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Brikk is taking pre-orders for a $1.3 million, diamond-encrusted iPhone 7

Got cash to burn? If money really is no object, you can now pre-order your very own diamond-studded iPhone 7. As if the iPhone wasn’t already expensive enough.

That’s right — Apple may not have even announced the iPhone 7 yet, but that’s not stopping luxury retailer Brikk from putting its modified iPhone up for pre-order in anticipation of the new device.

The Lux iPhone 7 can come with large diamonds, small diamonds, yellow or pink gold, or even platinum. Not only that, but you can choose from as many as 120 scratch-resistant colors.

On the low end of the price scale, the device will cost almost $5,000, but if you’re feeling really rich, you can order an iPhone 7 for as much as $1.3 million, depending on the options you choose. That’s a pretty penny for a phone that will arguably be out of date in a year, even if you have unlimited funds. If you’re shelling out that much, you can order the “Bespoke Collection Imperial models,” which allow you to completely customize the look of your device.

As with previous iterations of devices offered by Brikk, technicians will disassemble and polish parts of the phone before giving it the luxury treatment.

Of course, you’ll be ordering blind for now — as mentioned Apple hasn’t even announced the iPhone 7, and the device is expected to come with at least minor design changes. In case you’re wondering, the Brikk renders seem to be based on leaks of the iPhone and are not a leak themselves.

Brikk has offered the iPhone before it was even announced in the past — just last year, the company offered a diamond-studded iPhone 6S before it was available to purchase from Apple. If you’re one of the few who ordered from Brikk at that time, it may be time for you to think about a $1.3 million upgrade.

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