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Best phone deals: Save on the iPhone, Galaxy Z Fold 5, and more

Many of the best phones come in at prices most of us don’t want to shell out for. Keeping an eye on the best iPhone 15 deals, best Samsung Galaxy S24 deals, best Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra deals, and best Google Pixel 8 deals are one way to track down some savings, or you can tune in right here, where we’ve rounded up all of the best phone deals from retailers across the internet and from all of the most popular electronics brands. Reading onward you’ll find discounts on phones from Google, Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Apple, and more. A couple of other ways to save on a new phone include checking out the best prepaid phone deals and by shopping the best cell phone plan deals.

With previous phone generations holding up well these days you can find even more savings by checking out refurbished iPhone deals, iPhone 14 deals, iPhone SE deals, Samsung Galaxy S23 deals, and Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra deals.

Nokia C21 — $65, was $75


The Nokia C21 is the perfect entry-level phone, and one of the few smartphones you can find for under $100. It’s unlocked so you can set it up with the carrier of your choosing, and it runs on Android 11 so you know you’ll be getting access to all sorts of compatible apps. The phone’s polycarbonate design makes it durable, its 6.5-inch HD+ display makes it incredibly watchable, and its all-day battery life will allow you to take it just about anywhere without having to worry about plugging in.

OnePlus Nord N200 — $180, was $200

OnePlus Nord N200 5G OnePlus

One company that makes a great alternative to the more popular phone brands is OnePlus, and the Nord N200 smartphone makes a great alternative to much more expensive smartphones on the market. It’s powered by Android so you’ll be getting access to a ton of apps, but the OnePlus Nord N200 also offers some serious specs. It has 5G connectivity and comes unlocked for setting up with any carrier. It has a 6.4-inch Full HD+ display with a 90Hz refresh rate for smooth motion. And it also has a massive battery that’s designed to last through the entire day. Fast charging, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and a Qualcomm 5G chipset round out the top features of the N200.

Google Pixel 7a 128GB (Unlocked) — $408, was $499

Christine Romero-Chan / Digital Trends / Digital Trends

Available through Best Buy, with $100 off if you activate through a carrier same-day, is the Google Pixel 7a. It’s the most compact phone in the Pixel 7 lineup, with a water-resistant design. It also comes in four fun colors. Features include an amazing 64 megapixel main camera, 90Hz refresh rate for the display, and wireless charging.

Google Pixel 7 Pro 128GB (Unlocked) — $415, was $899

Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

The Google Pixel 7 Pro has an amazing camera at 50 megapixels for the main camera, with a 12 megapixel ultrawide and a 48 megapixel telephoto lens. Plus, the 10.8 megapixel front-facing selfie camera, which is no slouch either. Essentially, it’s a fantastic option for people who love photography or just want to capture some great shots. It also features a bold, striking design, gorgeous 120Hz refresh rate screen, fast and powerful performance, and supports face unlock for quick, secure access.

Motorola Razr 2023 128GB (Unlocked) — $450, was $700

Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

The renowned flip phone is back and better than ever with the Motorola Razr 2023. It’s lightweight and compact. Has an excellent camera with fast-charging support, and also features dust and water-resistance. The 6.9-inch 144Hz inner screen looks fantastic when it’s unfolded, with a cute little character called Moo brightening up the external notifications display.

Google Pixel 8 128GB (Unlocked) — $649, was $699

Christine Romero-Chan / Digital Trends

The Google Pixel 8 is one of Google’s latest Pixel releases and it’s been a popular phone. It has a compact size, high quality camera, and software that incorporates AI and makes it a joy to use. The Pixel 8 is capable of reaching up to two days of battery life on a single charge, so it’s a great option for everyday use. It’s able to get that battery life despite utilizing the most powerful processor Google has put in a smartphone to date, which goes a long way toward making things quick and snappy whether you’re taking photos or browsing social media.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 256GB (Unlocked) — as low as $1,000, was $1,800

Prakhar Khanna / Digital Trends

To get this deal, you will need a trade-in as Samsung is offering up to $750 in instant trade-in credit. But the value of the trade-in does depend on the device you’re sending back, as well as the condition. Even so, this is an excellent offer on Samsung’s renowned folding phone the Galaxy Z Fold5. It’s thinner and lighter than ever with a silent, high-quality and durable hinge. Moreover, you get an IPX8 resistant and durable chassis, a fun, social-media-friendly camera, and the large foldout display that’s perfect for multi-tasking, games, and watching media.

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From some of the best folding phones on the market to your common candybar-style phones, there are a lot of deals floating around worth shopping. We’ve included some additional options here:

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