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Time-traveling astronaut leaks Google’s Nexus Space phone, coming in 2029

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In 2029 Google will release the Nexus Space smartphone, also known as the Nexus 16. The device will have a massive 7.2-inch screen with a similarly large 3000 x 2000 pixel resolution, and although the processor is still undecided, around 13GB of RAM should keep it running smoothly.

There’s a strong chance Google’s future Nexus phone will be the device of choice for astronauts. At least, that’s the impression we get from Alex Scott, who has been using the Nexus Space. Wait, that means Alex Scott’s got a phone from the future, right? Wrong, it looks like Mr. Scott himself is from the future!

Wondering what’s going on? It looks like Google has been at the sherry again, and has started its April Fool’s Day antics very early this year. Modern day app developers have seen a new Reviews From Space category show up in the Google Developer Console. In it, astronaut Scott reviewed the Habit Tracker app — giving it an excellent five rocket rating — which he was trialling on the Nexus Space, in space, in 2029. All the while zipping along at 27,600 kilometers an hour, and in zero gravity, according to the log.

Nexus Space Leak

The future review just happens to be dated April 1, 2029. We’re going to take a guess that it’s not genuine, and merely a little joke on Google’s part. The scamps.

Whether included by accident, or as a knowing gag referencing Android’s notorious fragmentation issues, Scott’s Nexus Space still runs Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Is Google about to declare 6.0 as the pinnacle of Android’s brilliance, and leave it at that? Unless Scott’s a fan of retro operating systems — a bit like going back to MS-DOS today, we’d imagine — it looks like we shouldn’t expect much from Google I/O this year.

However, we should expect more in the way of April Fool’s Day jokes in the next few days. Won’t that be fun.

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