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Prime Day treadmill deals: Fitness machines starting at $116

Summer is here, and if you’re planning on running and jogging, then you may want to consider grabbing yourself a treadmill, given how hot the weather is going to be outside. There are a lot of great options for treadmills to help you exercise, and with Prime Day being well under way, there are a lot of excellent Prime Day deals that you can snag at a pretty solid price. You can check out some of our favorite treadmill deals below, but be sure to also check out these other fitness deals, as well as these Prime Day TV deals to pair with your new exercise machine or gear.

Best Prime Day treadmill deals

Man running on a ProForm Carbon T7 Treadmill.

What treadmill should you pick up on Prime Day? Our research suggests these deals will make you the most happy:

  • THERUN Walking Pad Treadmill Under Desk —
  • RHYTHM FUN Foldable Treadmill —
  • Sunny Health & Fitness Premium Folding Incline Treadmill with Pulse Sensors —
  • Hccsport Treadmill with Incline and Removable Desk —
  • NordicTrack Commercial 1250 Treadmill —

How to choose a treadmill on Prime Day

Not sure which one to go for? Getting one of the best treadmill deals comes down to figuring out your speed needs, elevation considerations, the interface, and any advanced features you’ll want. Here’s what to know about each part:

Speed needs: Treadmills have varying speeds. It’d be dangerous if they didn’t. But what you want to jog at will determine your max speed needs. Healthline define jogging as when you go anywhere from about 4 to 6 miles per hour, which will be obtainable on any treadmill, but also notes that jogging on a treadmill feels easier than outdoors. Even the fastest sprinters aren’t going much faster than 20 miles per hour, with most of us winded much closer to 14. What this means is that max speed is probably going to be less important for you than degree of speed changes. Unless you’re looking to go ultra fast for short bursts, focus on treadmills with fluid control of speed.

Elevation: Everyone that knows much about running training has heard of the infamous hill run. Don’t get too smug if you’re a treadmill runner, as treadmills can put you through these beneficial ordeals, too. If running at an incline is important to you, be sure to verify what your treadmill can do before tapping ‘Buy’. Alternatively, if getting your knees up high is the most important factor for you, check out these elliptical deals instead.

UI: While running, for many, is considered an escape from screens, with a treadmill you need some way to control it. Some come with simple buttons and an ole timey 7-segment display for time ran, speed, etc. Others come with screens and immersive worlds to look into, like you’re running on a real track. Still others have basic controls and a spot for your movie-watcher’s tablet (which possibly connects to a related app) and thus giving you the opportunity to use your quality screen in two places.

Advanced features: Many treadmills feature semi-automated running programs that control speeds and elevations for you, display a trail you’ll be virtually running on, and more. With the right treadmill you can find details on calorie burnt, heart rate levels, and metrics that rate your progress. Be sure to check what the treadmill you’re interested in offers, as well as double check whether those features are gated behind a subscription or not.

How we chose these treadmill Prime Day deals

If you read all of the above, you may start to get the feeling that finding a quality treadmill is a Herculean task. Luckily, you can always find a treadmill that most other people are satisfied with and have great prices today. The preceding list of Prime Day treadmill deals focuses on quality treadmills with a good user experience, design, and workout experience. We’ve found exercise equipment that covers the needs of both those entering into treadmill running as well as seasoned pros.

One goal in bringing you the best Prime Day treadmill deals is to deliver a great price. Through our combined experience, we’re used to finding quality deals for you and through regular exposure to top brands — like through these NordicTrack deals — we’re able to have a good gauge on what is worth what. We’re also not afraid to check on other quality retailers outside of Amazon, as just because Prime Day is officially an Amazon “holiday” it doesn’t mean that other retailers won’t be offering deals as well.

Best Blackstone Prime Day deals: griddles for under $200
The Blackstone 28-inch propane griddle with air fryer in a yard.

If you're looking for some grill deals during Prime Day festivities there are a lot of Blackstone grills seeing discounts among the going Prime Day deals. Blackstone is a favorite among many grillers, so Prime Day Blackstone deals are worth taking a good look at. We've wrangled up all of the best Blackstone Prime Day deals below, and if you're looking for some great Prime Day deals to pair with a new Blackstone grill be sure to check out some things like Prime Day JBL deals, Prime Day Bose deals, and Prime Day Sonos deals for some Bluetooth speaker options, as well as Prime Day robot lawn mower deals and Prime Day robot pool cleaner deals.
Best Blackstone grill Prime Day deal
Blackstone Duo 17-inch Propane Griddle and Charcoal Grill Combo -- $147, was $229

Well designed to keep the whole family and more well-fed, the Blackstone Duo 17-inch Propane Griddle and Charcoal Grill Combo is the perfect addition to your outdoor cooking journey. It has a huge total cooking area of 486 square inches with a dual duel unit so you can easily cook plenty in one place. Its charcoal grill and griddle combo has an adjustable H-style stainless steel burner with an output of 12,000 BTU.

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Wow! Peloton’s AI personal trainer is over 50% off for Prime Day
A hand sets up the Peloton Guide AI-powered personal strength training device.

If you want to get fit, there are two popular ways to do so. One is to get one of the best Peloton machines, or at least one of the best Peloton alternatives. The other is to go out to the gym and get a personal trainer. This Prime Day deal, accessible to Prime members, gives you $100 off on the Peloton Guide, a sort of happy medium between the two. The webcam-like training station will help you get fit from the privacy of your home at a discounted price of just $95, down from $195. Just tap the button below to see it and get it for yourself. And, like all member exclusive Prime Day deals, you can simply get an Amazon Prime free trial to get the deal if you aren't a member yet. Not ready to jump in yet? No problem, keep on reading and we'll tell you why we like the Peloton Guide.

Why you should buy the Peloton Guide
The Peloton Guide is a camera-based system that tracks your movements and form to give you a great workout. Its "Self Mode" (which, ironically, shows more than just you) solves one of the biggest problems we, as humans with eyes in our own head, have when it comes to using the best form possible. When engaged, this mode will show you side by side with the course instructor. This third person view of yourself will help you visualize your form and its issues in a way that previously wasn't feasible to the average person.

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Prime Day air conditioner deals: window units and portables
The Arctic Wind portable air conditioner in a living room.

Prime Day deals are turning out some impressive savings around the house, with things like Prime Day robot vacuum deals, Prime Day robot mop deals, and Prime Day Ring deals being popular among the smart home sales. But there are larger items among this year's Prime Day deals as well, and here we'd like to turn your attention toward some major savings on air conditioners. Both window units and portable air conditioners are heavily discounted, which is why we've tracked down all of the best Prime Day air conditioner deals and laid them out below. You'll find Prime Day air conditioner deals on top brands, and several that offer substantial savings. If you're looking for some additional odds and ends around the house, there's plenty of other savings available among Prime Day Philips Hue deals, Dyson Prime Day deals, Shark Prime Day deals, and Roomba Prime Day deals.
Best window air conditioner Prime Day deals

The simplest type of AC unit, just mount a window air conditioner in your window and plug it in via the usual plug socket. More cost effective and easy to install, things are even more tempting when you factor in the window air conditioner Prime Day deals that we’ve picked out below.

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