Zynga’s downward spiral continues as it shutters four more games

In 2010, Zynga was more valuable than Madden NFL maker Electronic Arts. Not anymore. Zynga is closing even more social network games as 2012 earnings disappoint. This includes The Ville, the Facebook game targeted in an EA lawsuit.

Investment in social gaming drops by $1 billion in 2012

As recently as 2011, the expectation was that the social gaming industry was the future of big money in video games. Companies like Zynga were valued in the billions. In 2013, not so much. Investment in social game companies dropped by $1…
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Facebook and Zynga decide to see other people

Facebook and Zynga, long established as one of social networking's strongest power couples, have loosened their contractual relationship. The changes mean that Zynga is no longer tied exclusively to Facebook, while Facebook is free to court…

How badly is the drowning Zynga holding back Facebook?

Zynga's catastrophic 2012 continues as the company lays off scores of staff and cancels games ahead of its earnings. As the company sinks, though, how is it affecting its symbiotic partner Facebook?

Casual gaming continues to prove lucrative for Farmville publisher

Zynga Inc, a casual gaming publisher most known for its derivative yet wildly popular browser games, continues to pull in huge amounts of cash with very little development effort.

PopCap: Half of social game cheaters also cheat at life

A new survey from PopCap finds 48 percent of folks who admit to cheating at online social games also do things like steal towels, fudge their taxes...or cheat on their partners.
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Forget FarmVille, try the real version: MyFarm

If you thought farming virtual cows was high stakes fun, try your hand at the (almost) real thing with MyFarm.

Zynga announces new games, and gaming platform “project Z”

During the Zynga Unleashed event Zynga announced "Project Z" which will be a way for Zynga gamers to play games independent of a social network. Zynga also announced a few new games including CastleVille for gamers who can't get enough for…

Zynga profits drop 90-percent, further threatening its IPO status

The social network gaming giant has seen a massive decline in profits following recent expansions, which could seriously hurt its planned IPO bid.

Report: Zynga may delay IPO

The New York Post says social gaming giant Zynga isn't in any hurry to go public, and may wait until the end of the year.

Windows phones are getting new Xbox Live features, games soon

We will finally have a mobile version of Kinectimals to overwhelm our friends with cute baby tigers rolling around in grass. Microsoft announced a bevy of new games and other updates for the Windows smartphone.
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Ten-year old hacker finds vulnerabilities in mobile games

Named CyFi, she used system clocks to exploit vulnerabilities in FarmVille-style games.

Zynga launching a new version of CityVille in mainland China

Can Zynga repeat their massive success of casual, social games in the Chinese market? A new version of CityVille is launching in China in the next few days.

Google invests in Farmville-maker Zynga: Bad for Facebook?

A new SEC filing by Facebook's most prominent game-maker, Zynga, shows that Google has also invested in the company.

Zynga may file for IPO as early as tomorrow

Reputable sources are saying that Zynga may file for an initial public offering as early as tomorrow.

Zynga IPO imminent?

An exclusive report suggests the Facebook game publisher is ready to go public and reap its rewards.

Lady Gaga partners with Zynga for GagaVille, featuring unicorns and crystals

Lady Gaga and Zynga partner up to promote the pop star's new album with the themed FarmVille farm GagaVille and and a daily Words With Friends contest.

Zynga RewardVille will deepen social gaming addictions

There's a new "ville" to add to the Zynga family. RewardVille will connect the developer's various social games and give players more incentives.