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daily app deals ios 03 17 2016 iphone 4s owners sue apple

Apple settles class-action lawsuit over iPhone 4S throttling

Apple has settled a 2015 class-action lawsuit that accused it of throttling the iPhone 4S with the iOS 9 update.
Apple iPhone 5C

RIP iPhone 5C: Apple may discontinue the colorful phone in 2015

iPhone 5S hands on home angle

Apple targets iPhone 4, 4S users in new trade-in program

Still own an iPhone 4 or 4S? We have 31 cases for you to look at

iphone 5s vs 5c 4s iphonesbanner

iPhone 5S vs. iPhone 5C vs. iPhone 4S: The differences between Apple’s phones

Apple to offer in-store trade-in service in effort to boost handset sales, report says

T-Mobile: Give us your old iPhone 4 or 4S, we’ll give you an iPhone 5

the best cases for a white iphone radius case

Best white iPhone 5 cases

app leads police to iphone thief 32 50 stoleniphone04 z

Thief loses stolen iPhone to second thief, calls police and gets arrested

iPhone 5 vs iPhone 4s header

iPhone 5 vs iPhone 4S: Our in-depth comparison

mobile weekly wrap the week according to apple iphone 5

Why it’s good for the iPhone 5 to be ‘boring’

iPhone 5 design

iPhone 5: Everything you need to know

What happens when you give people an iPhone 4S and tell them it’s an iPhone 5?

Survey: Siri users happy with virtual assistant but use it mainly for limited range of tasks

China iPhone launch delay could boost sales for rivals during Chinese New Year holidays

Ollo Clip lens

Ollo Clip 3-in-1 lens for iPhone 4/4S: Hands-on impressions


Gizmon iCA brings a classic look to iPhone photography

goodbye 2011

Digital Trends looks back on 2011

Apple iPhone 5-years-old

Apple applies for patent concerning face recognition on iOS devices


Comedian lampoons bratty Twitter users over ridiculous Christmas gift complaints

apple app store apps

Report: iOS app downloads up 83 percent


Golden iPhone 4S case will only set you back $10k

No 7-inch Apple iPad for 2012 says analyst


Apple iPhone 4S popularity up in US, down in Europe

siri helps santa claus make his rounds in new iphone 4s ad

Siri helps Santa Claus make his rounds in new iPhone 4S ad

Apple launches iPhone 4S in 21 more countries, but pricey in Brazil

Siri iPhone 4S Assistant

Apple makes it legal to port Siri to an iPhone 4


Rebecca Black crowned top search term in Google Zeitgeist 2011


Samsung’s anti-fanboy ads are killing Apple’s iPhone 4S buzz


Google prepping Siri competitor, codenamed ‘Majel’: rumor

Why Nokia is wrong about iPhone being uncool and Android too complex

how to make an ipad a wi fi hotspot

How To: Turn your iPad or iPhone into a mobile Hotspot

Video: Robin Williams does his best Siri impression

Apple iPhone 5-years-old

30 percent of iPhone 4S owners paid the iPhone 4 early termination fee