These modern Edison bulbs actually run on power-sipping LEDs

Different styles of light bulbs all come with their own sets of pros and cons. Edison bulbs, with their dim-glowing coils of orange light, carry an undeniable aesthetic appeal but are also notoriously power-hungry. Modern LEDs, on the other hand, are incredibly efficient — but they just don’t add the same mood and personality to a room in the way an old-school filament bulb can.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have the best of both worlds? Well now, thanks to London-based design label Buster & Punch, you no longer need to choose between efficiency and aesthetic appeal. The company, which makes everything from steampunk-ish liquor cabinets to high-end light switches, has recently unveiled a line of LED light bulbs that look nearly indistinguishable from the classic incandescent bulbs we know and love.

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“The resin light pipe at the center of the bulb is where all the magic happens,” B&P explains on its website. “It allows the bulb to create a subtle ambient light, whilst at the same time throw focused spot light onto tables and surfaces below.” It also only draws about one-twentieth of the power that traditional Edison bulbs do and boasts a significantly longer lifespan.

As per usual, the bulbs are available in B&P’s signature range of metals, finishes, and bulb types. Fittings come in rose copper, smoked brass, and steel, while the bulbs can be had in your choice of crystal, smoked, or gold. They don’t come cheap though. Each Buster Bulb will cost you just under 42 bucks, and the optional (though admittedly badass) calf leather shades will put you back an additional $188.

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