remind you of the photo-sharing app's awesomeness.
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This new widget lets you embed entire Facebook Albums

Want to show your non-Facebook friends some photos from the social network? Here's how you do it, courtesy of a new widget.
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Facebook confuses writer with porn star, hilarity ensues

Is being a writer who enjoys the use of adult language the same as working in the adult entertainment industry? Apparently, according to Facebook, yes.
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This scary-useful site plots illness-related social media posts on a map

This new app scours social networks to find all the infected users out there - and tell you where they are, so you don't have to be.
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The NYC vs. Airbnb saga continues with a subpoena demanding user information

New York's beef with rental site Airbnb is not over. Now the city is demanding data on users who are potential violators of a state law prohibiting short-term leases.
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Want to make money filtering your iPhone snaps? These Instagram-lovin’ apps can help

Instagram recently announced that it intends to earn a bit of revenue by making room for advertisements. Why shouldn't you? These apps could help you make money off your Instagram images.