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Windows Phone 7

microsoft scraps skype windows phone 7

Microsoft scraps Skype for Windows Phone 7

Photos: Microsoft’s last (and worst) CES keynote

Goodbye 2011, goodbye Windows Phone unlocks, as ChevronWP7 tokens sell out

Windows Marketplace reaches “important milestone” of 50,000 published apps

Nokia to talk Windows Phone 7 at CES

Rumors show the Elite, Fireball and a 4G LTE Windows Phone coming from HTC in 2012

Nokia Lumia 900 render leaks, is it the real thing?


China’s ZTE to bring high-end Android or Windows Phone to US in 2012

Nokia prepares to sell luxury brand Vertu

Windows Store beta coming with Windows 8 public beta in February 2012

HTC Titan will be available from AT&T on Nov 20th for $199

Android hardware failure rate higher than iPhone and Blackberry

Video: The Samsung Focus S’ unofficial unveiling

This time, Zune is actually dead


Microsoft to limit WP7 app developers to submitting 10 apps a day

Samsung Galaxy S II AT&T

Samsung to pay Microsoft for every Android device they sell

Wi-Fi tethering included in WP7 Mango update comes with strings attached

Microsoft employee Tweeted information about Nokia WP7 device, no longer employeed

Microsoft previews Windows 8 at BUILD

white iphone

iPhone 4 still selling well despite the iPhone 5 release looming

Windows Phone 7 demo shows off Xbox LIVE integration

how the google motorola deal will spawn a new os phone concept fp

Opinion: How the Google-Motorola deal will spawn a new OS


Windows phones are getting new Xbox Live features, games soon


Nokia partners with China Mobile for Windows Phone 7 devices


Motorola interested in Windows Phone 7

Say goodbye to Symbian, North America

windows phone 7 according to dilbert thumb

Windows Phone 7 according to Dilbert

Win a Samsung Focus Windows Phone 7 in honor of Father’s Day

pick your phone by personality

Pick your phone by your personality

htc hd7 free

Microsoft selling three WP7 phones for a penny each

Does the Samsung-Nokia takeover rumor make sense?


Apple borrows from BlackBerry, Android, and WP7 with iOS 5


Windows 8 features explained: What’s new and how it works

Nokia says Microsoft buyout rumors “100 percent baseless”