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Microsoft scraps Skype for Windows Phone 7

Microsoft has announced it's scrapping Skype for Windows Phone 7. Although it says the software will become inoperable on WP7 devices "within the next few weeks," many users are already reporting that the app has stopped working.
microsoft scraps skype windows phone 7

Best app updates of the week

Apps that just hit the market are always appealing because they're new and exciting, but some of the old standard apps are getting updates that keep them ahead of the competition. We take a look at the biggest and best app updates to come available this week.
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Skype still only “coming soon” for Windows Phone 7, despite Microsoft ownership

Skype continues to be a no-show on Microsoft's Windows Phone platform, but according to Skype's vice president, such an app is being worked on and is still "coming soon."

Windows 8 features explained: What’s new and how it works

Microsoft has taken the lid off of Windows 8, a radical departure from the last 15 years of Windows operating systems. We go in depth and dissect everything we've learned about Microsoft's gamble thus far.