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Santa Claus is coming to town: Get ready with these Christmas apps

Like it or not, Christmas comes but once a year. Thankfully, we've got a list of Christmas apps to help get you into the holiday spirit, just in case you want to track Santa or Grinch-ify yourself.

Pencil this in: Newton Calendar now available on iPhone and iPad

CloudMagic, the company behind the popular Newton Mail app, released Newton Calendar for iOS devices. The app provides users with a minimalist calendar experience with a user interface that closely resembles Newton Mail.

Best wallpaper apps for Android or iOS

If you want to change up the imagery on your smartphone then you'll find plenty of help and ideas in the best wallpaper apps. We've rounded up the top wallpaper apps for the iPhone and for Android smartphones.

Like a Siri for travel, HelloGbye is a new streamlined travel-planning app

A new app aims to make planning a trip as simple as telling your iPhone what you'd like and getting options tailored to your preferences. Hellogbye is both an iOS app and website designed for simpler travel planning.

REI has a whole suite of apps to help you navigate the great outdoors

Gear retailer REI built an entire suite of mobile apps for iOS and Android, offering customers tools to shop, travel through national parks, find places to hike and mountain bike, and more.

Microsoft Garage will expand to three new locations in 2017 and 2018

Microsoft has an internal "no-holds-barred ode to hack culture" aimed at software innovation that it calls The Garage, and the company has added a few new spaces recently with three more planned for 2017 and early 2018.

Download these 5 great apps to digitize old photos and create 360-degree videos

Thanksgiving is nearly here, and you'll need a few apps to keep the arduous turkey-roasting process out of your mind for a few hours. This week, we've got an app from Google that will make your grandparents love you, and more.

Download these 5 apps to fight off flying monkeys, take 360-degree photos, and more

Hunting for new apps to try out on your shiny new iPhone 7 or 7 Plus? Take a look at some in our best apps of the week, including the new iOS Cardboard Camera app from Google, and Oz: Broken Kingdom.

Download these 5 apps to automate your workflow, bring out your inner artist, and more

Every week we hunt through the various stores to find new apps for you to download. This week, we've got an app that lets you stream stand up shows, one that lets you store your personal items for cheap, and more.

Download these 5 apps to chat with strangers, explore the Himalayas, and more

Each week, we hunt through the various app stores to find you interesting and new apps to download. For our latest update, we've got the official Rio 2016 app, an app that lets you chat with up to 50 people at once, and one that lets you…

Download these 5 apps to create some cool artwork, take better photos, and more

Every week we search through the various app stores to find great content for you to download. Check out this week's best apps of the week, including a fitness overlay for Pokémon Go, an app that wants to make you a better photographer…

Download these apps to capture Pokémon, tweetstorm, and more

Every week we hunt for various apps you can enjoy -- you've probably heard of this week's number one app though. Check out some of our other top picks including an app that lets you easily tweetstorm.