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End of an era: Microsoft finally lays Zune music player to rest

Microsoft has written the final chapter of it's once-heated battle against the iPod, shuttering digital music services for its Zune once and for all, and converting users to the Groove Music Pass.

Apple catches a break: New evidence sends a plaintiff packing in iPod lawsuit

A day after plaintiffs in Apple's antitrust lawsuit revealed Apple removed non-iTunes songs from their iPods between 2007-2009, Apple reveals one of the plaintiffs did not purchase an iPod under the time period, leaving lawyers scrambling for a new witness.
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Will Microsoft Points be replaced with real-world currency?

A new rumor suggests that Microsoft will switch to real-world currency for digital goods by the end of 2012.

Microsoft Ventura project to bring multimedia discovery

A Microsoft job posting makes its look like the company is considering a move to a cloud-hosted multimedia service currently dubbed "Ventura."

80GB Zune Sells Out