Blockchain beyond Bitcoin

For better or worse, blockchain birth certificates are officially here

The first baby to have their birth certificate officially recorded on the blockchain has been registered in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Here's what it could mean for record-keeping as we know it.
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The affordable HTC Exodus 1s puts a full Bitcoin node in your pocket

If you're into cryptocurrencies, then you may be interested in the HTC Exodus 1s, a smartphone with a built-in hardware wallet that's capable of running a full Bitcoin node.
HTC Exodus 1s

Blockchain is overhyped, but it’s also perfect for California’s drought problem

With California’s aquifers overdrawn, the state is making a push to better regulate groundwater use, and a group of researchers have an intriguing solution, combining two exciting technologies: Blockchain and the internet of things.

Sirin Labs Finney review

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What is a blockchain?

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With this browser, ads can’t steal your attention — they have to pay you for it

Online ads are a pillar of the internet as we know it, but they’re also ruining the very thing they pay for. Could blockchain help us build an internet where invasive ads aren’t necessary?
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Best Bitcoin miners

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