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red dead redemption 2 xbox controller unsplash

Microsoft could make gaming more accessible with this Xbox controller patent

Microsoft could follow up the Xbox Adaptive Controller with a device for visually impaired or blind gamers. The company continues to invest in the experiences of differently-abled players and this particular patent details a device equipped with a Braille display and haptic paddles that can be rearranged.
Sony PlayStation State of Play May 2019 MediEvil new game reveal

A new game will be shown at this week’s State of Play. Don’t miss it

Sony continues forward with its new State of Play livestream showcase this month by following up the Iron Man VR reveal with an extended look at the remake of MediEvil. The company will also be revealing a new PS4 game, but also cautions against those hoping for PS5 news this time around.
Detective Pikachu in Detective Pikachu

Pokémon Go celebrates Detective Pikachu with 10-day double XP event

For 10 days, Pokémon Go players will be able to take advantage of XP bonuses and movie-themed cosmetics in celebration of the release of Detective Pikachu. Pokémon that appear in the movie will appear at a higher rate and capturing them nets you double XP.
AR Minecraft augmented reality reveal Microsoft Build 2019

Minecraft AR teased during Microsoft Build 2019, full reveal arrives on May 17

The Vision Keynote during the first day of Microsoft Build 2019 closed out with a quick teaser of what may a big hit experience for augmented reality. The trailer showed off an upcoming Minecraft AR application that we'll hear more about later this month during the full reveal on May 17.
Assassin's Creed Odyssey review

Assassin’s Creed Ragnarok leak teases better open-world exploration

The setting for the next Assassin's Creed game has been rumored for a while and a new leak essentially confirms it. The latest wave of info suggests it's called Assassin's Creed: Ragnarok and will feature ship combat, improved exploration, co-op, and more. It will also be a cross-gen home console release.
google unveils stadia streaming service controller

One developer expects next Xbox and PS5 to be more powerful than Google Stadia

Frederik Schreiber, the vice president of 3D Realms, has some strong feelings about the Google Stadia game streaming platform. The service goes live later this year and will be more powerful than current consoles, but he believes it will pale in comparison to PS5 and Xbox Anaconda.
Call of Duty 2019 reveal Activision Infinity Ward

New Infinity Ward-developed Call of Duty will be revealed before the end of June

There are leaks and theories out in the wild regarding the next Call of Duty game, and Activision has confirmed that an official reveal will happen before the end of June. With Infinity Ward handling development, the most credible suggestion is that Modern Warfare 4 is up next.
Fortnite v 8.51 version update patch Shadow Bomb battle royale invisible

Fortnite update’s Shadow Bomb turns you into an invisible and nimble ninja

Fortnite's battle royale mode is getting a sneaky new survival tool in v8.51. The Shadow Bomb renders a player temporarily invisible, opening up a new way to escape or attack unsuspecting enemies. Save the World also gets a new gun while Creative welcomes some tasty additions.
Harry Potter Wizards Unite mobile game niantic microtransactions gold gringotts pokemon go

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite beta offers early microtransaction details

Niantic is preparing to release the long-awaited heir to Pokémon Go, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, and fans are curious to see if the company can strike gold twice. Before doing so, the company must iron out how microtransactions balance with gameplay and the beta gave insight on the items players can buy.
Borderlands 3 gameplay reveal worlds co-op weapons

Everything you missed during the Borderlands 3 gameplay reveal

Following up the announcement of Borderlands 3 at PAX East 2019, Gearbox hosted an hour-long gameplay reveal to show gamers what they'll be getting into when the loot shooter launches later this year. There were new weapons, new worlds, and some much-needed improvements to the co-op experience.
Xbox One X bundle Fallout 76 Sunset Overdrive Titanfall 2

Save $150 on new Xbox One X bundle with 3 games including Fallout 76

Consumer electronics retailer Altatac is offering up a pretty good deal on an Xbox One bundle that includes copies of Fallout 76, Sunset Overdrive, and Titanfall 2. The list price is $550, so you can save $150 and upgrade your Xbox One gaming experience with 4K visuals and better performance all around.
Valve Index price release date specs hardware 1000 500 499 999

Valve Index VR headset costs $500, but the full bundle will set you back $1,000

Valve is stepping into the VR headset market with the high-end Index, and the company finally revealed the price and release date. The Index can be purchased individually or as part of a couple of bundles that include virtual reality controllers and/or Steam Index base stations.
Minecraft Philza five year world record hardcore mode baby zombie

Streamer’s five-year hardcore Minecraft run is ended by a baby zombie

Everything must come to an end. Streamer Philza has been battling it out in Minecraft's hardcore mode, where players have only one life and the game is locked on the hard difficulty, for five years. An unfortunate encounter with a baby zombie and a stray spider ended the glorious run.
Borderlands 3 Twitch Echocast extension rare chest

New Twitch extension gives Borderlands 3 stream audiences a chance at loot

Gearbox, 2K, and Twitch are teaming up for the Echocast extension, which gives Borderlands 3 streamers a chance to engage with their audiences in a few unique ways. Viewers will be able to see the items the streamer is carrying and also get a chance to earn a copy of items found in chests opened during a game.
pc market grew in 2016 led by mobile and gaming league of legends

Riot Games responds to employees organizing a walkout protest

A 2018 report on Riot Games' work culture led to current and former employees filing lawsuits and a recent report said that the company was making a move to keep them quiet. As a result, brewing unrest has turned into plans for a staff-wide walkout.
Fortnite Avengers crossover Marvel Skin Set 2 Starlord release date

Fortnite is getting a Star-Lord character skin and Dance Off emote

The collaboration between two entertainment superpowers continues. Epic Games and Marvel teamed up for another limited-time mode and a few skin sets for the Fortnite item shop. A data mine revealed that Marvel Skin Set 2 features the Guardians of the Galaxy leader, Star-Lord.
Amazon sale SanDisk SSD solid state drive storage deals

Amazon drops prices on SanDisk solid-state drives by up to $140

If storage is what you seek, Amazon has a handful of deals on SSDs for you. SanDisk solid-state drives of various sizes are discounted up to $140 off and PC, Xbox One, and PS4 gamers can all benefit. Not only can you add some storage to your experience, but the improved transfer speeds get you into the action fast.
Sony PS5 PS4 release launch fiscal year report analysis sales

Sony’s fiscal year report confirms no PS5 launch before March 2020

Sony recently released its consolidated financial results and there were some enlightening takeaways regarding the PS4 and upcoming PS5. The current-gen hardware suffered a small decline in sales, but software grew. The company is planning to spend operating incoming on its next generation, but not on marketing.
Days Gone free DLC post launch content Survivor mode

Days Gone will receive free post-launch DLC starting in June

Days Gone launches this week and the developers are already setting the stage for post-launch content. Starting in June with the Survivor mode, Bend Studio will begin releasing weekly free updates that include various bike, horde, and combat challenges.
Four javelins looking at a storm.

Anthem Act 1 features and content delayed, including Cataclysm world event

As BioWare continues to attempt to right the turbulent ship that is Anthem, the team is delaying Act 1 updates. The features and Cataclysm event from the road map are taking a backseat as the developers work on the game's direction while bluntly stating that Anthem is a long way from being the game they want it to be.
Persona 5 The Royale release date update new enhancements upgrades new edition

Persona 5 The Royal due in 2020, will introduce new character and story chapter

Details for Persona 5 The Royal, an enhanced re-release of the original game, have been revealed in a new trailer from Atlus. The Royal introduces a new character that joins the Phantom Thieves, covers a new story chapter for the main characters and improves the overall gameplay experience.
Anthem update version 1.1.0 patch notes Sunken Cell weapon loadout contract mission fort tarsis

Anthem update 1.1.0 adds new stronghold, subtracts need to visit Fort Tarsis

If you found an issue with Anthem gameplay being interrupted by the constant returns to Fort Tarsis, you're in luck. Update version 1.1.0 patch notes reveal overhauled mechanics that allow players to stay in the fight longer and even change weapons without going to Tarsis or the Launch Bay.
Fortnite Avengers Endgame crossover event Thor stormbreaker

Swing Thor’s Stormbreaker during the Fortnite-Avengers: Endgame crossover

Thor is bringing the thunder and lightning to Fortnite. Epic Games revealed a new upcoming crossover event with Marvel and Disney's Avengers: Endgame film, showing off Captain America's shield. Looks like players will also get to summon the powers of a god as well when they wield the Stormbreaker.
Fortnite Avengers Endgame Epic Games limited time mode LTM crossover

Fortnite does whatever it takes in upcoming Avengers: Endgame crossover

Following up on the popular and successful Avengers: Infinity War crossover where players put on the Infinity Gauntlet to become the villainous Thanos, it looks like players will be grabbing Captain America's shield in the lead-up to Avengers: Endgame this week in the latest Limited Time Mode.
Cyberpunk 2077 quest director dev interview CD Projekt Red

Cyberpunk 2077 dev speaks on gameplay and Witcher 3 Easter eggs

Cyberpunk 2077 details are scarce, but a Spanish publication got an opportunity to pick the brain of the game's quest director at the CD Projekt Red studio in Warsaw. Throughout the interview, he speaks on gameplay changes, player choice, and how the team approaches easter eggs across games.
The Last of Us Part 2 release date leak retailer

Retailer may have leaked The Last of Us Part 2 release date

A Slovakian retailer had published a listing for The Last of Us Part 2, including a potential 2019 release date and box art. This leak comes hot off the heels of Naughty Dog's Neil Druckmann sharing that the ending cinematic featuring the lead actors for the game is complete.
Amazon earth day used nintendo switch console pro controller games deal discount sales

Amazon sale knocks 20% off Nintendo Switch, Pro Controller, and games

Amazon has been home to rapid-fire deals on various consoles, games, and accessories and there’s a new wave of savings coming crashing down for in celebration of Earth Day. The site is slashing prices up to 20% off for used Nintendo Switch consoles, games, and accessories like the Switch Pro Controller.
The Last of Us Part II 2 motion capture development complete

The Last of Us Part 2 finishes capturing its main characters’ performances

Calling it the most "ambitious cinematic shoot" the team has ever done, Neil Druckmann of Naughty Dog revealed that the motion-capture performances for the main characters The Last of Us Part 2 are finished. The accompanying picture included Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker, the actors for Ellie and Joel.
Stream data Elements hatchet Ninja Fortnite Apex Legends Shroud

Streaming data reveals Ninja isn’t Twitch king, Fortnite still reigns supreme

Stream Elements and Stream Hatchet teamed up to produce the State of the Stream Q1 2019, a report that reveals a multitude of data. There are some interesting takeaways from the report, including Ninja not producing the best month of Twitch views, Apex Legends' performance tapering off, and Fortnite still ruling.
Konami Castlevania Anniversary Collection definitive games

Castlevania Anniversary Collection offers some of the series’ rarest games

Konami's celebrating 50 years of games with anniversary collections and the featured titles in Castlevania's have been revealed. The Castlevania Anniversary Collection now includes Kid Dracula, Castlevania II: Simon's Quest, Castlevania Bloodlines, and Castlevania the Adventure.
How to get into Halo: Reach beta

Halo: Reach beta might be delayed, PC version needs more work

With the reveal that Halo: The Master Chief Collection would be coming to PC also came the news that both PC and Xbox One players would be getting Halo: Reach added to the bundle of pivotal Halo games. Invites were expected to go out toward the end of the month, but 343 Industries now says they may be delayed.
pet dogs back bling fortnite update version 840 air royale ltm animals patch 8 40 re2

Fortnite’s adorable pets are no longer hands-off, thanks to latest update

The latest update for Fortnite rights a heinous wrong. Pets were introduced as back bling in Season 6, but players weren't able to pet them. Update v8.40 fixes that, so players can now pet whatever adopted creature other players have on their back. The update also introduces the Air Royale LTM.
Super Smash Bros Ultimate Joker challenger pack dlc fighter pass impressions pro players gamers

Pro Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players react to Joker gameplay reveal

Joker, the first new fighter to arrive in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate via a Challenger Pack, looks like a pretty powerful character and professional players are sharing their thoughts on social media. We also reached out to a pro player to get her first impressions and fears based on what she's seen.
Amazon Microsoft Xbox One Wireless controller special edition deals discounts best price

Amazon drops prices on special-edition Xbox One wireless controllers

If you're looking for new or replacement controllers for your Xbox One or PC, Amazon has a few deals for you. Check out the best available discounts on special-edition wireless controllers, some standard options, and some of the better third-party alternatives available.