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Apex Legends readies for 10-year run; heavily requested feature coming soon

Electronic Arts believes that there is a 10-year run of new content ahead for Apex Legends. The publisher also revealed that an upcoming event will introduce a heavily requested feature into the battle royale shooter.
apex legends 10 years heavily requested feature lifeline

Respawn will suspend Apex Legends players who abuse game-breaking Wraith glitch

Respawn will roll out a fix for the game-breaking Wraith glitch in the next patch for Apex Legends. In the meantime, the developer said that it will be handing out suspensions for those who keep exploiting the bug.
apex legends wraith glitch

Defense-focused Wattson may change the Apex Legends meta for Season 2

Wattson was revealed at EA Play 2019 as the new character for Apex Legends. Wattson's skills include the ability to create electric fences and a pylon that can intercept incoming projectiles, for a character that may change the metagame.

The ‘Apex Legends’ Battle Pass and seasonal rewards arrive in March

Apex Legends players can expect seasonal rewards and a Battle Pass to arrive in March according to an FAQ on the EA website. Similar to Fortnite, unlockable seasonal content includes exclusive skins, loot boxes, and more.
apex legends to launch battle pass and seasonal content in march new