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Reading a comic on an iPad Pro.

Apple’s 14-inch iPad might not have two critical features

It looks like the rumored 14-inch iPad Pro might not be so "Pro" after all, as new reports suggest that it's going to be missing some key features.
iPad Pro on a desk with AirPods and an iPhone nearby.

iPadOS 16: Everything we know about the iPad’s next update

iPadOS 16 isn’t a major overhaul, but it brings some very useful features. Here’s everything you need to know about the iPad's next update.
A person uses an M1 iPad Pro with a keyboard case while sat at a desk.

Apple’s powerful M2 chip may come to the iPad Pro this September

Days after unveiling its M2 chip for the first time, Apple is now rumored to launch an M2 iPad Pro in the months ahead.
Notifications on the Apple Watch Series 7.

Father’s Day Deals 2022: Save on TVs, grills, power tools, and more

Father's Day is near and we've picked out some great highlights amongst the Father's Day deals, including discounts on iPads, TVs, grills, and more.
iPad Pro mouse feature image.

The best mouse for the Apple iPad

Apple iPadOS supports almost all Bluetooth mice, as well as Apple's Magic Mouse and trackpad. We round up the best best mice available for the Apple iPad.
An iPad Pro with Apple Pencil

14-inch iPad rumors are back, and they actually make sense now

Apple is reportedly eyeing a 14-inch iPad Pro. It might sound huge for a tablet, but iPadOS is finally ready to make the most out of the extra inches.
memorial day sales you can shop now 2020 early

Today’s best deals: Get a 75-inch TV for $650, Dell laptop for $225

We've rounded up some of the best deals from across different online retailers, whether it's robot vacuums or laptops, so come take a look at what's here.
An iPad using Stage Manager in iPadOS 16.

Here’s why Stage Manager only works on M1 iPads

Stage Manager is one of the best features in iPadOS 16. But why does it only work on M1 iPads?
An iPad using Stage Manager in iPadOS 16.

iPadOS 16’s best feature may not be available on your iPad

If you have an iPad older than the one running on an A12 Bionic chip, you won't be able to use the virtual memory swap feature, among others.
An iPad using new collaboration features hooked up to a tablet keyboard.

iPadOS 16 arrives to give the iPad a productivity boost

The next version of Apple's iPad software, iPadOS 16, has been announced during WWDC 2022. Here's all you need to know about its features.
An iPad and an external display using Stage Manager in iPadOS 16.

Apple just gave you a reason to ditch your Mac for an iPad

Apple’s WWDC show has brought a major update to iPadOS that could convince many people to switch out their Mac or PC for a new iPad. Here’s how it works.
Apple TV+ home page with the show Physical.

How to get Apple TV+ for free

If you've thought about getting in to Apple TV+'s award-winning content but want to try before you buy, here are several free trials and how to get them.

The best font apps for iPhone and iPad

If you're looking to install third-party fonts on your iPhone or iPad, we detail the best font apps available today that work with apps in iOS and iPadOS.
iPad Pro on a desk with AirPods and an iPhone nearby.

Best Memorial Day iPad Sales: Up to $100 off Apple’s tablet

Memorial Day iPad sales are a great time to treat yourself to a new iPad with something for every budget on sale right now.

The best tripods for the iPad

The iPad camera is acknowledged for excellent video, but keeping a tablet steady during recording is a bit challenging. Here are a few tripods that could help.
The Apple Pencil attaches to the iPad mini magnetically.

The best iPad Mini 6 (2022) cases

Looking for a case to protect the new iPad Mini 6 (2021)? These cases and covers make sure the handheld tablet stays safe throughout your day. Take a look!
Man using iPad at a table with an iPad stand.

The best iPad stands for 2022

An iPad cover may be ideal for some people, but many seek a more solid and stable platform for their tablets. These are the best stands available right now.

The best Apple iPad (2018) cases and covers

Apple's iPad isn't invincible, but our roundup of the best iPad cases will help you outfit your device with some added protection to shield it from damage.
A concept visual of a foldable screen MacBook Folio.

Apple’s folding MacBook could be incredibly thin and light

Apple’s secret foldable MacBook just took another big step forward, according to a new report, which is good news for anyone waiting on the intriguing product.
iPad Pro 12.9 inch lifestyle shot.

How to remove viruses and malware from your iPhone or iPad

iOS and iPadOS aren't entirely immune from malware. Our guide will show you what to do if you think you may have downloaded a virus or found a similar problem.

Services shine in Apple’s record March quarter

Apple has reported its best financial figures for the March quarter, raking in a colossal $97.3 billion for the three-month period ending March 26.
iOS 12

How to get iOS 12 on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

Although iOS 12 has been surpassed, you may still have an older iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch that needs an update and can't go beyond iOS 12.
A close look of the iPad Pro connected to a keyboard.

Common iPad Pro problems, and how to fix them

Having issues with your iPad Pro tablet? Thankfully, they can be fixed. Here are potential fixes and workarounds for some of the most common iPad Pro problems.
Author holding iPhone Guided Access Feat Image.

How Guided Access can protect your iPhone or iPad

Guided Access is an accessibility setting in iOS and iPadOS that limits the use of your device to a single app. We show you how to enable and use it.
A 2021 iPad Pro is attached to a keyboard on a desk.

These small tweaks transformed my iPad into a proper laptop replacement

With a few simple tricks, I turned my iPad Pro into a true laptop replacement, and it is all thanks to iPad OS 15 and the Apple Magic Keyboard.
converted ipad to mac now i love it os on pro 2021 model

I converted my iPad into a Mac, and now I love it

I used Apple's Sidecar and Universal Control features to turn my iPad into a Mac, and now I love it.
iPad Pro on a desk with AirPods and an iPhone nearby.

Why your eyes deserve an iPad with a ProMotion 120Hz screen

After using both the 5th generation Apple iPad Air and the iPad Pro (2020), it's obvious the ProMotion 120Hz screen is the one to have. Here's why.
A man holding the Apple iPad Air fifth generation.

iPad Air (2022) vs. iPad Mini (2021)

The iPad Air (2022) is arguably Apple's best tablet that isn't the iPad Pro (2021), although how exactly does it compare to the iPad Mini (2021)? We find out.
Aasus Zenbook 17 Fold folded in half.

New report says Apple is building a secret folding device

A new report claims Apple is working on a top-secret folding device that would merge an iPad and a MacBook, backing up past reports from reliable sources.
iphone x battery

Apple’s latest iPhone and iPad update fixes battery drain

Apple has issued an update that prevents rapid battery drain that started for some iPhone and iPad users after they installed iOS/iPadOS 15.4 this month.
YouTube TV shown picture-in-picture atop a web browser on an iPhone.

YouTube TV finally adds picture-in-picture for iPhone and iPad

After a long, long wait, YouTube TV finally supports picture-in-picture on iOS devices.
Apple demonstrating Universal Control with a MacBook Pro and iPad next to each other on a desk.

These clever features paved the way for Universal Control

Universal Control is one of Apple’s best software features, and according to a recent interview, the company was secretly paving the way for it for years.
A 2021 iPad Pro is attached to a keyboard on a desk.

Next iPad Pro with Apple M2 chip coming in fall 2022

Apart from a new processor, the next iPad Pro could come equipped with MagSafe for magnetic wireless charging.
The iPad Air attached to the Magic Keyboard.

The M1 iPad Air can’t replace a MacBook, but it gets close

Now with the M1 in it, can the iPad Air replace the MacBook Air? Maybe, but it depends highly on the apps you typically use.