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Best appliance sales and deals for January 2023

Appliances are expensive purchases, and that means big decision-making when it comes to choosing among all of the options available on the market. Right now is the time to take advantage of deep discounts on brands like Samsung, but if you’re not sure where to start, that’s where we come in. We’ve sifted through all of the best refrigerator deals, washer and dryer deals, and other appliance deals to find our favorites for you. Most often, buying an appliance packages with two or more items can be the easiest and best way to save. Keep reading to check out the best deals on home appliances we’ve found.

Samsung Top Load Washer and Dryer Appliance Package — $1,158, was $1,698

Samsung Washer/Dryer Set on a white background.

A laundry set might not be the most exciting pair of appliances to buy but they’re truly essential if you want to be able to clean clothes from home. This package includes a 4.5-cubic-feet top load washer that offers vibration reduction technology so it doesn’t make as much noise as you would expect. Alongside that, it also has self-cleaning properties so it’s capable of eliminating bacteria from the drum all by itself. The set also includes a 7.2-cubic-feet electric dryer that includes eight preset drying cycles along with sensor dry technology. With smart features and a large capacity, it’s able to work using fewer loads and in less time, too.

Samsung Side-by-Side Refrigerator and Appliance Package — $2,831, was $3,663

Samsung Refrigerator, Microwave, Gas Range, and dishwasher lined up on a white background.

The Samsung Large capacity Side-by-Side refrigerator & gas range package bundles in everything you could need when moving to a new home that could do with some appliance upgrades. It includes a 27.4-cubic-feet large capacity side-by-side refrigerator that is well designed with a great-looking style that can also withstand everyday smudges. A minimal display dispenser doesn’t steal focus, while there’s plenty of room to store all your food and drinks. Alongside that, you also get a 5.8-cubic-feet freestanding gas range that has five burners and can meet all your cooking needs, with a large capacity oven that can cook multiple dishes at once. There’s also a digital touch control 55 dBA dishwasher that makes it simple to select dishwashing functions, as well as offers a convenient adjustable rack for larger dishes. Finally, a 1.7-cubic-feet over-the-range microwave is ideal for microwave cooking with a fingerprint-resistant finish. All the items offer a stainless steel finish so they match perfectly.

Samsung 3-Door Refrigerator and Appliance Package — $3,585, was $5,206

Samsung French Door refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, and gas range lined up on a white background.

Potentially offering one of the best refrigerators is a good start for this bundle. In all, the bundle offers four different key items for your kitchen and particularly suits a growing family who needs plenty of storage and cooking options. This includes a gorgeous-looking 28-cubic=feet 3-door French Door, Full Depth refrigerator with a CoolSelect Pantry feature so you can easily chill or defrost food to the ideal temperature. In addition, you get a 5.8-cubic-feet freestanding gas range with five burners and a substantial oven for cooking up a storm. There’s also a 1.9 cubic feet over the range Microwave for cooking in a different way. With sensor cooking capabilities, it’s able to automatically adjust its cooking times for optimal results. Finally, a StormWash 48 dBA dishwasher ensures you can keep all your utensils, pots, and plates clean without having to worry about prewashing thanks to its powerful rotating jets.

How to choose an appliance package

It’s easy to get carried away and spend way too much money on household appliances. Appliance package deals can help you not only save money but also help you buy appliances that look good together and match not only the style but also the level of features and functions. It’s easy to find single appliance deals, whether you’re looking for refrigerator deals, oven deals, microwave deals, or dishwasher deals. Washer and dryer deals are very common, especially in the last decade or so when front-load washer and dryer sets mounted on pedestals have been a point of pride for some homeowners. If you’re buying a new home or doing a total kitchen renovation, that’s when you’re most likely in the market for a full suite of kitchen appliances and matching washer and dryer sets. When a single appliance fails, either from a long life of faithful service or an unfortunate quirk, finding a replacement that matches the existing or surviving appliances can be a bit trickier. The following factors are items to consider when shopping for appliance package sales.

  • Priority — Unless money is no object, setting and sticking to priorities can be the key to satisfaction when you shop for appliance package deals. Priorities can range from budget considerations to balancing the style, color, and even the depth of features and functions of your new appliances. See below for more on those considerations. If you start by knowing what’s most important in choosing new appliances — important, that is, for you and anyone else who uses and pays for them — your odds are higher of maintaining your happiness after your new appliances are installed and working. If you find yourself confused in the moment, take a breath and ask yourself, “What’s more important, this factor or that factor?” Slowing down for a beat or two can help. But now on to some specifics in selecting the best appliance package deals.
  • Appliance package type — If you’re shopping for a new washer and dryer combo, that’s relatively easy: one washer and one dryer pretty much cover the territory for most shoppers. If you’re shopping for kitchen appliance package deals, however, you could be looking for combinations of two to six appliances or more. Note that if you see a three-piece or four-piece package, some retailers and manufacturers have deals where you can add to an existing appliance package and get additional savings.
  • Brand — There’s no rule that you have to buy all your appliances from the same manufacturer and brand, but there are several good reasons to do so. Financially you’ll have better leverage buying one brand because retailer sales are often subsidized directly by the manufacturers so the retailer would have no monetary motivation to mix brands. Style and color matches are more likely to be accurate when you buy multiple appliances from the same brand. It’s maybe not too bad to buy white, black, or stainless steel appliances without concern that the colors and surfaces will clash, but if you want bronze, burgundy, or other colors or finishes you could be taking a big chance mixing brands unless you can see them side by side before you buy them.
  • Features and functions — As with most consumer products, there’s always just one more feature or one more function that you can pay for. If you were shopping for a refrigerator and nothing else, for example, you might keep on going up the model line until budget or other constraints kicked in. Few of us will go to the very top of a brand’s lineup for all of our appliances because prices can go into the stratosphere when you’re shopping for only the best for all appliances. Unless there’s a specific feature or function that you’re ready to fight for, try to find a balance among the appliances in your package. Basic functional appliance sets are the least expensive and the top-of-the-line units cost most, but in the mid-range, you can find loads of choices. Usually, manufacturer appliance package deals included matched feature and function levels for the included appliances.
  • Space — Do take the time to measure your spaces to be sure your new appliances will fit. The relative size of appliances also matters, at least for appearance. The most obvious example of a mismatch would be when someone buys a huge washer and a relatively small dryer.
  • Color –Whether from the same brand or not, no one says all your appliances need to be the same color or finish. Just as it’s increasingly common to see two contrasting cabinet colors in larger kitchens, that approach can work, too, with appliances. If you’re upgrading with the intent of reselling, either immediately or sometime soon, don’t mix appliance finishes. Stainless steel is still the hands-down favorite for resale home shoppers.
  • Price — Do you want to limit the price tag of your new kitchen appliance suite to $3,000 or less, or is $30,000 OK? You can spend a lot more than $30,000 on appliances alone if you focus on top-of-the-line models, especially with European or commercial models. Have fun with shopping, but reality can strike hard if you don’t stay somewhere close to your budget.

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