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Not a Prime subscriber? Here’s why now’s the time to try it (for free)

If you thought Amazon Prime day was long past and there was no reason to remain a subscriber, at least not for the rest of the year, well, respectfully, you’d be mistaken. In terms of value, dollar for dollar, being an Amazon Prime subscriber comes with a host of fantastic benefits, which we’ll dig into below. More importantly, Amazon is hosting yet another major sale, in advance of the holiday shopping season, but the event will only be for active subscribers.

That’s right, there’s another Prime Day event, only this time it’s being called the Prime Day Early Access Sale. Kicking off on October 11, and running through October 12, we’ll see a plethora of deals on home goods, apparel, electronics, and Amazon’s own tech — need a new Echo? To capitalize on the event you’ll want to be signed up for Prime if you’re not already. You can do that here and now, or keep reading for more details on the Prime Early Access Sale, and to learn about all of the great benefits you’ll receive as an active Prime member.

What is the Prime Day Early Access Sale?

Amazon Prime Early Access deals promo holding items bought.
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On October 11 and 12, Amazon Prime will be hosting another major event for its active subscribers, called the Prime Early Access Sale. Just like the original two-day Prime Day event, which happened earlier this year, members will have access to exclusive deals and offers to save them tons of money on new gear, running the gamut of products that Amazon offers. If you’re in the market for anything, right now is the perfect time to get it for an amazing price, but you’ll have to be an Amazon Prime member first!

The two days will feature lots of holiday deals, ahead of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You’ll also have the opportunity to save up to 70% off on Amazon’s devices, including Prime Day Kindle deals — there will also be some impressive Prime Day tablet deals — eero WiFi gear, Prime Day Amazon Echo deals, Prime Day Ring doorbell deals, Fire TV the most popular item during July’s Prime Day sale, and much more. The premiere selection will include a bunch of recommended gifts for family and friends, with items for every personality and age. Basically, if you want to get a head start on holiday shopping this year, this is how you do it!

What benefits do you get with an Amazon Prime subscription?

What is Amazon Prime? That’s a tough question to answer, because it’s not one program or service, and it offers a wide variety of benefits. It’s Amazon’s premium subscription service which includes two-day shipping on anything you purchase through Amazon, but also nets you so much more.

While you do have to be an Amazon Prime member to take advantage of the Prime Early Access Sale and all of its exclusive offers, the good news is that you can sign up for a free trial, just before the event. We strongly recommend sticking around and remaining an active Prime Member, however, and here’s why:

You can watch Thursday Night Football

From September 15th, Amazon Prime Video is , featuring some of the biggest teams in the NFL. In fact, all 15 games that will be available through Prime Video are exclusive — you won’t be able to watch them live anywhere else.

If you have any interest in watching the games live, you’ll be happy to know it’s already included as part of your Prime subscription, there’s nothing extra to pay.

You’ll get access to discounted prescriptions

RX or prescription savings are also available for Prime members. You can save up to 80% on select prescriptions through the program.

Here’s how it works: Visit the , search for the medication you need, review the prices and pharmacies nearby that carry it, and then fill the prescription when you’re satisfied.

Amazon offers fast and free two-day delivery when you fill with an Amazon-ready pharmacy. You can also fill them out in person using a digital RX savings card issued by Amazon. It’s yet another way that being an active Prime member truly pays off.

You can read free books and magazines

Speaking of pays off, Prime members get access to an exclusive library of ebooks, Amazon Originals, magazines, and more. You can start reading at any time, on a variety of compatible devices — not just Kindle e-readers.

If you’re not into reading, or you’re too busy to sit down with a good book, you can grab audiobooks or books with Audible Narration, as well. That way, you can listen during your workouts, your morning commute, lunch breaks, or whenever works best for you!

Did we mention free games, books, audiobooks, and magazines?

Yes, you get free books, audiobooks, magazines, and Audible content, but you also get access to free games — full titles — and in-game content through .

Just visit the portal to claim free content for games like Pokemon Go, Red Dead Online, Grand Theft Auto Online, League of Legends, and many, many more. You also get free full titles every month, with unique rotations, and access to Amazon Luna cloud gaming titles.

Amazon Prime Video has excellent content

You may have heard about a little series called Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, which is streaming now exclusively on Amazon Prime Video! Our reviewer loves it, which you can read about in the Digital Trends’ The Rings of Power review. Well, you’ll get access to watch anywhere with an active membership. Of course, you can access the hundreds, if not thousands, of other movies, shows, and Amazon Originals that are available too!

There’s a lot to love about Prime!

Sign up now for a free trial (but stay for the benefits)

Prime member opening box of confetti promo with Smile box.
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Now that you have a better idea of what benefits you’ll get with your Prime subscription, doesn’t it make sense to keep that membership active? That’s not including the Prime two-day shipping on anything you purchase through Amazon. It will get to your doorstep fast!

If you want to try it all out before spending any of your hard-earned money, why not give the free trial a run? As long as you haven’t been an Amazon member at some time within the last 12 months, you can take advantage of the free trial. You will need a valid credit card to get signed up, but it’s an excellent way to grab all those benefits and take part in the Prime Early Access Sale if you’re not already subscribed!

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