Best smart devices for an Airbnb home

Looking to Airbnb your home? Your guests will appreciate these smart devices

So you’re getting a living space ready for Airbnb. You’re working to remove or secure your personal valuables. You’re double-checking supplies and making sure you’re fully stocked up on things like toilet paper, soap, and towels. Maybe you’re adding some safety features, such as non-slip mats in the bathroom or a first aid kit. And you’re definitely cleaning everything from top to bottom.

But do you know what really makes an Airbnb spot shine? The best tech and smart devices. For an optimal Airbnb experience, you should really consider installing the right devices to help secure the space, make it more comfortable, and make managing it from afar much easier. Here are the top devices and ideas for transforming your rental into the ideal Airbnb space.

Internet info and router

samsung smartthings wifi mesh network hub router console2  1

Your guests will absolutely expect a Wi-Fi connection that offers reliable access throughout the living space (plus, you’ll need it for many of the smart devices that we’re going to mention later on). Make sure you have a router that can provide such service, and that it’s on and ready to be connected. Provide clear access info for your router in a printed card or similar handout for the guests. However, make sure that your router account access is different so they can’t log into your settings.

Smart security sensors

the roost smart smoke alarm detects fire co and natural gas detector

Smart security sensors play several important roles in your Airbnb home. First, we suggest a leak sensor or two that are linked to your phone and can send you alerts if they detect water leaking. You don’t want leaks to develop under the washing machine or in the bathroom and do damage before they are discovered.

Second, we suggest a smoke and CO detector. Not only can this device help catch fires early if they start—they can also let you know if your guests are smoking when they shouldn’t be, which should be a clear violation of your rules.

As for security cams, that’s something for you to decide on your own. Security cams inside the house are a bad idea. Guests hate them, they’ve been used for nefarious purposes by Airbnb renters before, and you are legally required to tell guests if you have them. But an outdoor security cam can add safety to the property and help you keep an eye on comings and goings if you feel it is necessary.

Smart door locks

August Smart Lock review door

Smart door locks are one of the best devices for an Airbnb rental. Inside, they can protect rooms that you may not want guests to enter unless absolutely necessary (work or hobby areas, areas with sensitive/expensive devices, and so on). On the front door, they are an excellent way to make sure the door is always unlocked for your guests and locked for safety when necessary…no matter where you are at the time.

Make sure you get a smart door lock that includes the ability to offer temporary smartphone passes to other phones for a specific amount of time. Then there’s no need to exchange keys with guests – and all the potential issues that process can bring. A video doorbell may also be a nice addition, but is generally less necessary than a smart lock.

Mobile device chargers

Ikea Nordmarke Wireless Charging Pad

Chances are high that your guests will have multiple mobile devices that will need regular charging. Help them out by including a charging deck with multiple ports of various types that can help charge a variety of devices at the same time. Everyone will appreciate it. Or, if you’re feeling even more advanced, including a wireless charging pad that’s large enough to hold a few smartphones at the same time.

Smart thermostat

smart home Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Generation

Smart heating and smart thermostat options like the Nest Thermostat have distinct advantages for Airbnb rentals. They allow you to set temperatures to make sure the living space is comfortable for arriving guests before they get there. They also allow you to keep an eye on the temperature and make sure it’s in a comfortable, normal range and that guests aren’t messing with it too much. Smart thermostats are also good at adjusting themselves based on how and when people are moving around the home, taking some work out of your hands.

TV ready for smart devices

where to watch free movies online the roku channel canada

No matter how busy your guests may be, there will be times when they want to sit down and watch some TV. If you have a TV, you can make this easier for them by adding an HDMI and/or USB cable, which makes it easier for travelers to connect their own devices and stream their favorite shows.

Or you could connect a TV streaming service of your own, such as a Roku Express, Amazon Fire TV Stick, or Chromecast that delivers a variety of streaming options from top apps (think Netflix, HBO, TV tuners for local channels, and so on). This can be a valuable amenity that guests are sure to appreciate.

Some people also like to include smart speakers with instructions on how to ask them for directions or connection to music devices. However, these devices tend to be unpopular among many guests, who are often worried about their privacy. Owners often find them unplugged or hidden away instead of used, so think carefully before including something like an Amazon Echo device in your rental.

Bedtime devices

how to clean a humidifier

Several devices can make bedrooms and sleeping more comfortable for your guests, something sure to win you appreciation. Tailor them to your situation. If you live near a busy road, for example, you may want to include a white noise machine. If you live in a dry climate, you may want to set up a humidifier. A nice alarm clock is always a plus as well—not every guest will want to use their phone to check the time.

A good coffeemaker

best smart devices for an airbnb home sharkninja coffee maker

Impress guests by including a nice coffeemaker. It’s doesn’t have to be smart, but including plenty of options for setting timers and brew strength is a nice bonus. Other kitchen amenities are up to you, but a coffeemaker gets great results.

A Wi-Fi printer

best smart devices for an airbnb home hp printer

Yes, a good printer is a surprisingly important device for Airbnb guests. There are many times where they may have to print out tickets, passes, and permits for various activities during their stay and when returning home. Not everyone accepts or prefers digital passes, so a small Wi-Fi friendly printer can be a very valuable service for your guests.

A luxury welcome app


If you’re really invested in Airbnb rentals, particularly as a source of reliable income, you can also go the extra step and guest management platform like YourWelcome. YourWelcome offers a guest tablet that explains services, offers local recommendations or services, and essentially gives them a tour of the space and the surrounding area at their fingertips. Guests can use it to easily communicate, check-in in advance, ask for details, and more. It’s also used to up-sell extra services and make additional income from your properties.


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