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dragon quest walk ar mobile game pokemon go dragonquest announcement feat

Dragon Quest Walk is a new location-based mobile AR game similar to Pokémon Go

Square Enix is making a play to tap into the massive success Niantic has experienced with Pokémon Go. Dragon Quest is a beloved Japanese franchise much like Pokémon and Dragon Quest Walk is the new location-based mobile AR game coming to Japan in 2019.
Apex Legends Season 2 e3 2019 limited time event legendary hunt

Apex Legends to debut limited-time event. Season 2 reveal set for E3 2019

Respawn Entertainment’s silence on Apex Legends has been broken. Season 2 is on the way and the game studio is set to share some details during E3 2019 but, before that, players will experience the debut of the first limited-time event. Legendary Hunt features a queue for elite players and some fresh rewards.
E3 2019 Xbox exclusives 14 phil spencer game studios

Here are our predictions for Microsoft’s 14 exclusive Xbox games at E3 2019

Head of Xbox Phil Spencer has revealed that Microsoft will be showing the most exclusive games it ever has at E3 during the 2019 expo: 14. Which Xbox games should we expect among the collection? We dig through reports and rumors to share a few that are possible or almost inevitable.
Microsoft Xbox Game Pass PC Gears of War Age of Empires Steam

Xbox Game Pass for PC to launch with over 100 games, more coming soon to Steam

Microsoft has stuffed the company’s Xbox Game Pass with a lot of value but mostly for owners of the Xbox One home console. The original subscription including a few PC titles but now the company has announced the dedicated Xbox Game Pass for PC and it will launch with over 100 games.
Google Stadia cloud game streaming price game announcement launch

Google Stadia price reveal and game announcements coming this summer

The Google Stadia cloud gaming platform shook up the industry when it was revealed and the development team behind it has been rolling out technical details ever since. This summer, the team will be revealing games for the platform, the price, and will set the stage for launch later this year.
Microsoft E3 2019 celebration Halo: Reach PC beta

343 Industries’ Halo: Reach PC beta launching for players in June

After being delayed indefinitely in April, the Halo: Reach beta has resurfaced. On the day of Microsoft's Xbox briefing at E3 2019, players will be able to head to participating stores to get hands-on with PC version Halo: Reach, win prizes, and compete in Gears of War.
Yakuza series director PS4 ai machine learning evolution

Yakuza director thinks PS5’s evolution will focus on A.I. and machine learning

Toshihiro Nagoshi, the director for the Yakuza series, revealed some new details pertaining to the next entry and the new lead character. He also dropped a few nuggets related to the PS5. One significant take is that Nagoshi thinks the most significant evolution on the next-gen console is A.I., not graphics.

Detective Pikachu sequel coming to Nintendo Switch, Pokemon Sleep in the works

The Pokemon Company hosted the Pokemon 2019 Press Conference in Tokyo, Japan to celebrate the huge franchise and make some new announcements. The company revealed a sequel to the game that inspired to live action movie, a new peripheral for sleep, and a new social hub called Pokemon Home.
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Nintendo Switch China Chinese retailer

Chinese retailer lists Switch version of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

A collection of Chinese retailers have listed a Nintendo Switch version of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt set for release in late 2019. This is a rumor that is very unlikely to bear fruit but Nintendo has laid the foundation for a game of its size to work on Switch via cloud streaming.
Sea of Solitude release date 2019 Jo-Mei EA Originals

Sea of Solitude, a haunting indie tackling loneliness, gets summer release date

The next game from a small indie studio to get an elevated profile via the EA Originals program is Sea of Solitude from Jo-Mei Games. The adventure game's writer, designer, and art director, Cornelia Geppert, announced the release date on social media that it is due this summer.
fortnite save the world loot boxes reveal contents before buying

Video game lobbying group trashes proposed anti-loot box bill

After the reveal of a loot box and microtransaction ban bill presented by a U.S. Senator, the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) has put out an official response. The company's CEO says the bill doesn't reflect how the gaming industry works and will be harmful to gamers.
US senator loot box bill ban microtransactions

Senator’s loot crate bill has the video game industry nervous

U.S. Senator Josh Hawley revealed a bill that would ban loot boxes and pay-to-win microtransactions. In a new interview, he speaks on talking with the ESA, whether or not he believes this will gain traction, and the ideas that pushed him to put this bill into motion in the first place.
playdate new handheld console secret game weekly feat

This quirky, crank-operated console delivers an exclusive new game each week

Playdate is a new handheld console from Panic featuring a black and white screen, and crank. It will deliver 12 games across 12 weeks in its first season. Owners won't know what they're playing before it arrives, but one of the games is a creation from Katamari Damacy designer Keita Takahashi.
Mobile League of Legends version tencent riot games

Riot Games and Tencent are developing League of Legends for mobile devices

Sources have revealed a collaboration between Tencent and Riot Games that will see a mobile version of League of Legends developed. The two entities previously discussed such a thing, but it was ultimately halted, which led to the creation of the mobile MOBA that evolved into Arena of Valor.
Fortnite Nike Jumpman Downtown Drop LTM update Jordan

Jumpman leaps into Fortnite with Epic Games-Nike crossover

Nike is teaming up with Epic Games right before the 2019 NBA Finals with a collection of cosmetics, challenges, and a limited time mode. In the Downtown Drop, players slide around a city and collect sneaker themed coins. The item shop also features the Hang Time set with two outfits and bonus challenges.
playstation classic review 10

Sony’s next-gen PlayStation Now vision includes games streaming without console

Sony has made the topics from the yearly investor relations meeting available to the public and now we have an even clearer picture of what the PlayStation brand will look like in the next generation of home consoles. The vision for PlayStation Now, for instance, is seamless gaming with or without a console.
Sony Pictures PlayStation Productions marvel disney mcu film tv the last of us

PlayStation Productions is taking inspiration from Disney’s Marvel films

The PlayStation gaming division is teaming with Sony Pictures for PlayStation Productions, a studio dedicated to bringing the gaming properties to film and television. The new studio has been in the works for at least two years and is aiming to model things after Disney's Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Apex Legends patch update lifeline ps4 crash hit detection

Apex Legends patch waves goodbye to Gibraltoad, addresses hit-detection issues

It has been quiet for a while, but the Apex Legends devs are gearing up for a patch update in the coming weeks. A Respawn dev took to Reddit to share the planned changes for the next major patch, including fixes for hit detection, audio bugs, and an issue that has been plaguing PS4 players.
Epic Games store mega sale vampire the masquerade publisher remove

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 publisher opts out of Epic Games store sale

The battle for PC gaming dominance continues. Epic Games launched its first major sale and made the bold decision to cover the cost of any discounts, but two publishers decided to opt out anyway. One withdrawal, involving Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2, seems to be rooted in a misunderstanding.
Ubisoft game announcement fiscal year 2020 2019 Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Splinter Cell may not be one of Ubisoft’s three unannounced games

Ubisoft's 2020 fiscal report included the unfortunate news that pirate ship combat game Skull & Bones is delayed a year, but also included plans for three unannounced games. All three will release before April 2020 and some theorized that Splinter Cell was next up, but Ubisoft said otherwise.
Xbox PlayStation Microsoft Sony cloud azure game streaming content

Rivals Sony and Microsoft team up for cloud-based gaming solutions

Are Sony and Microsoft teaming up to fight against Google Stadia? The companies announced a new partnership focused on direct-to-consumer, cloud-based gaming and A.I. solutions. Sony will be bringing its video game and content-streaming services to Microsoft Azure data centers.

YouTube VR app to bring more than 1 million experiences to Oculus Quest at launch

The untethered Oculus Quest launches later this month and a major force in media is making sure you have access to a wealth of content if you're one of the early adopters. YouTube has announced that the company's VR application will be a part of the Quest launch, delivering Emmy-award winning content.
Super Mario Maker 2 Nintendo Direct multiplayer story mode course world online

Story Mode and multiplayer are coming to Super Mario Maker 2

Nintendo broadcast a new Direct livestream dedicated to Super Mario Maker 2, which will be the biggest summer release for the Nintendo Switch. In the livestream, we got a look at how players will share their interactions, play together, and work through 100 Nintendo-created levels.
Pokemon Rumble Rush mobile game android ios

Free-to-start mobile game Pokémon Rumble Rush is live in Australia

If you're looking for a change of pace from Pokémon Go on your mobile gaming device, a new entry in the Rumble series will be available soon. Currently live in Australia, Pokémon Rumble Rush lets you play as and recruit Pokémon as you fight across uncharted islands in real-time action combat.
Amazon Prime credit Pokemon Sword Shield Nintendo Switch preorder

Amazon Prime members get $10 credit on Pokemon Sword and Shield pre-orders

Amazon Prime members have another option for getting their hands on a copy of Pokemon Sword or Pokemon Shield. The new titles, which are the eighth generation of Pokemon, will launch later in 2019 on the Nintendo Switch and Prime members who pre-order on Amazon will get a $10 credit.
PlayStation 4

Analyst predicts the PS5 will cost $500 and have a November 2020 release date

We finally know a few new things about the PlayStation 5, but everyone is still wondering when they'll be able to get their hands on the next-generation home gaming console. An analyst predicted that the powerful new PS5 will have a lower price than most expect and will release in fall 2020.
PlayStation 4 controller

New Sony patents could be PlayStation’s answer to Google Stadia

Google Stadia will be attempting to cut into the pie dominated by Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo later this year but one of its competitors may already have an answer for the game streaming platform. A new Sony patent shows what could be the PlayStation spin on streaming.
Rage 2 Hands-on

Rage 2 Review

Bethesda Studios puts Avalanche Studios in the driver's seat in the second attempt at the world of Rage. Rage 2 sticks the landing when turning you into a postapocalyptic superhero, but doesn’t inspire much confidence in the things Avalanche is known for.
Apex Legends PS4 crash bug error Lifeline banner frame

Respawn issues temporary fix for Apex Legends bug causing PS4s to crash

After a quick patch was pushed to Apex Legends players on PS4, some gamers started to experience crashes due to one of Lifeline's banner frames. The developers have acknowledged the error, discovered the source, and put out a temporary fix, but there are still some things to avoid for the time being.

A hidden Destiny 2 quest is live, Season of Opulence teased for June release

Destiny 2 update version 2.2.2 is live and players can dive into the hidden Zero Hour quest for a chance to earn the Outbreak exotic pulse rifle. Bungie is also setting the stage for the shooter's future, setting a date for a race to finish the game's next raid: Crown of Sorrows.
Rage 2 Tim Willits interview Bethesda Avalanche Studios combat gunplay id software

Tim Willits talks Doom’s influence on Rage 2 and why there are no sniper rifles

Digital Trends had the opportunity to sit down and speak with Tim Willits, studio director behind Doom developer id Software, to find out more about Bethesda's upcoming first-person shooter Rage 2. We talk about what it was like establishing its Doom-style combat, why there are no sniper rifles, and more.
Walmart PSVR Playstation VR bundle deal

Get a PSVR and Five Nights at Freddy’s with new bundle deals at Walmart

PlayStation VR is an accessible high-end virtual reality HMDs and there are a couple of new deals at Walmart you can take advantage of. The two new bundles feature a combo of either Trover Saves the Universe and Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted or Blood & Truth & Everybody's Golf VR.
google unveils stadia streaming service

Google I/O: Stadia team says latency in game streaming is a thing of the past

Google hosted a couple of sessions focused on the technology behind the Google Stadia game streaming platform at the I/O annual developers conference. In a deep dive, a few members of the team discussed latency in gameplay and the many different balancing acts the team will have to master.
Google Stadia latency video quality research i/o 2019

Google developer explains Stadia’s advantage over the competition

During the Google I/O developer conference, Google Stadia product vice president took the stage to explain how the game streaming platform will benefit developers. He covers the workflow, cloud server options, and more while also comparing it to limitations in PC and traditional home console gaming.