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Fortnite season 5 week 5 challenge: Bury gnomes in Pleasant Park or Retail Row

For the final stage of Doggo’s Fortnite season 5, week 5 challenges, you’re required to bury gnomes in Pleasant Park or Retail Row. In total, you must bury two gnomes across either location at specific spots. As is typical with the challenges for this season, there are prerequisites to complete first before being able to attempt this one. Once you’re ready to attempt this challenge, you might have some trouble completing it since the game doesn’t specify where to bury the gnomes.

In this guide, we’ll show you everything you’ll need to know about burying gnomes in Pleasant Park or Retail Row in Fortnite.

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How to acquire gnomes

Before being able to bury gnomes across each location, you need to unlock stage 4 of Doggo’s requests. To do that, you must complete steps 1 to 3, which include:

After you’ve completed the first three stages listed above, you can move onto the fourth and final stage.

Where to bury gnomes in Pleasant Park

The easiest way to complete the challenge for burying gnomes is to land at one of the locations — either Pleasant Park or Retail Row. You only need to bury two gnomes, and each location features two spots for you to complete the request, four in total. In essence, this means you can land at one location and finish with the challenge without having to go to the other one. All you need to do is bury two gnomes, so visit each spot found in the area where you land to easily finish this challenge. Keep in mind that you can bury the gnomes in any order, giving you some flexibility.

Here are the spots where you can bury a gnome at Pleasant Park. Use the map images for reference.

Pleasant Park — first location

The first spot is found right in the center of Pleasant Park, to the south of the pavilion in the middle. Look for a mound of dirt on the eastern side of the center patch of grass.

Pleasant Park — second location

The next spot is to the north of the previous, next to a tree in front of a house. It’s found on the northwestern section of Pleasant Park next to the sidewalk.

Where to bury gnomes at Retail Row

If you decide to land at Retail Row instead, you’ll want to be aware of the spots where you can bury gnomes.

Retail Row — first location

The first location is found on the northwestern side of Retail Row in the backyard of one of the houses. Look for the mound right by a tree.

Retail Row — second location

The final spot is found south of the previous location on the southeastern side of Retail Row. It’s found next to the sidewalk by a massive plant. After you’ve buried two gnomes total, you’ll gain credit for completing the challenge, along with 20,000 XP.

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