Best app updates of the week

Apps that just hit the market are always appealing because they're new and exciting, but some of the old standard apps are getting updates that keep them ahead of the competition. We take a look at the biggest and best app updates to come available this week.
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Microsoft welcomes user suggestions for Windows Phone 7.8

In a move to perhaps lighten the impact on Windows Phone 7.5 users unable to upgrade to 8, Microsoft is accepting user-submitted feature requests for Windows Phone 7.8.
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Photos: Microsoft’s last (and worst) CES keynote

Microsoft ends its current run of CES appearances in a keynote featuring Ryan Seacrest and a "tweet choir."

Wi-Fi tethering included in WP7 Mango update comes with strings attached

Microsoft assures us that Mango will alleviate all the little quirks NoDo couldn't, but some of what's inside the update might not be as easily accessible as you'd think.
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