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Walmart Prime Day Deals 2022: What to expect in July

We know that Prime Day deals are on their way with one of the biggest sales events of the year just around the corner and courtesy of Amazon. However, how about other retailers? It’s pretty likely that other major companies will also get involved as sales are a competitive business. When everyone is in a buying mood, it makes sense to see more than just Amazon being competitive about things that can work out to be a fantastic value for you — the customer. We’ve taken a look at what to expect from Walmart and whether the company will be hosting its own Walmart Prime Day sale when the biggest sales event besides Black Friday rolls around in July. We’ll answer all your questions so you know exactly what to expect next month, meaning you’ve got time to prepare with a game plan ahead of the sales.

Is Walmart having a Prime Day sale in 2022?

For now, we don’t actually know if Walmart is having a Prime Day sale. It seems highly likely that it will though. In past years, Walmart has generally launched a sale around the same time as Amazon’s Prime Day in a bid to be competitive, and potentially lure some customers away from the might of Amazon. In previous years, there have been events like Walmart’s Deals for Days sale which has meant some hefty discounts on popular technology as well as many other household items. Oftentimes, Deals for Days has rivalled Amazon in terms of offering substantial discounts on many different items. Covering a wide range of interests, there’s generally always been something for everyone here.

Will it happen again? While we don’t know for certain, we’d count on it happening. It simply makes good business sense. After all, if retailers like Walmart aren’t competitive during Prime Day week, they may find their sales drop substantially. It’s simply logical that they will do what they can to lure customers back. Sales events are addictive so customers will be more likely to spend wherever the good prices are rather than stick with brand loyalty, with summer being a good time for clearing stock.

Also, any Walmart Prime Day sale will be beneficial to anyone who does not have a Prime membership or who does not want to sign up to Amazon Prime. Walmart sales will be available to anyone online while Amazon Prime Day has the limitation of only being for Prime subscribers, although there are some tempting benefits to being one of those people.

When does the Walmart Prime Day sale start?

As mentioned, we don’t know for sure when the Walmart Prime Day sale or even if it will start, but it’s very likely. In which case, it’s almost certainly going to match Prime Day. Amazon recently confirmed the Prime Day 2022 date to be July 12 and July 13. The two-day event lands right in the middle of the week so we’re counting on seeing Walmart doing something similar. It may even offer some great deals around the surrounding weekends, luring in anyone who’s got more free time on a Saturday than the middle of the week.

It’s also worth noting that Amazon has announced that it will run various early Prime Day deals in the run up to the sales event so it seems fairly likely that we will see Walmart do something similar. Companies like Walmart are often keen to run special offers for one day only and we can see it doing something similar to this on products like TVs, smartwatches and other highly-sought after items. Walmart in particular tends to offer highly competitive TV deals all year round, and we can see it doing something similar for Prime Day.

If you’re keen to snag a great deal, it makes sense to keep an eye on Walmart for the next few weeks. While the company will probably keep its best deals for Prime Day week itself, there’s a chance that you’ll see some awesome offers in the run up to the big event too. That’s why we’re keeping things up to date here regularly so that you can always find the best deals on whatever you’re considering buying.

Does Walmart price match Amazon on Prime Day?

Walmart is usually pretty competitive when it comes to price matching other retailers, including Amazon. Typically, Walmart will price match Amazon purchases providing you have bought the item from rather than in-store. We can’t see that changing when it comes to Prime Day. When we get closer to the event, it’s a good idea to check Walmart policies to confirm that it will price match Amazon’s sale prices.

However, it seems pretty likely that Walmart will be price matching Amazon automatically. Retailers know how important it is to be competitive these days and Walmart can’t afford a few days of being weaker competition compared to Amazon. Instead, prices are likely to be very keenly set with price reductions changing fast depending on what Amazon (and other retailers) may do during this event.

In which case, it’s worth double checking other potential advantages to each retailer. For instance, buying through Walmart can sometimes mean you can pick up in-store rather than waiting for delivery. However, Amazon may offer certain perks like vouchers or other discount schemes. We’ll be keeping on top of the best value options for each deal but count on them changing rapidly, potentially a number of times throughout the day depending on how popular the item is.

Still, you can be fairly confident that Walmart will price match Amazon wherever possible. People are loyal to the best prices rather than certain retailers and we wouldn’t be surprised if sometimes you see Walmart taking the lead on certain items. Discounts often heavily relate to how much stock there is for an item as well as if a new model is on the way, so keep an eye on items you know will be replaced in a few months. If you don’t mind having slightly older technology, this could be where the best value lies.

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