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How to make money fast in Monster Hunter Rise

At first, you probably won’t have a shortage of money (zenny) in Monster Hunter Rise. That’s because many of the basic needs such as healing items, early armor sets, and weapons are all relatively inexpensive to start. But as you “rise” through the ranks and defeat tougher monsters, you’ll find that many armor sets become costly and the payout you get from those high-level quests just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Fortunately, there’s an efficient farming method that grants you a ton of ores that are worth lots of zenny. It’s not the most straightforward farming method since it requires a bit of setup, but once you’ve got everything ready, it’s easy enough to learn. In this guide, we’ll include a detailed description of the best zenny-farming method, along with tips on how to make money when playing normally.

Here’s how to make money fast in Monster Hunter Rise.

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Basic ways of earning zenny in Monster Hunter Rise

Complete quests

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Before jumping into the best money-farming method, let’s first discuss the basics of how you’ll be earning in-game currency. Of course, the most straightforward way to earn zenny is to complete quests. As you’d expect, the harder the quest, the more zenny you’ll earn. You can actually see how much zenny you’ll earn before you finish the quest. This can be viewed on the screen that features the quest name and description. It’ll tell you the locale, the types of secondary monsters you’ll encounter, along with the reward money, denoted by “z” for zenny.

The thing is, even high-rank quests only net you with around 10,000z at first, so you’ll find that simply relying on finishing these hunts isn’t the most efficient way to earn money. One thing to keep in mind is that you split the money by however many players are in your squad, so it often pays to play solo, at least from a financial perspective. That’s why you might notice your funds will only increase slowly when playing online with other hunters.

Finally, for each player that passes out, the payout at the end of the hunt decreases, so there are many factors to consider when earning money during a hunt — online or offline. You’ll obviously earn money from quests as you play, but you shouldn’t solely rely on hunting as your only source of earning zenny.

As a final tip, be sure to eat the Dango Money Maker meal before a quest to receive 30% more zenny from the hunt. This will give you a noticeable boost, so try not to skip this if possible. This will turn those 10,000z quest rewards into 13,000z. While that still isn’t a ton, especially since a quest can last upward of 50 minutes, it’s a nice boost.

Sell items

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Selling items is one of the easiest ways to earn money. In fact, the farming method we’ll cover below revolves around collecting ores and stones in bulk that you can sell for a huge profit. To put it simply, you can pretty much sell any item you acquire, and the higher the rarity, the more its worth. That’s why we recommend gathering as many items as you can because they can be turned into zenny.

Depending on the build you’re going for, many items you collect won’t be useful to you, so you can probably sell a substantial portion of your inventory without worrying about it. We don’t usually recommend selling everything you have, as you’ll likely need some of the items you acquire along the way, but you can play it by ear and make that choice for yourself based on the gear you want. For new players, we recommend figuring out the builds you like first before going on a selling spree.

To sell, you can visit your Item Box, which is found in the main area in front of Steelworks or in the Gathering Hub. Interact with the box and then select Manage Items. Scroll down to Sell Items, and you’ll be brought to your inventory list. Here, you can navigate to any of the items to see their value. The value is how much you’ll get from selling the item. Press A on the item and then A once more to bring up the sell option. Then select Sell Items and you can pick how many you’d like to get rid of by pressing up on the D-pad. Pressing A once more will sell the items, and the zenny will go right into your pocket.

You can also sell to merchants around the main village area, but we’ve found it faster to just do so from the Item Box instead.

Why do I need zenny?

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This might seem silly to address, but since Rise is an introductory game to many beginner players, it’s a good idea to cover why zenny is important. The main reason you’ll want to prioritize earning zenny is that armor and weapon sets can become wildly expensive as you play through the high ranks. In fact, some sets cost 7,000z per part. That’s a total of 35,000z for a full armor set! Weapons won’t come cheap either, and only get more expensive the more you play.

Some are over 10,000z, so when you consider you’ll only earn around 8,000z-12,000z for completing a high-rank hunt, you’ll start to run out of funds quickly — especially if you play a lot of multiplayer. And those prices aren’t even for the most expensive items. The rewards you get for high-rank quests don’t seem to scale appropriately to the cost of the applicable armor you need to complete them, but that’s because you aren’t meant to rely solely on hunting to earn money. Either way, money is a huge factor in Rise, so you’ll want to take a look at the best farming method, which we’ll detail below.

The best zenny farming method in Monster Hunter Rise

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Now that you understand the basics of zenny, how to acquire it, and why you need it, let’s get into the best farming method, which can net you around 300,000z every 10 minutes. As we mentioned before, it isn’t the most straightforward method, but it is the most efficient once you get it down, and we’ll detail how it works below. The main idea is to run a specific route on the Lava Caverns locale to collect ores. Since items respawn every four minutes, you can continuously run laps on this area to keep collecting them. Once you’re finished, you can sell the items for a huge profit. But it isn’t that simple, as there are a few things you need to do first to make it worthwhile.


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For this method, you’ll want to first make sure you’ve got the right armor equipped. Specifically, you’ll want parts of the Leather S set including the headgear, gloves, and pants. These items will boost your Geologist skill, which will increase the number of items you can collect from the world. If you equip all three pieces we mentioned, your total Geologist skill will reach level 3, which allows you to gather one extra time from mining outcrops. When you mine an outcrop, you get three items by default, so reaching geologist level 3 will boost that to four items. This is essential to maximizing the number of items you collect from each outcrop.

On top of that, you can stack the boost from the Geologist skill with an upsurge for any given locale. An upsurge temporarily increases the number of items you can collect in a specific level — but only for certain items. These upsurges rotate and can vary from bone piles to mining outcrops. If you boot up one of the expeditions at the Gathering Hub, you can check out the upsurge toward the top of the quest card, under the Locale Info. As you can see in the image above, you’ll want to look out for a mining outcrop upsurge. This, when combined with your level 3 Geologist skill, will net you with 12 items received from each outcrop mined. This is a huge increase from the standard three you get by default.

For this farming method, you’ll want to boot up the A Tour of the Caverns expedition, which sends you to explore the Lava Caverns. You should only attempt this in expedition quests, so you can end the mission whenever you’d like. Otherwise, you’ll have to deliver items or defeat monsters, which will eat up your time. For this mission, it’s a low-rank Hub Quest found under the expedition tour category. Now, it’s important to note that this expedition won’t always have an upsurge of mining crops.

Since the upsurge is essential to maximizing the amount of money you earn, you’ll want to complete different quests until this expedition has an upsurge in mining outcrops. Every time you complete a quest, the upsurge will cycle out. But keep in mind, you can also simply wait 10 minutes and the upsurge will cycle automatically. In essence, you’ll want to quickly complete delivery quests to cycle through until you get an upsurge in mining outcrops on the Lava Caverns expedition. Once you do, you’ll be ready to start collecting! You can perform this farming method without the mining outcrop upsurge, but it won’t be anywhere near as efficient.


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At this point, you’ll want to reference the map above. Each green dot represents a mining outcrop you should visit. From the starting point, south of area 1, you’ll want to hit each mining outcrop counterclockwise. So go from 4, to 5, then down to 10, south of 11, then northeast of that. Once you reach the top right-hand corner of the map, you’ll then want to teleport to the sub-camp in area 6 to continue going south. After you’ve reached the mining outcrop to the north of area 2, you can teleport back to the main camp area. Since you’re limited by the duration of the upsurge, you can’t infinitely perform the farming method. Instead, you basically have 10 minutes.

Remember, each mining outcrop respawns every four minutes. So, depending on how quickly you went through the route, you may have to wait a few seconds for the first outcrop to respawn. The other important factor is that an upsurge only lasts for 10 minutes. That means you can perform two and a half runs before the upsurge boost goes away. At this point, it’s more efficient to complete the expedition and then finish quests to get the upsurge to reset back to mining outcrops. You can certainly continue mining, but without the upsurge, you’ll be getting substantially fewer items — and in turn, less money.

It’s also a good idea to make sure you drop off ores in between runs. If you have 99 of a certain item on you, the game won’t allow you to collect more, so visit the camp to drop off ores into your Item Box. If you forget to do this, you won’t be able to pick up certain ores, which will waste your time. During an upsurge, you can get over 100 items that you can sell for around 300,000z in total.

Throughout your run, you should have collected Firestones, Firecell Stones, Carbalite Ores, and Fucium Ores. We’ll note their values below:

  • Firestones — 860z
  • Firecell Stones — 1720z
  • Carbalite Ores — 680z
  • Fucium Ores — 1,020z

As you can see, the prices are high, and if you get around 100 items per run, you can easily gain close to 300,000z depending on what you collect. Keep in mind, this isn’t the only farming method available, but is the most efficient way we’ve discovered. You shouldn’t need to grind too often, as 300,000z will last you quite a while, especially if you’re only aiming to make one armor set and weapon. But it’s nice to know that you can quickly perform this farming method to make some money when you need it. Combine this farming method with completing quests and selling items normally, and you’ll be in good shape.

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