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Home Depot Slashes Up To 30% Off Mattresses For Columbus Day Weekend

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30% off select mattresses from Home Depot

Whether you celebrate Columbus Day, Indigenous Peoples’ Day or simply ignore the day because you still have to show up to work, you can get a great deal that will help you sleep better and feel better so every day feels like a holiday. This weekend, you can head over to Home Depot whether in-store or online to start saving big on mattresses. You’re not just restricted to this weekend, so if you need to do some window shopping before you make your big purchase, you still have some time. The deal runs through Friday, October 18.

Going without sleep is like trying to survive without food or water; you simply can’t do it. And if you’re getting suboptimal sleep every night, you’re absolutely affecting your well-being and, if you’re sleep deprived enough, you’re at risk of damaging your body and brain permanently. That’s why we’re dedicated to bringing you the best sleep products out there, whether you’re on the market for the best mattress toppers, the best pillows you can find or just some blackout curtains to keep your room dark. But for now, let’s talk about what’s happening this weekend at Home Depot.

To celebrate this holiday weekend, you can save up to 30% on select mattresses from Home Depot. We’ve covered plenty of mattress models and brands over the years, so you should recognize just a few of the brands on sale here, including Sealy, MOLECULE and Primo International.

If you’re a mattress newbie, don’t worry; we have plenty of guides to get you up to speed on which mattress is right for you. But the quick things you should consider before you make your purchase are mattress material, your body type, and your sleep position. Mattress materials can mean the difference between a restless night of sleep and waking up feeling both exhausted and sore, so you should pay attention to material first and foremost. Your body type matters, too; if you’re wide-framed or a heavier sleeper, you’re going to need a firmer mattress to support you. Plus, you don’t want to wake up to a mattress with a you-shaped valley in the middle of it.

Finally, consider your sleep position. A good rule of thumb is that stomach sleepers need the firmest mattress, side sleepers need the softest mattress, and back sleepers should choose something in the middle. Of course, the most important thing to remember is that everyone is different, and if you’re a stomach sleeper who wants something a little squishier or you’re a small-framed sleeper who likes the hardest mattresses on the market, it’s your preference that matters.

50% off select bedding from Home Depot

Already have a mattress that’s right for you? Don’t worry, you can dress your mattress on the cheap this weekend too. Home Depot is also offering 50% off select bedding, so if you’ve been watching for that perfect bedding deal, or if you’re simply ready to change from your summer sheets to your winter sheets and need a new sheet set, now’s your chance to check it off your list and save yourself money, too. This sale is included in Home Depot’s running Special Buy of the Week, so make sure you check this out before the week’s end.

Love saving money while you’re furnishing your home or snagging that new piece of tech you’ve been pining after? Keep checking back to our Digital Trends Deals.

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