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Flickr gets more portfolio friendly with complete redesign of profile pages

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Prykhodov / 123RF
Photo-sharing platform Flickr is getting a portfolio-inspired makeover. On Tuesday, Flickr announced a redesigned profile page that allows photographers to choose images to showcase, as well as the ability to link to social media websites, in a new About page accessible from the desktop site.

With the change, Flickr’s profile pages have been completely redesigned and migrated to an About tab. Users can now choose up to 25 photos to display on the profile or about page. The images can be arranged in any order, and with the ability to name that section anything, photographers can use the showcase to create a portfolio, showcase a favorite project or collect images on a central theme.


Users can now publicly display their most popular photos, based on a Flickr algorithm that considers different types of user engagement. While photographers could see their top-performing shots before, those were only displayed to the profile’s owner. Now, users can choose to display the most popular photos publicly (or choose to keep it private), as well as sorting based on comments, views, favorites or a mix based on Flickr’s algorithm.

Users no longer have to navigate to a different page to adjust their profiles — with the update, the changes can be implemented directly on the About page. The change also allows users to link to other websites easily inside the bio, including linking up Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr. Flickr also refreshed both the “Photos of You” and “Testimonials” section.

The new About page aims to give users more customization options for how they present their pages, as well as encouraging more visitors to explore the photographer’s full bio. The previous profile page was accessible through a drop-down menu, while the new About page is the first listing inside the navigation tab.

The changes are rolling out to desktop users over the next week, so users that don’t yet have the new features should see them arrive in the next few days.

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