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The best time to buy an Echo device (and the worst time to buy)

The Echo line has never been more expansive: From small Echo Dots and touchscreen-enabled Echo Shows to the latest (and more orb-liked) Echo and dedicated devices like the Echo Studio for your entertainment center, there really is something for everyone — or every room in the house.

The key is finding your Echo at the right price. Amazon is better at offering discounts than some brands, but their deals can sometimes feel a little random. We’re going to clear things up by going over the best times to shop for an Echo to benefit from lower prices and related deals.

Amazon Prime Day

It’s no surprise, Amazon Prime Day is easily the best time to buy an Echo. Amazon reliably discounts its own product lines, and will no doubt make sure it has plenty of Echo devices in stock to meet the expected demand. You may even be able to find Echo devices for more than 60% off, as we saw last year with the Echo Dot (3rd Gen) model, especially if Amazon is trying to get rid of some inventory.

Additionally, Prime Day is an excellent time to look for Echo bundles, where Amazon will throw in an extra compatible smart device or accessory at a steep discount, or sometimes for free. Echo bundles are often available throughout the year and can frequently change, but Prime Day is one of the best times to look for them. Since Alexa has excellent support for all kinds of home automation devices, you can add significantly to your savings by finding a bundle with an accessory you were already planning on getting.

But now the big question — when is Amazon Prime Day? That’s where we have to pay attention. Typically, Amazon holds Prime Day sometime in July, although the specific data has varied a little. COVID-19 threw a lot of chaos into that plan in 2020, so Prime Day landed in October. In 2021, Amazon is going even earlier for Prime Day, and it will occur on June 21 and 22.

Amazon Echo Show 8 2021 side view
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Black Friday weekend

Amazon is famous for offering great discounts for Black Friday weekend and the closely associated Cyber Monday. Whether you are planning on buying an Echo as a gift or just want to find a great discount or bundle, this is an excellent time to look for sales.

Black Friday can also be hectic, and while Amazon is pretty good about keeping its own products in stock, there will be a lot of other shoppers aiming for the same deals you are. To help prepare, we suggest adding alerts for the specific Echo devices that you want before Black Friday begins. If you’ve never done this before, don’t worry: Amazon has a guide on exactly how to set up deal notifications.

Right after a new Echo release

Like many brands, Amazon has a higher chance of discounting older Echo units when they announce a new version. If you don’t absolutely need the latest generation of Echo, it’s OK to go back to the earlier model and check for deals. A good example is the Echo Show 10, which completely revamped the design into a rotating screen — if you don’t want to be followed by your Echo screen (although we really liked it), you may feel comfortable going back and looking for deals for the Echo Show 5 or the Echo Show 8 models.

However, this is also tricky to time, because Amazon discontinues Echo products almost as regularly as it comes out with new Echos. The Echo Show (2nd Gen), for example, is currently out of stock on Amazon and may not be returning at all.

Major holidays

Amazon discounts its Echo devices regularly enough that it’s also a good idea to check in at any major holiday. Watch for deals around Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Mother’s/Father’s Day, and even Presidents Day and St. Patrick’s Day. Simply approaching a new season like spring or summer may be enough to initiate a discount (and this is where one of those Amazon alerts can again come in useful).

Back to school

Starting around mid-July and going through August, many brands offer special “back to school” deals for all sorts of products. If Amazon decides that an Echo could be a great accessory for a dorm room, you’re going to see discounts pop up here as well.

Check our Echo Deals guide regularly

There’s one more trick you can use to find the right time to buy an Echo: Check out our guide to current Echo deals available at Amazon. We make sure to update it at least once a month so the deals stay current, and it’s an easy way to quickly scan for any Echo discounts you’re particularly interested in.

Amazon Echo Studio Alexa Smart Speaker

The worst times to buy

If you’re really looking to save money, there are also a few times you should certainly avoid picking up an Echo. Stay away from:

  • The weeks leading up to Prime Day or Black Friday. Just wait for the likelihood of better deals than what you can get right now.
  • Immediately after a new product release (if you want the latest model). New Echos aren’t going to go on sale until a Prime Day or Black Friday shows up.
  • A few weeks after Prime Day/Black Friday. Stock will be low and any significant deals will have ended.
  • Before a major Amazon launch event: If Amazon has announced an event, wait until it’s over. There could be new products that will soon lead to discounts on the current crop of Echos.

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