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Best 4th of July phone sales and deals for 2021

If you missed the chance to upgrade your phone during Amazon’s Prime Day, you shouldn’t let today’s 4th of July phone deals end without buying a new mobile. With Apple, Samsung, Google, and other manufacturers continuously pushing the limits of smartphones, you need to take advantage of any offer to move to the most recent versions of the devices as your budget allows. Fortunately, the 4th of July phone sales will stretch your budget — you might be able to buy your dream smartphone for a price that you would never have expected. To help with your hunt, we’ve gathered some of the best phone deals that are currently available, with some advice on why you should buy a new smartphone in the 4th of July sales and how to choose one.

Best smartphone 4th of July deals 2021

No matter your preferred brand and spending limit, there’s a deal for you from today’s 4th of July phone deals. Whether you want a basic smartphone or a top-of-the-line device, you’ll enjoy savings if you know where to look. Some of these offers may suddenly disappear due to depleted stocks, so if you see one that you like, you shouldn’t hold back on pushing through with buying the smartphone.

This year’s 4th of July phone sales won’t be around for long, especially those that involve the more popular smartphone models. If you’ve already made a choice on which one to purchase, you need to seal the deal right away as there’s no point in delaying it. Don’t wait until the last minute of the holiday, or you might regret missing what would have been the perfect offer for you to shop this 4th of July.

Should you buy a phone on 4th of July?

Is your smartphone several generations behind the current models, and is it starting to show its age because it’s performing poorly even with basic tasks? If you answered yes to both questions, you should take advantage of this year’s 4th of July phone deals so that you can finally retire your old mobile. Manufacturers are adding as many conveniences as possible to today’s smartphones, which everyone should be experiencing as the technology makes life easier and simpler. There’s no reason not to upgrade to a newer phone as soon as you can, and you can avail of savings along the way if you buy one today.

Some shoppers may be wary of buying a new phone because its successor is on its way, and they don’t want to spend on a model that will be replaced soon. However, with this mindset, you’ll never get to enjoy the features of the latest models. If you’ve got the budget now and if your current phone is in dire need of an upgrade, you should pull the trigger on a purchase. A new model is always on the horizon, so it shouldn’t be holding you back from experiencing the wonders of modern technology.

Other shoppers, meanwhile, may be hoping for even lower prices in the future, such as after the next model of the phone that they’re targeting is released, or in other shopping events such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It’s true that there’s a chance for bigger discounts, but without any official announcement from the manufacturers or retailers, all you can do is hope that the wait will be worth it. Meanwhile, the prices offered in today’s 4th of July phone sales are already available, and there’s also a chance that these are the lowest that they can go for a while. It makes more sense to buy the smartphone that you want right now and start using it, rather than wait for months for a discount that may never come.

How to choose a phone on 4th of July

When you look through smartphone deals, you’ll see iPhone deals, Samsung Galaxy deals, Google Pixel deals, and many more offers. How do you choose the phone that you want to buy from today’s 4th of July phone deals? It will take a lot of research to understand all the factors that you should consider, but first and foremost, you need to set your budget and stick to it. No matter how tempting an offer may be, if it’s way out of your price range, you shouldn’t spring for it because you might be spending money that’s reserved for your other expenses.

Check out our cell phone buying guide for tips on how to choose a phone from the 4th of July phone sales. One of the first decisions that you need to make is the operating system that you’re most comfortable with, and that’s usually just between Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. Only iPhones are powered by iOS, while Android may be found in most of the other smartphone choices in the market. Other specifications that you need to take a look at include the quality of the screen, the performance as dictated by the phone’s processor and RAM, and the battery life and durability if you’re always on the go. If you love taking pictures and selfies, also consider the megapixel count of the camera, and if you download a lot of games and save many files, go for the versions with the most built-in storage, or at least with the option for expandable memory with microSD cards.

For more specific ideas on the smartphones that you should be aiming to buy, our list of best phones, which currently has the iPhone 12 Pro as the top choice, may serve as a guide. If you want to avoid iPhones, then read our recommendations for the best Android phones, where the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra reigns. The devices on these lists are tried and tested, so if you see a deal that involves any of them, you don’t need to hold back on finalizing the purchase. Other phones that appear on the lists include the Motorola Moto G Power (2021), the Google Pixel 4a, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G, and the OnePlus 9 Pro. Whichever phone you choose, it will be much better compared to your aging mobile device, and it will let you unlock so many conveniences that you didn’t know you need.

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