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Apple's September 2023 event Tim Cook

Everything Apple didn’t announce at its iPhone 15 event

The iPhone 15 event revolved solely around the iPhone 15 series and new Apple Watches. There's a lot that wasn't announced, however.
Colors of iPhone 15 Pro.

Apple totally wasted the iPhone 15’s biggest design change

The Apple iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro have a USB-C connector on the base, so what new features did it bring? Sadly, not the one we wanted.
View of the iPhone 15 Pro's camera module.

Watch all of Apple’s Wonderlust videos right here

Apple has released a bunch of videos introducing the new iPhones and Apple Watches that landed on Tuesday. You can watch them all here.
A promotional image showing the USB C port on the iPhone 15.

Does the iPhone 15 have USB-C? It’s complicated

The Apple iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro have arrived with some highly anticipated changes. Is USB-C port one of them? Read on to find out!
The USB C port on the bottom of the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

As an Android user, I can’t wait for USB-C on the iPhone 15

I haven't touched an iPhone in years, but I still can't wait for Apple to finally add USB-C to its lineup.
Dynamic Island on the iPhone 15.

Does the iPhone 15 have the Dynamic Island?

Apple's new iPhone 15 lineup is here. But do the standard iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus have the Dynamic Island? We have the answer.
Two iPhone 15 models near each other.

Does the iPhone 15 come with a charger in the box?

The iPhone 15 series is now available and, unsurprisingly, it's an expensive set of smartphones. At these prices, it comes with a charger in the box ... right?
Back of the yellow iPhone 15.

Is the iPhone 15 waterproof? Read this before getting it wet

The iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro lineups are both here. But are the phones waterproof? Here's what you need to know.
Apple Store listing for an Apple Lightning to USB-C adapter cable.

Apple’s new Lightning to USB-C adapter costs more than just buying a USB-C cable

The transition to USB-C isn't actually going to be painful – but Apple's going to offer adapters to make people feel confident about buying an iPhone 15.
Invite for Apple's September 2023 event.

The 6 biggest announcements from Apple’s iPhone 15 event

The new Apple iPhone 15 and Apple Watch Series 9 have been revealed. Here's how to catch up on everything announced at Apple's huge iPhone 15 event.
List of iPhone 15 Pro features at the September 2023 Apple Event.

This one thing Apple didn’t fix with the iPhone 15 Pro has me struggling to upgrade

One year on, Apple made zero improvement to the iPhone 15's battery life – that has me facing a tough upgrade decision.
iPhone 15 colors.

The iPhone 15 is official — and it has something I’ve waited years for

Apple has introduced its newest smartphones — the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus. And both of them have one feature I've waited years for.
Side rail of iPhone 15 Pro

Apple just announced the iPhone 15 Pro. Was it worth the wait?

Following months and months of speculation, Apple has finally announced the iPhone 15 Pro. Here's what's new.
Leon and Ashley in the Resident Evil 4 remake.

iPhone 15 Pro can natively run the latest Resident Evil and Assassin’s Creed games

Assassin's Creed Mirage, Resident Evil 4, and Resident Evil Village will all run natively on iPhone 15 Pro thanks to the A17 Pro chip.
A screenshot of Apple event links from the Apple TV app on an iPhone

How to watch Apple’s iPhone 15 event today: 5 easy ways

Apple's next big event is now in the calendar. The iPhone 15 series and more should be revealed later today. Here's how to watch the event live.
A close-up of the iPhone 14 Pro's camera module.

I finally figured out why I don’t love the iPhone 14 Pro’s camera

After a year with the iPhone 14 Pro's camera, I've worked out what it is that has stopped me from loving it like I did older iPhone cameras.
Apple Watch bands by Hermes.

Hermès removes all leather Apple Watch bands from its site

It's not yet clear if the move confirms recent reports that partner Apple is planning to pivot away from leather accessories for its range of devices.
iPhone 14 Pro Max in hand.

iPhone error 4013: what it is and how to fix it

It may seem scary at first, but iPhone error 4013 is a fairly simple problem to fix. Here's what you need to do when it strikes your iPhone, iPad, or iPod.
google pixel 5 review camera app

The best camera phones in 2023: our top 9 photography picks

In this photography showdown, we take a look at the best camera phones currently available and recommend our top picks across a number of different categories.
iPhone 13 Pro Max and Galaxy S22 Ultra rear panels.

The best old phones in 2023: 10 smartphones you should still buy

Why buy this year's smartphone when last year's is just as good? Here's a list of 10 of the best old smartphones still worth your money in 2023.
iPhone 12 in purple.

This lingering Labor Day deal brings the iPhone 12 to $555

This holdover offer from Labor Day lowers the price of the 64GB model of the Apple iPhone 12 to a more affordable $555 from Best Buy, after a $75 discount.
Someone holding a Deep Purple iPhone 14 Pro Max, showing the back of the phone.

Why I went back to the iPhone 14 Pro Max (and why I still love it)

Earlier this year, I stopped using the iPhone 14 Pro Max because of its size and weight. But I recently went back to it, and something interesting happened.
The iPhone 14 Plus's charging port.

Why USB-C on the iPhone 15 could be a nightmare

It seems certain Apple will put an USB-C port on the iPhone 15. But will this also bring true fast charging? And if so, is it set to be a nightmare?
BodyGuardz Paradigm Pro for iPhone 14 Pro case in Hydro showing interior of case and what it looks like with a Deep Purple iPhone 14 Pro.

I used an iPhone case that claims to improve battery life. Here’s what happened

The Paradigm Pro case from BodyGuardz claims to keep your iPhone 14 Pro cool with heat dissipation and extend battery life. Does it actually work? I found out.
The Apple iPhone SE (2022) being held in a mans hand.

Labor Day sales mean you can get a brand new iPhone for $149

The iPhone SE 2022 remains a great entry point to the iPhone world and it's on sale now at Walmart at a fantastic price.
The image background remover feature from iOS 16 being used on a photo of a dog.

How to use iOS 16 photo cutout to cut and paste images

One of the most impressive new features in iOS 16 is the ability to lift the subject from a photo without the background. Here's how to do this.
Notifications on an iPhone with iOS 16.

How to move notifications to the top on iOS 16’s lock screen

If you are not a fan of the change and want to view each notification separately on the lock screen, we have good news for you.
Emoji reactions on Google Messages running on OnePlus 11.

How to get new emojis on your iPhone or Android device

We all use and love emojis. But how do you know if you have all of the latest ones? Here's how to get new emojis on your iPhone or Android device.
Deep Purple iPhone 14 Pro and Nothing Phone 2 side by side.

This cool Android phone shows just how boring the iPhone really is

For the past few years, Apple's stuck with a tried-and-true iPhone design. And it works! But one Android phone proves just how boring it really is.
OtterBox OtterGrip case front of iPhone 14 Pro

The best iPhone 14 Pro cases: 20 best ones in 2023

Your iPhone 14 Pro is a big, beautiful hunk of metal and glass. Be sure to protect it with some of the best cases available. We suggest a few here.
iPhone 13 Pro in blue.

Best iPhone deals: Sales from T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T and unlocked

Apple gear gets expensive, but if you can't live without iOS, we've got all the best iPhone deals right here, with discounts on new and last-gen devices.
Invite for Apple's September 2023 event.

It’s official — Apple will announce the iPhone 15 on September 12

It's almost time to stop speculating. Apple has just confirmed that its next big event — where we expect to see the iPhone 15 — will be on September 12.
Totallee iPhone 15 Pro case on iPhone 14 Pro showing home screen.

This is a real iPhone 15 Pro case, and it’s hiding a few secrets

We got our hands on an iPhone 15 Pro case. Here's what we've learned from it.
OtterBox OtterGrip Symmetry Series case collection in six colors

The best iPhone 14 cases: 20 best ones you can buy in 2023

Heart set on a new Apple iPhone 14? Protect your investment with our picks of the best iPhone 14 cases around, from clear cases to leather wallets and more.