Apex Legends

Apex Legends from Respawn Entertainment arrived on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on February 4, 2019. It came as a complete surprise from the developers behind the acclaimed Titanfall series, and it quickly became immensely popular following its release. A free-to-play game that falls into the battle royale genre and blends aspects of Fortnite and hero shooters like Overwatch, Apex Legends has players group up in teams of three and choose from a selection of characters with different abilities called “legends”. The game then drops the team on to a giant map filled with weapons, armor, and other items to fight it out with other squads in a mission to be the last players standing.

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Gamer gets bored at airport, plays Apex Legends on information monitor

An unidentified man, bored at an airport, plugged his PS4 into an info monitor to play Apex Legends.
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Apex Legends’ Grand Soiree Arcade will feature different game mode every 2 days

The first event for Apex Legends in 2020 is the Grand Soiree Arcade, which will feature a different game mode every two days.
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Apex Legends readies for 10-year run; heavily requested feature coming soon

Electronic Arts believes that there is a 10-year run of new content ahead for Apex Legends. The publisher also revealed that an upcoming event will introduce a heavily requested feature into the battle royale shooter.

Apex Legends crackdown continues: Respawn bans 770,000 cheaters

Respawn Entertainment has now banned 770,000 cheaters from the PC version of Apex Legends. The developer has also blocked more than 300,000 account creations and banned more than 4,000 cheat seller accounts.
apex legends to penalize players leaving early octane

Apex Legends review

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