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Man holds Blackview Active 8 Pro rugged Android tablet in black color with a leather strap.

I found the perfect Android tablet to buy this year

This $360 tablet stands out in a market crowded by other cheap Android tablets with a humongous battery, an armored design, and features unseen at this price.
Galaxy Tab S8 sitting at an angle above the tenth generation iPad.

How we test tablets

OnePlus Pad with official Stylo pencil stylus on a wooden table.

Don’t buy the Pixel Tablet; get this cheaper Android tablet instead

Tab C Ultra by Onyx

This new Android tablet has an e-ink screen that destroys the Kindle

The back of the OnePlus Pad tablet.

OnePlus wants to tempt you back to Android tablets with the OnePlus Pad

new workspace updates for android tablets.

Google Drive, Docs, and other apps are getting way better on Android tablets

A Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 is held up on top of a desk.

The Galaxy Tab S8 has renewed my faith in Android tablets

best Android tablets

Why Google suddenly seems to care about tablets again

yamaha adventure pro 2

Yamaha’s Adventure Pro is a rugged tablet built for off-road navigation

amazon fire hd tablet coupon code deal dtdeals 6

Refurbished Amazon Fire HD 6 Tablets are only $45 now

panasonic toughpad fz a2

Panasonic Toughpad FZ-A2 will happily shrug off (almost) any abuse you dole out

lenovo android yoga laptop tablet store storefront sign hq headquaters

Leaks suggest Lenovo will soon release an Android 2-in-1 laptop

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

Major benchmark test reveals an unnamed, fairly powerful Samsung tablet

GFXBench revealed the existence of an unnamed Samsung tablet, which seems to pack reasonably powerful internals.
google reveals the pixel c an android tablet that wishes it was a laptop pixelcsmall

Google reveals the Pixel C, an Android tablet that wishes it was a laptop

Google has joined the ranks of Microsoft Surface clones with the Pixel C, and Android-based device with a magnetic keyboard.
jide ultra remix tablet 39 bucks

In the market for a $40 Android tablet? Take a look at the Jide Ultra Remix Android tablet

Through its upcoming Kickstarter campaign, the Jide Ultra Remix Android tablet can be yours for $40, as long as you're okay with beta software.

HP’s Slate 21 is a $400 Android all-in-one PC and tablet

HP eyes emerging markets with the $400, Android-running, all-in-one PC and tablet. It has a 21-inch IPS display, Nvida Tegra 4 CPU, but just 8GB of storage.
ipad mini vs samsung galaxy note 8.0 header

iPad Mini vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0: Battle of the 8-inch tablets

Want to see how the best of the mid-sized tablets stack up against one another? Check out our spec comparison of the iPad Mini vs Galaxy Note 8.0 from Samsung.

Game on! 7-inch Wikipad tablet available this spring for $250

After a bit of a delay, the Wikipad is finally here - though smaller than expected. The 7-inch Wikipad gaming tablet will be available for $250 this spring.
new google tv experience video

Future Google TV hardware streams video from Android devices

how to maximize battery life on your android phone or tablet fp

How to maximize battery life on your Android phone or tablet

asus eee pad transformer prime

First look: The Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime

Amazon’s tablet will be named the Kindle Fire

Amazon schedules event for next week; is this its tablet unveiling?

Logitech Harmony Link turns tablets into universal remotes for $99


Nexflix app finally compatible with Android 2.2 and 2.3 devices

Android Ice Cream Sandwich large

Eric Shmidt says Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich is coming in October or November


Hit or miss: Why buying an Android tablet is still a gamble

Amazon tablet: What should we expect?

Amazon to challenge iPad with Android tablets in Q3?

Toshiba delays Regza AT300 Honeycomb tablet until end of summer

Sony S2 dual-screen clamshell tablet rumored for 2011

Possible Microsoft tablet fails to impress critics

Rumored 7-inch Motopad will run Android 3.0 ‘Honeycomb’

yahoo refreshes mail search thumb

Yahoo refreshes Mail, Search