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Speakers and top edge of the iPad Air 5.

Apple’s rumored 16-inch iPad sounds like an oversized mistake

Rumor has it that Apple could be working on a 16-inch iPad model in the coming year. Here's why that might be a terrible idea.
The App Library on the iPhone 14 Plus

Every app and website that works with Passkeys on your iPhone/iPad

Apple implemented the Passkey system into iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 for secure login. Many websites and apps are adding Passkey support, like PayPal.
The iPad Pro on a desk next to a stylus and AirPods.

Apple may be working on a supersized iPad for 2023

Rumors about upcoming oversized iPads have been shared for quite some time, but a new report suggests that something even bigger is coming.
Two Apple iPad Pros (2022) attached to Magic Keyboards.

Does the Apple iPad Pro (2022) come with a keyboard?

If you pair the Apple iPad Pro (2022) with a stylus and a keyboard, it can work as a great laptop replacement, but you have to buy the accessories separately.
An iPad using Stage Manager in iPadOS 16.

How to download iPadOS 16 right now

iPadOS 16 has finally arrived! Here's how to update your iPad to the latest version of Apple's tablet operating system.
The yellow iPad (2022) lying face-down on a green bush.

Does the Apple iPad (2022) have USB-C? What you need to know

The iPad (2022) is chock-full of upgrades — including a new processor and a vibrant design. But did USB-C finally make the cut? Here's what you should know.
Someone using an Apple Pencil with the 10th Gen iPad.

Does the Apple iPad (2022) work with Apple Pencil?

Budding digital artists may rejoice that Apple's newest iPad still supports the Apple Pencil, but you may want to read the fine print.
Slim Folio Pro For iPad Pro

I won’t pay $1,877 for a new iPad Pro because these 3 options are way better

When I priced up my dream iPad Pro (2022) the high price gave me an unpleasant shock. Surely this wasn't the only option? Turns out, it's not.
iPads with iPadOS 16.

It’s time to update your iPhone and iPad to iOS 16.1 and iPadOS 16

Apple finally releases iPadOS 16 to everyone, as well as iOS 16.1 for compatible devices.
The 10th gen iPad.

Apple’s canceled plans for a new cheap iPad sound incredible

According to a recent report, it seems like Apple scrapped plans for a cheap iPad that would have been a big step in refreshing the company's tablet offerings.
Apple iPad Pro 2022 with Apple Pencil user feat image.

The best Apple iPad Pro 11-inch (2022) screen protectors

We rounded up the best Apple iPad Pro 11-inch (2022) screen protectors for you to keep your new iPad safe from unexpected scratches and drops.
Woman using an iPad Pro 11-inch feat image.

The best Apple iPad Pro 11-inch (2022) cases

Apple has released an updated 11-inch iPad Pro with the exact same dimensions as its predecessors. We've gathered some of the newest cases available.
iPad Air 5 back in hand.

The best Apple iPad (2022) cases and covers

The Apple iPad 2022 is now available for preorder, and what better way to get ready for your new tablet than by buying a new case to go with it?
An Apple Pencil over an iPad.

Does the iPad Pro (2022) come with an Apple Pencil?

The new iPad Pro, paired with the Apple Pencil, gives you plenty of features to play around with. But does the Pencil come in the box?
The front of the iPad 10th Gen.

Does the Apple iPad (2022) have Face ID?

Apple's 2022 iPad adopts a new design that fits in with the rest of the iPad family. But is Face ID part of the equation?
The 10th gen iPad.

Apple iPad 2022 vs. iPad 2021: Should you upgrade?

The new iPad is here, with a stunning new redesign. But how does it compare to last year's iPad? We took a look to find out.
The 10th gen iPad.

The best Apple iPad (2022) screen protectors

Apple's 10th-gen iPad is here, and we've rounded up the best iPad (2022) screen protectors around to keep your new purchase safe from harm.
iPad Air 5 back in hand.

Apple’s iPad lineup in 2022 misses the thing that used to make it great

Apple has more iPads available to purchase than ever before — many with overlapping features and specs. And it's almost impossible to understand.
Someone using an Apple Pencil with the 10th Gen iPad.

Does the Apple iPad (2022) have a headphone jack?

Apple iPad (2022) has tons of cool features to please everyone, but what about music lovers? Does the tablet have a headphone jack?
ipad pro 2021.

Apple could launch a Frankenstein iPad Pro that runs macOS

A crazy new rumor claims Apple is going to bring macOS to the M2 iPad Pro in place of iPadOS. But there are several reasons why it doesn’t make much sense.
iPad Pro mockup running macOS.

I’m ready for an iPad with macOS — I’m just waiting on Apple to be

We're again hearing rumors of macOS coming to iPads. More than ever, the stage is almost set in 2022 from the hardware side. It's Apple that is holding it back.
Apple iPad Pro 2022 with Apple Pencil user feat image.

Apple iPad Pro 11-inch (2022) vs. iPad Air (2022)

While Apple's 2022 iPad Pro 11-inch and iPad Air 5th Gen tablets look identical to their predecessors, hardware and software upgrades make all the difference.
The 10th gen iPad.

The one insane thing keeping the 2022 iPad from being amazing

Apple's new 10th-gen iPad features a fantastic new design and finally switched over to USB-C, but sadly Apple hasn't severed all its ties with the past.
The M2 iPad Pro.

Does the Apple iPad Pro (2022) have wireless charging? Here’s what you need to know

Apple's latest iPad Pro (2022) has landed, but does it have wireless charging? Unfortunately not, but here's why that's not a dealbreaker.
M2 iPad Pro with Apple Pencil.

How to preorder the new iPad Pro

Apple has released the new iPad Pro range with relatively little fanfare, so it may have escaped your notice. Here's how to preorder the new iPad Pro.
M2 iPad Pro with Apple Pencil.

I wanted to love the M2 iPad Pro, but it let me down in all the worst ways

The M2 iPad Pro banks on the idea that a modest chip upgrade and a hovering stylus trick are worth over $1,000. It makes little sense, especially as an upgrade.
An iPad using Stage Manager in iPadOS 16.

The delays are over — iPadOS 16 is finally releasing early next week

After radio silence from Apple following its delay, iPadOS 16 finally has a concrete release date. As it turns out, it'll be coming very soon.
The iPad 10th Gen in all of its new colors.

Apple’s redesigned iPad with USB-C, 5G, and landscape camera arrives for $449

At a starting price of $449, Apple has gone bold with the design of the 10th Gen iPad and has given it meaningful upgrades like USB-C, 5G, and updated cameras.
The M2 iPad Pro.

Apple’s new iPad Pro now has the same M2 chip as the latest MacBook Pro

Apple's iPad Pro lineup is getting refreshed just in time for the holiday season. With the latest M2 chipset, it's more powerful than ever before.
Apple iPad Air 2 Apple logo rear

Apple targeting 2024 for first foldable, analyst says

An Apple analyst has said the tech giant could launch its first foldable device within two years, but added that it's unlikely to be an iPhone.
Apple Card Savings.

Your Apple Card will soon get its own savings account – here’s what it looks like

Apple just announced that it will be launching Savings accounts for Apple Card users for their Daily Cash rewards.
The iPhone 14 Pro Max next to a green pepper.

8 things to do before giving your older family member an iPhone or iPad

Before you give an older relative a new iPhone or iPad, you can simplify the headaches afterward by setting these things up first.
black friday 2020 deals still available featured resized

Today’s Best Deals: Get a 70-inch TV for $450, a Chromebook for $98

Among the best deals available ahead of Amazon's October Prime Day are the 70-inch Insignia F30 Series 4K TV for $450 and the HP 11.6-inch Chromebook for $98.
An iPad using new collaboration features hooked up to a tablet keyboard.

The 5 best Apple deals in the October Prime Day sales

With the Prime Day sales fully upon us, there are some great sales across Apple's products; from tablets to Macs, there's a deal for everybody.