Sonos Controller app for iOS gets lock screen controls, more in latest update

The latest Sonos update for iOS brings a host of improvements including lock screen controls, support for Force Touch, and simplified Trueplay calibration, though users don't have to worry about going through the calibration process again.
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Rhapsody is changing its name to Napster in a desperate bid for relevancy

Looking for a new way to pull subscribers from popular services like Spotify and Apple Music, the Rhapsody music streaming service will soon adopt the Napster name brand within the United States.

After 13 long years, Rhapsody adds its 2 millionth paid subscriber

Rhapsody announced the service surpassed the 2 million subscriber milestone recently, and now the company has announced that it has more than two million paying subscribers globally for its premium services, as well as a new promotion for its unRadio service.

Rhapsody Spins Free, Lowers Subscription Fees

Rhapsody has thrown off corporate parents RealNetworks and Viacom...and lowered subscription fees to $10 a month.
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