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Gone too Zune: Remembering the underdog MP3 player that stole my heart

Determined to prove the mainstream world wrong, I made the Zune my one and only. Here’s the story of my brief love affair with a discontinued MP3 player.

End of an era: Microsoft finally lays Zune music player to rest

apple ipod sued delete songs plaintiff removed event 07 14

Apple catches a break: New evidence sends a plaintiff packing in iPod lawsuit

windows 8 all in one

Which type of device is best for Windows 8?

why a facebook phone is doomed to be the next zune fp

Why a Facebook phone is doomed to be the next Zune

This time, Zune is actually dead


Microsoft backpeddles, says Zune is still alive

Microsoft officially kills the Zune HD

Zune Pass gets a $9.99 price tag and heads to Canada Oct. 3

Xbox Live confirmed for Windows 8

Amy Winehouse

Microsoft apologizes for Amy Winehouse tweet

spotify wins european tech start up 100 award founders logo

Spotify tested: Does Europe’s Pandora live up to the rave reviews?

Zune Originals

Microsoft stops offering customized Zunes

Microsoft exec says Xbox Live will be woven into Windows 8

Microsoft shuts down Pioneer Studios

Windows Phone Mango to add Facebook Chat, Xbox sync, and threaded email

Microsoft slashes Zune HD pricing, whispers of extinction grow louder

Farewell, Zune: Microsoft will discontinue its iPod rival

Microsoft Ventura project to bring multimedia discovery

mobile internet devices surfing the web without a pc zune hd

Microsoft: “Zune is not dead”

Is Microsoft killing off the Zune?

Windows Phone 7 could be upgraded February 7; can Microsoft turn it around?

Microsoft gets friendly, releases OneNote Office app for iPhone

Windows Phone 7 launches down under

Windows Phone 7

Microsoft promises Mac clients for Zune, Windows Phone 7

whats new in windows phone 7 series best features

Windows Phone 7: Great software, awful name

Microsoft Pushes Out 64 GB Zune HD

windows mobile 7 what we know microsoft zune hd

Doctor Sues Microsoft Over Zune’s “Buy From FM”

Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Series to Reinvent Windows Mobile

Zune HD Prices Dip Even Further Below iPods

Xbox Live Adds FaceBook, Twitter,, and Zune HD Video

Obama’s First Major Political Controversy: Zune or iPod

80GB Zune Sells Out

Zune Beats iPod: How Apple Can Learn from Microsoft’s Success