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You won’t believe how cheap the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is for Prime Day

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Thanks to Prime Day deals, you can score the very best in tech, and these Samsung Galaxy Watch deals and Prime Day Samsung Galaxy Watch deals provide the perfect assist. When you’re on the go, it’s never been easier to work, socialize, or manage your home — not to mention monitor your health and fitness — than with a Samsung Galaxy Watch. Right now, for Prime Day, you can save more than $150 on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. This advanced smartwatch is down to just $279 from its regular price of $430, a major discount. This deal will only be available today and tomorrow.

For Android fans, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 satisfies every need. Its combination of amazing features caused it to be named one of Digital Trends’ best smartwatches for 2021. Two serious factors were the watch’s design and build. With a round, Super AMOLED screen that resembles a traditional watch, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 features a screen that always appears on. There are over 50,000 watch faces to select from, and while the animations might disappear when you’re not using the watch, the face stays illuminated.

The watch’s face also features a rotating bezel. Browsing through your apps has never been easier; all you have to do is rotate the bezel, eliminating the need for annoying swiping with your fingers, and leaving the watch face intact. And the apps you can download for this smartwatch are nearly endless, both in choice and versatility. There’s everything you can think of, from games to scheduling to endless fitness and health tracking apps that will cover you for all kinds of running and workouts, not to mention cycling, gym workouts, swimming, and tons more.

But the advantages of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 go way beyond fitness and health (including sleep tracking). Like most top-tier smartwatches, you can do all your texting, as well as stream music, manage your calls, and receive all your notifications. And there’s fantastic GPS technology as well. This smartwatch has voice recognition so that you can go touchless if you choose. Samsung has also equipped it with SmartThings to help you run your smart home, as well as Samsung Pay so that you can leave your wallet at home with your phone, and just pay with a tap. Perhaps the best part: The battery lasts more than an entire day. Beat that!

This Prime Day, there are so many fantastic Samsung Galaxy Watch deals to rack up savings, but right now, you can save more than $150 on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, the latest and greatest smartwatch from the brand. It’s down to $279, from its regular price of $430. Don’t let this smartwatch get away!

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Looking for something a little different? There are plenty of fantastic Prime Day smartwatch deals you can shop today. We’ve rounded up some of the best ones below.

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