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Smart Home Reviews

Blink outdoor cam on a tree.

Blink XT One Camera System review

With a two-year battery life and a strong app, Blink’s XT outdoor camera could be the introductory home security system you’re looking for. And with more Amazon Alexa integration and activity zones, the camera is smarter than ever. Read our review to find out more.
eufycam review by anker feat

EufyCam review

The EufyCam offers a great look, several home security features and is truly wireless, but with missing voice assistance and some features lacking, it’s difficult to justify its high price. Check our EufyCam review for full details on how it stacks up against competitors.
Neato Botvac D7 review

Neato Botvac D7 review

Neato’s range-topping Botvac is pricey and imperfect, delivering good cleaning performance and an evolving range of features that require more polish and upkeep than you’re probably looking for. We took the droid for some test spins around our test home. Find out more in our review.
ring video doorbell review version 1548377273 hero3

Ring Video Doorbell review

Along with the door itself, the doorbell is one of the first items most visitors will interact with when entering your home. The Ring Video Doorbell can show you who's at the door, whether they've actually rung the doorbell or not. Here's how it stacks up to the competition.
amazon echo sub

Which Amazon Echo should you buy?

So you're looking to buy an Amazon Echo device. Now to decide which to pick. Not sure just what speaker with Alexa voice assistant you're looking for? Whether you're looking for great sound, smart home control, or a screened device, we've got you covered. Here are all the Amazon Echo devices.
Vivint Smart Home Security System Review

Vivint Smart Home Security System review

As smart home and security devices become increasingly common and consumer-friendly, one might be inclined to try to DIY their smart home. But once security is tossed in the picture, monitoring and customer service become essential. We explore Vivint’s smart home security system to rank it among its peers.
Lenovo Smart Clock

Lenovo Smart Clock hands-on review

Move over Amazon Echo Spot: Lenovo’s Smart Clock With Google Assistant is coming for you. At just $79, the Smart Clock turns off the camera and turns up the cuteness factor for an enhanced alarm clock experience. We got a chance to test out the device at CES 2019 and came away impressed.
instant pot ace blender review

Instant Pot is crazy popular, but should you give its blender a whirl?

The Instant Pot Ace Blender can cook your foods and mix them in the same gadget, allowing you to make hot foods like soups, purees, and rice milks. I tested out the Ace, and I have heck of a lot to say about the device. Should you buy the Ace or steer clear? Check out my Instant Pot Ace Blender review.
Tapplock one+ review

Tapplock one+ review

The Tapplock one+ smart padlock combines style and substance with sleek lines and fingerprint control while waterproofing and weather resistance deliver all-season protection. And with a battery life that supposedly lasts a year, you’ll rarely have to charge the device.
Ring Alarm

Ring Alarm Security Kit review

Ring first made waves with its video doorbell, and now the Amazon-owned company is moving on to total home security with the Ring Alarm Security Kit. You can install the sensors and keypads yourself, then have Ring professionally monitor it from afar for $10 a month.
instant pot smart wifi review feat

Dear Instant Pot Smart: I love you. Thank you for changing my life

Is it really true that you can throw frozen meat into an Instant Pot and have it come out perfectly cooked? After taking the Instant Pot Smart Wi-Fi for a spin, one long-time product reviewer finds much to love about the device she long coveted, including delicious chicken.
Brava oven review

Brava oven review

The Brava Oven uses light frequencies to cook food, meaning your chicken and asparagus can go in – and come out – at the same time, both perfectly done. All the smarts that go into that mean it’s a pricy countertop appliance, plus its app isn’t as helpful as we’d like.
senic nuimo click review feat

Senic Nuimo Click review

It can mount to any surface, and power itself: Senic’s Nuimo Click is the remote control your smart device should have come with. Well designed, it’s ideal for your smart home. But you’ll have to keep your expectations in check and your pocket wide open, as the Click’s features are limited.
Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator review

With loads of space, a middle drawer that adds versatility, and a huge touchscreen door display with apps to make being in the kitchen fun, this Samsung fridge has a lot going for it. But is it worth the hefty $3,500+ price tag? We put it to the test to find out.
Ninja Foodi review

Ninja Foodi OP300 review

The Ninja Foodi is an electric pressure cooker that is unique from others on the market because it can crisp, slow cook, pressure cook, sauté, and air fry foods. We wanted to find out if it can really make perfect French fries, fall-off-the-bone chicken with crispy skin, cheesecake, and other recipes you can make in standalone pressure cookers and air fryers, or if it’s just too good to be true. Here’s our Ninja Foodi OP 300 Review.
ecovacs deboot 601 robotic vacuum cleaner review feat

Ecovacs Deboot 601 robotic vacuum cleaner review

While mapping features are sorely missed, the Deebot 601 offers quiet operation and a suite of cleaning modes that, in combination, make it a friendly and enthusiastic performer in the home. Promoted below $200, it’s a snip for smart home owners on a budget. Read our review to learn more.
lg xboom wk9 thinq view smart speaker google assistant review with xxl

LG XBOOM ThinQ WK9 smart display review

Introduced way back at CES in January 2018, LG’s WK9 smart display is finally on store shelves. But how does it compare to other smart displays on the market? We took a look and a listen to find out whether the device is worth its $299 price tag. Here’s what we learned.
facebook portal review  feat

Facebook Portal+ review

Facebook has jumped into the smart home game with the Portal+, a video-calling device featuring a built-in Amazon Alexa speaker and a screen. While the Portal+ has lots of cool calling features, we’re still a little weary of the social media giant taking up counter space in our home. Read our review to find out more.
AmazonBasics Microwave

AmazonBasics Microwave review

Amazon has added to its long portfolio of products with the AmazonBasics Microwave, a small appliance that works with Alexa. What business does Amazon, maker of Kindles, Fire TV devices, and Alexa voice speakers, have making a small appliance? We took the microwave for a test drive to find out more.
Johnson Controls GLAS review

Johnson Controls GLAS thermostat review

GLAS is the prettiest smart thermostat we’ve reviewed in some time, but a high price and flawed Cortana implementation means that it’s well short of the best. Read more about it in our full review.
Tovala Steam Oven review

Tovala Steam Oven Generation 2 review

Amazon Echo 2017 review top lit

Amazon Echo review

Our Amazon Echo review reveals a shorter, cuter, speaker with several different color and fabric choices, and a firmware upgrade means improved sound. We took the device for another spin in November 2018 to see whether the speaker still measures up to the competition.
Anova Nano review

Anova Precision Cooker Nano review

In the past, sous vide cooking was primarily reserved for fine dining restaurants and commercial food businesses. Over the last few years, home sous vide cooking has become more popular, as precision cooking devices like immersion circulators have become more affordable and accessible to consumers. Anova recently came out with the Nano, a home sous vide machine that costs $99. Here's what happened when we took it for a spin.
Yale Assure Lock SL Connected review

Yale Assure Lock SL Connected by August review

The first fruit of Yale’s acquisition of August, this enhanced Assure Lock SL is a definite upgrade on last year’s model, adding style and smart versatility to home security. But we think the partnership needs more time to develop a smart lock that truly delivers the best of both brands. Read our full review to learn more.
Ring Video Doorbell Pro review

Ring Video Doorbell Pro review

Porch pirates will think twice they see Ring’s Video Doorbell Pro on your house. Packing top-tier features into a slim design, the Doorbell Pro is at home beside any front door. Featuring an easy to use app with cloud storage, this doorbell will up your home security game.
TaoTronics 10-in-1 Pressure Cooker review

TaoTronics 10-in-1 Pressure Cooker review

In the market for a pressure cooker? TaoTronics’ multi-functional 10-in-1 pressure cooker comes in 6-quart and 8-quart sizes. We tested out the TaoTronics 6-quart pressure cooker to find out how it compares to other models, including the Instant Pot, on the market.
Philips Hue Play Light Bar review

Philips Hue Play review

Philips Hue Play synchronizes lighting with music, video, and games for a great entertaining effect. But it’s early days for this immersive tech, and we had some trouble with getting the parts to sync up seamlessly. Hue Play needs some fine-tuning before we can fully recommend it. Read our review to learn more.
Neato Botvac D6 review

Neato Botvac D6 review

Handing off the unpleasant task of vacuuming the house to a robot sounds like a dream; but smart home products aren’t always the most user-friendly devices, and if they’re hard to use, we tend to ignore them. While expensive, the Neato Botvac D6 is easy to use and good at its job. Here’s our review.
Honeywell SmarHome Security Starter Kit

Honeywell Smart Home Security Starter Kit Review

Despite its high price, the Honeywell Smart Home Security Starter Kit offers great value, bringing together home security, a network camera, and Alexa-enabled control in a comprehensive, easy-to-use package. We got a chance to test drive the system and came away mostly impressed.
Nest Hello

Nest Hello video doorbell review

Nest Hello’s crystal-clear video, intelligent features and simple operation ensure you’ll never tire of hearing the doorbell ring. Now you can answer your door no matter where you are.
husqvarna 315x automower hands on impressions review feat

Husqvarna 315x Automower review

Imagine watching your lawn being mowed by a robot while you sit on the porch drinking a beer. That’s life with Husqvarna’s line of electric Automowers, which takes the gas and the manpower out of one dreaded aspect of yard work. While costly, the automated devices are really cool timesavers.
philips hue lightstrip outdoor review feat

Philips Hue Lightstrip Outdoor review

Philips Hue fans can at last enjoy the brilliance of this weatherproof light strip, which offers simple, versatile positioning, a rich selection of 16 million color options, and bright, vibrant illumination. Deck life and holiday home decorating just got a whole lot better.
amazon echo plus review 2nd gen feat

Amazon Echo Plus (2nd gen) review

Amazon’s second-generation Echo Plus speaker is the loudest, bassiest speaker in the Echo fleet. While featuring a smart hub with only Zigbee connectivity, other upgrades make this device a worthy smart speaker. We took the device for a whirl around the smart home to see how it fares against other speakers in the space.
amazon echo sub review 11

Amazon Echo Sub review

Amazon introduced the Echo Sub for Echo speaker owners who wanted to inject some room-moving bass into their smart speaker experience. We took the new Alexa-friendly sub for a spin and quickly learned that it’s a niche product, but one that does its odd job extremely well.