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What is My Best Buy Plus? Everything you need to know

The words "My Best Buy Plus" on a yellow background.
Best Buy

You may have seen the news that Best Buy Black Friday deals are starting a few weeks early this year. Part of the early drop involves Best Buy’s subscription service, My Best Buy. If you want to take advantage of the deals coming out as early as October 27, you’ll have to get a membership. Here’s your guide for what My Best Buy is, which plan you should get, and whether it’s worth it at all.

What is a My Best Buy Membership?

My Best Buy is a subscription service for people who do a lot of shopping at Best Buy. It’s a membership plan that gets you perks like faster shipping, exclusive product drops, and better deals. At its heart, it’s basically what Amazon Prime is to Amazon or what Walmart+ is to Walmart. If you buy a lot of TVs, are constantly upgrading your computers and phone when new ones launch, or run a business that buys from Best Buy in bulk, you’ll benefit from a membership. There are a few different options to choose from.

What are the My Best Buy membership tiers?

There are three My Best Buy membership plans:

  • My Best Buy (basic) — free
  • My Best Buy Plus — $50 per year
  • My Best Buy Total — $180 per year

Which plan you choose will depend largely on how much you shop at Best Buy and whether there is a specific deal you want to avail yourself of. For instance, members of the basic plan, which is completely free, get free standard shipping on all orders. Normally you’d have to spend $35 to get free shipping, so if you’re just getting something small you might as well sign up and save some money.

My Best Buy Plus is the first payed tier. For $50 per year you get access to exclusive deals that the general public doesn’t. This means cheaper TVs, computers, phones and more. A quick perusal of My Best Buy Plus exclusive deals show discounts like $60 off an Xbox Series X bundle, $800 off an LG QNED TV, and 50% off installation of a new TV and soundbar. It’s not hard to see how spending $50 can save you a lot more in the long run.

The most luxurious tier is My Best Buy Total. This adds options for tech protection plans like Applecare+, 24/7 tech support, special VIP support and 20% off any repairs. This tier is probably best for people who use their tech professionally or have large families.

Are there exclusive Black Friday deals for My Best Buy members?

Yes! Best Buy’s Black Friday Early Access Sale for Members promises exactly that. On October 27, 28 and 29, special Black Friday deals will be available only to My Best Buy members. This means you can grab discounts on items that often run out of stock during Black Friday — think PlayStations, Xboxes, Dyson hair care appliances, and sought after TVs. Best Buy hasn’t listed exactly which products are going to go on sale in the Early Access phase, but if Amazon’s similar Prime Big Deals Days event in early October was any indication, you can expect discounts on TVs, Apple products, smart devices, and video games.

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