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Fortnite week 9 challenge: Dance between ice sculptures, dinosaurs, and hot springs

Equip your favorite dance emote for this week's Fortnite challenge guide

The Fortnite week nine challenges have arrived with only one more week of challenges until the end of season eight. The challenges this week are pretty interesting, especially compared to the lackluster previous weeks. In addition, there is a huge Fortnite Avengers event going on that players can challenge. But for this guide, we are going to help you find the locations of every spot we need to dance in.

Fortnite week 9 challenges

fortnite week 9 challenges fortnite dance between 3 ice sculptures dinosaurs hot springs

But first, you can find all seven of the new challenges this week in our screenshot above. As always, four are for Battle Pass owners and three are free to players. The biggest challenge this week is, unfortunately, for Battle Pass owners only so we hope you obtained a free one from the overtime challenges last season.

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The big challenge this week is a multi-stage challenge, which we haven’t covered in quite some time. There are a total of three stages that players must complete in order to get all of the rewards associated with this week nine challenge. The challenge is to dance between three ice sculptures then three dinosaurs, and lastly, three hot springs. Here are some tips you need to know for completing this challenge.

Dance in between three ice sculptures, dinosaurs, and hot springs tips

fortnite week 9 challenges fortnite dance between 3 ice sculptures dinosaurs hot springs

You should do this challenge in the Team Rumble or whichever big team mode is available for you right now. We don’t recommend that you do this in the Avengers Endgame limited time mode as the circle closes fairly quickly and there is a ton of chaos going on constantly there.

With the Team Rumble mode, you have more teammates watching your back, fewer enemies to worry about, and plenty of respawns to ensure you are able to get your groove on for this challenge. We also recommend that you turn on the Party Assist mode in the challenges tab on the Battle Royale lobby screen so your teammates can help you complete this challenge together.

Dance between three ice sculptures location

fortnite week 9 challenges fortnite dance between 3 ice sculptures dinosaurs hot springs

First and foremost, we need to figure out where the three ice sculptures are. Given that they are made of ice, you wouldn’t be wrong to assume they are in the snow biome that was added in season seven. You are going to want to land near Polar Peak or Frosty Flights for this first dance spot. The location of the three ice sculptures is southwest of Polar Peak and just east of Frosty Flights.

There, you will find three statues that you may have visited for challenges before. Your job is to stand in between the three ice sculptures and get your dance moves on. The dance emote that you pick doesn’t really matter for this challenge so just pick whichever one that you like the most.

Once you have done this, all you need to do is either finish the matchup that you’re in or you can leave the match and return to the Battle Royale lobby screen. This will complete the first stage of the challenge and unlock the second stage for you. Note that you can’t do all three in one match; it has to be three separate matches so don’t waste your time trying to do the other ones in the same match.

Dance between three dinosaurs location

fortnite week 9 challenges fortnite dance between 3 ice sculptures dinosaurs hot springs

When you get into your second match, you’ll want to head for the eastern end of the island in the desert area. The dinosaur statues are located in the southeastern corner of the island, directly south of Paradise Palms. You might remember the T-Rex statue is located near here but there are actually two more dinosaurs in this area now.

The three statues run along this main highway in this area so be sure to stand in between all three of them like we are in the screenshot above. Once you are certain you are in the right position, feel free to start showing off your favorite dance moves for the dinosaurs. You should get a notification that you have completed the second stage of the challenge.

If you don’t get a notification from the challenge for some reason, then move around a bit more and make sure that you are actually between all three of the dinosaur statues. Though they are rather large in size, they are all relatively close to one another so it shouldn’t be too hard to dance in between all of them. With this second stage done, either finish up that match or leave it for the next and final location.

Four hot springs location

fortnite week 9 challenges fortnite dance between 3 ice sculptures dinosaurs hot springs

Last but not least, we need to find — not three — but four hot springs on the map and dance in between all of them. That’s one more landmark than the two previous stages of this week nine challenge but it’s actually even easier than the previous ones. This is because it’s the only one of the three stages where you can clearly see the landmarks on the main map and across the island.

When you get into the third and final match you need for this challenge, head north towards Lazy Lagoon and the volcano. You can see the huge hot springs while gliding. If you don’t know where they’re located, just head directly east of Lazy Lagoon and slightly northwest of the big volcano. They are the big blueish-green lakes that you can see on the map.

When you arrive, head to the center area that is located between all four of them. This is a rather large area of space so be sure to move around a bit if it doesn’t work initially. When you’re ready, do your favorite jig and you will get a notification that you’ve completed this challenge.

Dance in between sculptures, dinosaurs, and hot springs reward

fortnite week 9 challenges fortnite dance between 3 ice sculptures dinosaurs hot springs

You get rewards for this challenge separately as you complete each stage. Completing the first stage will get you one battle star, the second stage will get you two stars, and the third stage will get two more for a total of five battle stars.

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