New BlackBerry 10 phone with a QWERTY keyboard spotted

new blackberry n series keyboard leak

With a January 30th release date just over a month away, screenshots and photos of BlackBerry’s new OS 10 software, including a variety of device photos, are making their way to the web, giving us a preview of what RIM will be hoping to sell by the end of January. The BlackBerry N-Series, which has a QWERTY keyboard, hasn’t gotten much attention from the leaked images department, but it looks like the N-Series has got a shot. In these shots, found by CrackBerry, it looks like a taller, more handsome BlackBerry Bold with a larger display, full QWERTY keyboard, and front camera.

The N-Series, possible known as the BlackBerry X10, was also seen in a lineup alongside the BlackBerry Z-10, and another unknown QWERTY BlackBerry device. As per BlackBerry OS 10’s claims, all the new devices will feature a new sensual UI, powerful messaging features, and supposedly up to 30,000 apps on launch day. One things for sure: From now until January 30th, all eyes in the mobile world will be on RIM’s last ditch effort to amaze us with BlackBerry OS 10. Does anyone think Obama will upgrade?

new blackberry n series z10 qwerty