Multilingual Google Assistant to add more than 20 languages to its repertoire

Despite being available in eight languages, Google Assistant is expanding its multilingual capabilities, with Google aiming to add support for more than 20 additional languages before the end of 2018.

Give your phone screen a spring cleaning: How to make a touchsreen shiny again

Don't let a dirty display prevent you from using your device and marr your experience. Here are some of the the best ways to remove unwanted fingerprints, dust, and grime from your iOS or Android device.

An Apple repair center in California can’t seem to stop calling 911

Despite there being no emergencies to report, an Apple repair center in California has been placing up to twenty 911 calls a day, with more than 1,600 made since October. Apple is now investigating the matter.

The best apps to sell clothes will turn your unused wardrobe into cash

Do you have a closet filled with clothes that you don’t wear anymore? Don’t let your old clothes end up in a landfill. Use the best apps to sell clothes to make some money or donate to charity!

For deals or just the latest designs, these are the best shopping apps out there

It's never too early to get started on your holiday shopping. To help, we've collected some of the best shopping apps for Android and iOS you may not know about, including those from Flipp, The Hunt, and ShopStyle.

Run your way to better health with the 12 best running apps

Running isn't always easy, especially if you lack motivation. Luckily, these best running apps offer GPS tracking, leaderboards, achievements, sharing capabilities, and a host of other encouraging tools to help keep you on track.

Lost without Print Screen? Here are 3 ways to take a screenshot on your Mac

Here's a quick explanation of how to take a screenshot on a Mac, whether you prefer to use keyboard shortcuts or applications such as Grab and Preview. Once you know how, you'll be able to capture images within seconds.

Motorola’s survey confirms we’re addicted to our smartphones

Motorola released its results from a new survey that examines smartphone habits and how it might impact relationships. The survey found people are prioritizing smartphone use over human interaction.

'Alto's Odyssey' officially launches, now available for iOS

Three years since Alto's Adventure was released, the sequel to the highly praised infinite runner is now available on iOS. Alto's Odyssey takes Alto from the snowy climes to the majestic desert.
Smart Home

Tim Cook bristles at the idea that the Apple HomePod is following the Echo

By the time the Apple HomePod made its official debut earlier this year, the Amazon Echo had already spent more than three years with homeowners. But Tim Cook wants you to know that the HomePod isn't just a "me too" product.

Wear your keyboard like a pair of brass knuckles with Tap Strap

The Tap Strap is an amazing wearable keyboard that turns gestures into taps, so you'll never need to touch your keyboard or touchscreen to type out a text message or email again.

Keep up-to-date with the best news apps on iPhone and Android

Are the days of traditional newspapers and broadcast news dwindling? With apps this good, maybe. Catch up on the latest headlines on any platform with the best news apps on iOS and Android.