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Internet of Things (IoT)

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock with open door

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock Review: Serious security

If installing a smart lock intimidates you, then the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is a good choice. It's incredibly easy to install, but doesn't skimp on features.

NYC’s Mount Sinai Hospital using Google Nest to monitor coronavirus patients

Mount Sinai, one of New York City’s hospitals hit hardest by the coronavirus pandemic, is using Google's Nest cameras to monitor patients and improve safety.
wearable devices leading to over diagnosis alive cor apple watch ekg

It’s all in the wrist: Wearables are helping to treat disease and disability

The first wave of wearables brought us step counters, activity trackers, and smartphone substitutes -- the second wave has an even more health-focused agenda.
Doorbell Plus 3 being rung

Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus Review: Coasting on success

The Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus gives you a lot of control over how it detects what's around it, but it's missing a few things that its competitors have aced.
Smell Sensors by Airbus and Koniku

Airbus working on smell sensors that could detect coronavirus on planes

Airbus is working with startup Koniku to make smell sensors that will be able to detect dangerous chemicals and explosives — and soon even biological hazards.
Northwestern University's wearable tracker

Wearable device can tell if your cough is the coronavirus

Researchers have developed the first wearable device that can track a person’s COVID-19 symptoms, possibly alerting health workers before you know you're sick.

In the future, touchscreens will be obsolete. This lab designs what’s next

The Future Interfaces Group at Carnegie Mellon has a simple mission: Invent the way we'll use computers in 25 years time. Doing it isn't so easy, of course.
smart home defense against hackers photo of person typing on computer keyboard 735911

Without a firewall, the door to your smart home is left wide open

Your smart home could be hacked, but you wouldn't even know it. Protect your all your devices against them with a hardware firewall.
ecobee haven truly intelligent home monitoring platform bundle

Ecobee Haven is an intelligent platform that makes it easy to monitor your home

Today ecobee launched Haven, a smart home monitoring platform that draws information from multiple devices to provide a truly streamlined experience.
shelter in place with alexa alexa1 2

Make the most out of your shelter-in-place order with Alexa

Finding it hard to work from home? Not sure how to disinfect your table? We break down some Alexa features that can help brighten your shelter-in-place blues.
amazon drops prices for arlo pro home security cameras prime day smart kit with an camera 2

eBay Smart Home Sale: Up to 55% off Arlo, Google, Nest, Samsung, TCL, and more

Use our coupon code for 15% off during the eBay smart home sale until April 10 at 11:59 p.m. PT. 
A pair of headphones with a book.

How to listen to audiobooks with Alexa and Google Assistant

Want Alexa to read you a book? In this how-to guide, we teach you how to integrate your digital audiobook service with Amazon and Google Home smart devices.
paranoid prevents smart speakers from eavesdropping home button

Paranoid prevents smart speakers from eavesdropping on you

A new device, called Paranoid, is here to prevent your smart speaker from listening when it shouldn't, making Alexa and Google Assistant devices a little safer.
Sengled smart bulb in dining room.

Philips Hue and Sengled smart lighting kits on sale starting at only $70

Personalize your home with a rainbow light show using Philips and Sengled smart bulb starter kits on Best Buy for as low as $70. Get yours and save up to $50.
M400 on Helmet

Thermal AR glasses give screening for possible coronavirus a high-tech twist

An AR headset equipped with thermal imaging technology could prove useful in helping spot those with elevated temperatures during the coronavirus pandemic.
best presidents day washer dryer sales

I tried to make my dryer smarter, and it (mostly) worked

Smart dryers are popular these days. SmartDry claims to take your old dryer from dumb to smart in just minutes. I gave it a try and here's what I learned.
check out matternets awesome drone station for deliveries matternet

This awesome drone station could be coming to a hospital near you

Matternet has just unveiled a unique drone station for its advanced delivery system designed for medical facilities. A video shows the station in action.
Orbbec coronavirus robot

In China’s hospitals, robots are helping to halt the spread of coronavirus

As the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic continues to spread, hospitals in China have turned to a trio of robots to help fight the spread of the flu-type virus.
Wyze smart home lock on a door.

Wyze Lock Review: A budget smart lock without the fuss

With the Wyze Lock ($90) you get to keep your keys and your deadbolt. It screws on to what you already have to offer smart lock features in a few minutes.
amazon slashes the prices on arlo pro wireless security cameras 3  wire free add camera 1

Arlo Pro 3 and Apple HomeKit join forces

The Arlo Pro 3 has been one of the most popular security cameras around, and now thanks to integration with Arlo, Apple HomeKit support is finally here.
Ring floodlight cam on brick wall.

Congress has concerns over Ring’s partnerships with police departments

A congressional committee wrote a letter to Ring over concerns about the company's partnerships with more than 400 local police departments across the country.
Intelligence of Things Samsung Developer Conference (SDC) 2017

Forget the Internet of Things. Here’s what IoT really stands for

IoT means the Internet of Things, but there’s a growing movement to change the definition, to give it more meaning and set us up for the next decade of innovation. Tomorrow, IoT will mean Intelligence of Things, impacting AI, 5G, and every other buzzword. Here’s what that shift will bring – and how everything’s going to change in the decade ahead.
philips hue white and color ambiance starter kit deal with lightswitch

Hackers may attack home networks through Philips Hue smart bulbs vulnerability

Check Point discovered a bug in Philips Hue smart bulbs that allows hackers to infiltrate networks. Owners of the device are recommended to update the firmware.
A Matternet drone flying in the sky.

Drone delivery: Medical supplies will soon be flying around San Diego

UPS and drone specialist Matternet are teaming up for a trial drone delivery service for health care facilities in San Diego. It follows a similar trial by the two firms in Raleigh, North Carolina, in 2019. The San Diego effort will see medical samples flown between facilities.

What exactly is the Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things has made its way into our daily lives. You’ve probably heard of the “Internet of Things” or IoT, and you likely use IoT devices on a regular basis, but you may be wondering what the IoT is exactly. What constitutes an IoT device? We’re going to break it down.
Deebot 960 sucking up chips

Ecovacs Deebot 960 Review: Wasted potential

We have loved many of the other smart robot vacuums that Ecovacs has come out with. A couple have even made our best robot vacuum of the year list. So I was pretty excited to try out the Deebot 960. It comes with advanced AI and it even mops. After trying it out, I was sorely disappointed.
The Eve Cam on a wall.

Eve Cam is a HomeKit indoor security camera that saves your recordings in iCloud

Apple fans now have an indoor security camera just for them. Eve Systems has released its newest product, the Eve Cam, and it is the first indoor camera made exclusively for Apple HomeKit Secure Video. With the new Eve Cam, you can see video right on your iPhone's lock screen.
Sunflower Labs Bee Drone

The best smart security cameras of CES 2020: Arlo, ADT and a Bee drone

If you're in the market for a new smart security camera, CES 2020 has some great new options. We've seen three new cameras from ADT, a cool new floodlight from Arlo, and even a security camera drone that mimics a bee. Here are all the best smart security cameras and gadgets we've seen so far.
Lockly Vision on brown door

Lockly Vision is a smart lock with an integrated video doorbell

At CES 2020, Lockly announced the launch of its newest product, Lockly Vision. This smart lock has a built-in HD video doorbell and two-way communication. When someone comes to the door you can talk with them using the app, no matter if you're home or not. Here's the scoop.
Mirage Smart Speaker with black background

Royole’s smart speaker has a cool wraparound display, but is it worth the price?

We've seen a lot of cool stuff at CES 2020 so far, but the new smart speaker by Royole is pretty special. The Mirage Smart Speaker works with Alexa, just like an Amazon Echo, but instead of being wrapped in fabric, it has a touchscreen display. It also has a 5MP camera and a passive bass radiator.
weird smart home gadgets of ces 2020 bocco emo on a table

Weird smart home gadgets of CES 2020: Toilet paper robots and more

CES 2020 hasn't disappointed when it comes to unveiling new and strange inventions. So far we've seen a robot that will make cleaning up after a toilet session easier, a robot cook named Julia, and a headless cat snuggle pillow. Here's the weirdest stuff we've seen so far and check back for more.
Whirlpool Smart Thermometer CES 2020 in turkey

Your steaks will love being poked by Whirlpool’s smart thermometer

Yummly, Whirlpool Corporation’s digital recipe and cooking platform, is launching a new smart kitchen device called the Yummly Smart Thermometer. It uses dual temperature sensors to monitor food and oven temperatures and alerts you when food is done with an app. No more burning when you become distracted.
CookingPal Julia System

You don’t need to be an experienced chef to cook dishes with the Julia system

The late legendary chef Julia Child is synonymous with fine cooking, and now a new Julia is arriving on the culinary scene. This Intelligent Autonomous Cooking System by CookingPal can shop for food and cook for you. It can chop, stir, knead, steam, and even wash itself with a little help from you.
Apple Homepod

Apple’s back at CES for the first time in 28 years — and for a good reason

The last time Apple was officially at CES was in 1992. While it-s employees have roamed the convention halls for years, CES 2020 is the first in 28 years where the company will have an official presence. And there's a reason for it: Apple wants to talk about user privacy.