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Blockchain beyond Bitcoin

Minecraft takes a firm stance on blockchain tech by banning NFTs

Mojang isn't allowing Minecraft players to create and sell Minecraft NFTs or incorporate blockchain technology into Minecraft servers.
July 20, 2022
Players running into the mouth of a Puma shaped cave in Minecraft.

GameStop’s latest pivot takes it into the NFT business

GameStop teased its pivot to NFTs with a cryptic tweet on the official GameStop NFT Twitter page.
May 19, 2022
GameStop storefront from outside.

India’s plan to end spam texts was a colossal failure. But it’s worth revisiting

Early this year, India rolled out a groundbreaking new plan to fight spam calls and texts. Unfortunately, it failed miserably -- but it still has potential.

Russia goes all-in on buzzwords, builds solar-powered blockchain drone boat

A new Russian solar-powered drone boat is designed to take smart sensor readings and save them to the Ethereum blockchain. Why? To battle the effects of water pollution, of course.
blockchain drone ship water readings robonomics on volga