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Apex Legends update 1.1.1 failed in fixing hitbox issue of Caustic, Gibraltar

Respawn Entertainment tried to make Caustic and Gibraltar more playable with Apex Legends version 1.1.1. The Fortified passive ability is meant to reduce incoming damage by 10%, but it is not working properly.

Apex Legends accidentally rolls out early exit penalty with version 1.1 patch

Respawn Entertainment accidentally added penalties for players leaving early in Apex Legends matches. The feature, which was mistakenly rolled out with version 1.1, forced players to wait for 5 minutes after leaving early three times.

Fortnite will roll out Reboot Vans, much like Apex Legends’ Respawn Beacons

Epic Games will soon roll out Reboot Vans to Fortnite, to give squads a chance to bring back their fallen teammates. They will work very similarly to the Respawn Beacons of Respawn Entertainment's Apex Legends.

From chicken dinners to victory royales, here are the best battle royale games

The battle royale genre has exploded in popularity since 2017, and there have been several high-profile games worth playing. These are the best battle royale games, including some that aren't even combat-focused.

Apex Legends version 1.1 bug resets player accounts to level 1

There's an Apex Legends version 1.1 update bug that is causing players accounts to be reset to level one. The Respawn Entertainment team is aware and servers are being taken down as a means to tackle the issue.

Get a head start mastering Apex Legend's newest character Octane with our guide

Apex Legends' newest legend Octane ran so fast in the Titanfall 2 gauntlet that he blew off his legs. Now dropping into Kings Canyon with prosthetics, Octane's ability set is still centered around speed. Here's how to play as Octane.

We ranked all the Apex Legends characters by tier. Does our ranking match yours?

Apex Legends' use of heroes with different abilities helps separate it from other battle royale games. To help you choose your legend, we've put together a legend guide detailing their abilities, strengths, and weaknesses.

New character Octane makes an entrance with the first Apex Legends Battle Pass

Apex Legends' first season kicks off March 19 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The Battle Pass comes in two versions, with the base version costing around 10 bucks. Seasonal rewards include a bevy of new loot such as legendary skins.

Apex Legends cheaters reportedly being kicked out with permanent hardware bans

Respawn Entertainment has reportedly started issuing permanent hardware bans against Apex Legends cheaters. The studio is raising the bar on how cheating in online multiplayer games should be dealt with.

Respawn seems to be teasing the next Apex Legends character

Jump pads, the ultimate ability for the leaked Legend Octane, have started to appear in Apex Legends. Octane hasn't arrived yet, but the jump pads seem to suggest the new legend will join the fight very soon.

First Apex Legends esports scholarship takes you from filthy casual to pro

Massachusetts-based Becker College is the first college in the nation to offer a scholarship for Apex Legends. The path-to-pro program gives players $5,000 upon admittance to the school.
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Apex Legends' unique gameplay is the battle royale revival we needed

Apex Legends has amassed incredible popularity, bringing features and an approach that we haven’t quite seen before. We’ve decided to see if it still shapes up a month later.

Apex Legends cheaters beware: 355,000 banned, report system coming soon

Respawn Entertainment has banned over 355,000 cheaters on the PC version of Apex Legends. The studio revealed some of its plans in how to prevent the problem from getting worse, including the addition of an in-game report feature.

Apex Legends dataminers discover files for flamethrower, remote turret, NPCs

Apex Legends dataminers have discovered files for two new weapons, namely the flamethrower and remote turret. A significant number of files related to NPCs have also been uncovered.

Report: New Apex Legends character leaked, coming soon with Battle Pass

According to a report from Daily Esports, a new character named Octane is set to arrive in Apex Legends around March 12. This will also apparently be when the game's Battle Pass launches.

Fortnite may soon add respawn mechanic similar to Apex Legends

Fortnite may soon add the respawn mechanic, which was popularized by Apex Legends. Gamers have discovered the Second Chance Van and the Second Chance Card, and have pieced together how respawning will likely work in Fortnite.

Apex Legends was leaked last year, Respawn was relieved that nobody believed

Apex Legends, which seemingly came out of nowhere to challenge Fortnite for the Battle Royale throne, was apparently leaked last year on Reddit. Developer Respawn Entertainment was relieved that nobody believed it.

The best guns in Apex Legends for obliterating the competition

Though Apex Legends is a squad-based hero shooter, your success is largely dictated on the firepower in your arsenal. Our Apex Legends gun guide details every gun and lays out which ones are best in their class.