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How to play Jackbox over Zoom

If you’re looking to play online games with friends and family, The Jackbox Party Pack is one of your best options. Playing Jackbox remotely over services, such as Zoom, can be a great way to stay connected with those who aren’t near. Best of all, with quite a few Jackbox party games that contain about half a dozen games each, you’ll be able to keep the online party rolling for months. Curious about the process? Here is how to play Jackbox over Zoom.

Selecting a Party Pack

Jackbox Party Pack
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Originally released back in 2014, The Jackbox Party Pack series of games is available on a collection of different platforms, from personal computers to dedicated game consoles, and even T.V. streaming boxes, such as Apple TV. To play Jackbox over Zoom, you will need to begin by purchasing one of the Party Packs for either your PC or Mac.

If you are new to the series, we might recommend you start with Jackbox Party Pack 3 as it contains a great number of games that can be played with anywhere from one to eight players. If you’re looking for a Party Pack that can accommodate more players, you might want to check out Party Pack 4 as the Bracketeering game can support up to sixteen people.

Otherwise, if you have already played in the past and are looking for a specific game, take a look at the roundup we have put together below, showing each Party Pack and the games included. For more details, we recommend visiting the official Jackbox website.

  • Jackbox Party Pack: You Don’t Know Jack 2015, Drawful, Word Spud, Lie Swatter, Fibbage XL
  • Jackbox Party Pack 2: Fibbage 2, Earwax, Bidiots, Quiplash XL, Bomb Corp.
  • Jackbox Party Pack 3: Quiplash 2, Trivia Murder Party, Guesspionage, Fakin’ It, Tee K.O.
  • Jackbox Party Pack 4: Fibbage 3, Survive the Internet, Monster Seeking Monster, Bracketeering, Civic Doodle
  • Jackbox Party Pack 5: You Don’t Know Jack: Full Stream, Split the Room, May Verse City, Zeeple Dome, Patently Stupid
  • Jackbox Party Pack 6: Trivia Murder Party 2, Role Models, Joke Boat, Dictionarium, Push The Button

Playing Jackbox over Zoom


The process for beginning a game of Jackbox over Zoom is quite easy and starts with you installing your Jackbox Party Pack of choice on your PC or Mac. Additionally, if you do not already, you should visit the Zoom website and sign up for a free account. Free accounts will allow you to play with up to 100 participants for 40-minutes. You can up the duration to 24-hours with a Zoom Pro subscription.

Step 1: If you have not already, download and install the Zoom app.

Step 2: Once installed, open the Zoom app on your Mac or P.C.

Step 3: Sign in to your account with your Zoom credentials.

Step 4: Click the orange button for a New Meeting.

Step 5: Once open, use the Invite button at the bottom of the screen to invite participants.

Step 6: When everyone has joined, press the Share Screen button.

Step 7: Choose to share your entire screen by selecting the Screen option.

Step 8: Ensure the Share Computer Sound box is checked.

Step 9: Click the Share button.

Step 10: Open Jackbox and begin playing!

If you have never played Jackbox before, you should know that your participants will interact with the game using their computer, smartphone, or tablet. Players will be instructed to visit the Jackbox TV website and enter a party code to join your game once you have selected the game you wish to play in Jackbox. Remember to stay safe and protect your privacy when using Zoom.

Other streaming options

Google Hangouts

Not everyone might want to use the Zoom platform; in that case, you can play Jackbox over other platforms, including Google Hangouts and Discord. Be sure to dive into our instructions below for some alternative options on your Mac or P.C. We recommend using Google Hangouts to stream your Jackbox Party games as the setup is simple, utilizes most people’s already existent Google accounts, and there is no time limit.

Streaming via Google Hangouts

Step 1: Begin by visiting Google Hangouts on your P.C. or Mac.

Step 2: Begin a Hangout with friends by clicking the Video Call button.

Step 3: Share the web URL of your Google Hangout with friends so they can join.

Step 4: On the top menu bar, select the Screenshare button.

Step 5: Select Desktop and click Share Selected Window.

Step 6: Open Jackbox and begin playing!

Streaming via Discord

Step 1: Download the Discord app, then sign up for an account.

Step 2: Launch Discord on your Mac or P.C. and sign-in.

Step 3: In the top left corner, click the Add Server button; it is shown as a green button with a plus symbol — this will allow you to create a custom space for your game.

Step 4: Select the Create A Server option, then name it and click Create.

Step 5: Create a new voice channel for your Jackbox game by clicking the plus symbol next to the Voice Channels list.

Step 6: Invite people to your Discord server by clicking on the name of your server at the top left of the screen, then select Invite People — you can copy a link to send to friends and family.

Step 7: Once everyone has arrived, start the Jackbox PartyPack game.

Step 8: Return to Discord and select the Go Live button in the lower-left corner of your screen; this will be displayed as a small computer monitor button next to the name of your game.

Step 9: Ensure Jackbox is selected and select the voice channel you wish to use.

Step 10: Click the Go Live button.

Step 11: Have participants click your name on the left side of their screen under the Voice Channels list and select Join The Stream.

Step 12: Begin playing Jackbox!

If you are new to Discord and wish to use it for Jackbox games, we recommend checking out our full guide on using Discord; there, you can learn how to create servers, build your profile, and manage other settings with more detail. Have fun streaming!

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