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Best Buy has a surprisingly great Galaxy S24 pre-order deal

Samsung galaxy S24 Ultra display.
Prakhar Khanna / Digital Trends

The Samsung Galaxy S24 line of smartphones have been unveiled, and you can preorder them until January 30. They look fantastic so far, but they certainly aren’t cheap. In fact, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is Samsung’s most expensive non-folding smartphone. Thankfully there are a lot of phone deals out there that will save you a lot of cash on your upgrade. All the major carriers have trade-in deals. But what if you want an unlocked phone? Best Buy has your back. Right now Best Buy is offering up to $870 trade-in when you buy the S24 series. They’ll also double your storage and give you a Best Buy gift card of up to $150.

Why you should buy the Samsung Galaxy S24 at Best Buy

The S24s are the newest release in Samsung’s Galaxy line, but there are more reasons to upgrade than just having the newest model. The S24 and S24 Plus are slightly bigger than their S23 counterparts; both are a bit taller. The Ultra has stayed the same size. There are some standard upgrades, like a higher maximum brightness and a slightly different user interface.

The big push for the S24, and the biggest reason S23 users will want to upgrade, is the integration of Samsung AI. Samsung has been pushing its new AI very hard in the lead up to this release. This means super easy photo editing, like removing people, cars and trees from the background of your photos. The translation features are also much better, and you can now translate phone calls automatically. Samsung says that it will continue updating the AI features, but in order to ride this wave you’ll need the S24. It’s a major change that will feature in all of Samsung’s future Galaxy models.

Head over to Best Buy if you want unlocked Samsung Galaxy S24 deals. You can get up to $870 in trade-in credit, depending on the phone you trade in and the phone you end up buying. Best Buy will also double the storage for free and give you a Best Buy gift card of up to $150. You have until January 30 to take advantage of this offer, so don’t wait.

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